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Memory lane. Some of my builds still standing in SL.


Out of pure accident I went looking some land in Second life and found one of my old builds still standing. Maybe it is the last one. But I am happy about it. My builds often was I SL for 5 years or more after I sold them. That’s kind of good.

Really cool that one is still there.

The Oculus, the brain and rides in Second life.


It seems that somehow my brain have accepted that the world I see thru the Oculus is not the real one and I do not get so sick anymore. Plastic thing the brain. So now I can go on all the great rides all around Second life. I have always loved rides. I have done all the train rides in SL and some more.

Now going on rides are even more fun. Some scenery's are just astonishing in the Oculus.

And yesterday I did two transports in Euro truck simulator. Before I could not take more than 5 minutes. Had some steering problems and drove up on the side of the highway. The truck leaned and I tried to hold on to not fall of. Sometimes it is just too real.

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