Virtual world citizen and explorer.

  • Did a quick hypergrid jump to Torino on the OSgrid. Nice place and i had to check that our servers allowed jumping after this Linux upgrade that destroyed so much else. Anyway.

    You can see that i have my Star Trek uniform on. I always use it when i do hypergrid jumps. Think it is appropriate when exploring new worlds. Suppose people think i am a big neerd.

    This afternoon i go truck driving. It is hard work in the Virtual.

  • Well i caved in. Long time since i had a nice home in SL. And now i got one again.

    Really missed going to my home. Hangout, do some prim stuff. Go exploring and then come back. I love my house. I have won awards for the architecture and i really want to build it in RL too. When i get famous, if ever i will.


    Wel the adress is: Cybers new home

    Welcome to visit.. Of course i am in Sweden so most of you guys sleep while i am there.





  • bribenefit_001

    Got this a few days ago and as I like Tomais Ashdene and he have been exhibitioning at the Nilsart gallery I want you to see it.


    “ Hello! we're doing something to help a young woman (the daughter of long time SL resident Tomais Ashdene) out as she is trying to be a teacher! It's at the 11th hour and we're aware you have a busy schedule. Nonetheless, should you be able to give this event some kind of coverage, we would be much obliged! Thank you in advance!!  “

    More about the story.


    The event will take place

    Event opens May 14 and runs through may 31


    ✯ Samm Qendra ✯ Reallymad Morpork ✯ JJ Goodman Event Photography ✯ Ballroom DJ Kahvy ✯ Formal Attire

    A more close cause for a event.

  • Osgrid_001

    Want to feel more there. Checking out your fav virtual world from a more real position. Got this tip a while ago and it really makes a difference.

    Changes made in debug settings. Be careful do not play around with everything in here it is a advance menu.

                                                      X              Y                  Z

    CameraOffsetRearView: –1.800         -0.100            -0.450

    FocusOffsetRearView:   0.900            -0.700             0.700 


    CameraOffsetScale:          0.600

    Much more “real” and now I have to rebuild the scale of all buildings so they work with the new life like camera positions. Something to do while I am waiting for my Oculus.

  • Xander Kappler contacted me a while ago and asked if I wanted to beta test a new app he was working on and I said yes.

    The app connected SL with Google calendar. I started testing and yes.


    Me and my SL calendar.

    When you write something in your Google calendar it shows up in SL and it is using the right time in SL as I am in Sweden and my calendar uses Swedish time. I never really have had that much use for Google calendar as I have a calendar in the company cloud for all things business. But now I have started to use it for SL stuff and you do not have to leave SL to see if I am online or when.

    Xander have a store where you find the app.

    (I also own the XANcast Jukebox. Worked great.)

    I also really like that someone still develop new stuff for Second life. And soon the new textures in the viewer. We are on the move again.

  • blackforest_001

    I should have started editing my short film but instead I put in the Black forest in Lendonia. Its like when I was studying I will start writing but first I have to clean the house and do the dishes.

    But the forest looks good.

    And oh yes. I have put in a nice work place to in the shade. You need a nice place to work even in a virtual world. haha..

    in the shade_001

  • xbox one

    Is it going to be a success? Naaa I do not think so. Why?

    It is like many Microsoft products a little bit to late. It have many nice functions but when I see how I use the Xbox 360 I have, I do not believe in it.

    I put my XBox 360 away and did not miss it for months. I never use it. But I do use the controller. The family have worn out two of those. But I have the controller connected to a PC that’s connected to the big screen. It runs a Windows 7 media center and all of the family's favorite games.

    For me that means World of warcraft and several other MMO s and of course the Second life viewer. None that works on a Xbox. On the PC I have Steam and a selection of other games. Family photographs and any program I want to use. Music streams from Spotify and others. The point is that I decide what I want to install and run. Not Microsoft.

    I also have a Kinect. That was fun for about 5 minutes. And controlling the the screen or multimedia is just stupid. A remote is so much more effective.I use my Kinect to make Second life and game animations.

    No I do not think I will by a new Xbox. I want my freedom to use what ever software I want. Or to write any software I want and publish it. I have also started to look at the world of Linux media centers. When it comes to retire my Windows 7 I am ready to change and it wont be 8 or a Xbox.

    I WANT to decide what I use.

  • Some new pictures from the new area.




    I want some more ground clutter but I do not want to do the area to hard on the graphics card and I want everybody to be able to do there own improvements.

    It looks nice and have its own special style. Lighting is very important. If it was a game I could have done it differently. It is ok.

  • newtree_001

    Another tree. It really takes for ever to create new content to a sim. This is my latest tree. Kind of cartoon like and the textures did not work very well so I had to remake in Blender. More cartoon like stuff works better. It makes the area look more real for some reason. It is really low poly and that’s what I am after. No strain on the graphics card. I want to place a lot of these.

    Next it is ground vegetation.

  • {youtube}NzC7HeuWTQE{/youtube}


  • 2worlds

    And suddenly it happens. I logged in to test SL and expected to break it in about 2 minutes but to my surprise everything worked really fine. Not much lag and the thing did not log me out whatever I did.

    I went totally crazy and nothing happened Second life moved along nicely.

    Now I do not know what to think. I have to check out the network during the weekend. Things like this really make crazy.

  • nosim

    This is what it looks like when I try to do my fav thing in Second life. The road ends and after a few seconds I get logged out. It have happened to me now more than I can remember. You cant even walk around anymore.


    This is what the mainland looks like today.

    I suppose what you can do today is stand around or maybe run a dance animation. There are better chat programs.

  • inflight

    I have been working on a new plane script. It is based on a old script that once worked very well. I just could not understand why it constantly broke down over and over again. Flying in a sim is great but crossing over randomly got you to falling down under earth. I suppose in virtual hell.

    I started to experiment and as I have built a lot of systems in my day I think I know why. The servers shut down when no one is around and start up again when someone gets close or want to get in to the sim. I have not read anything about this but I am sure this is what happens. Anybody know?

    I suppose it is good for the planet and Linden lab, less energy consumption. But for me who like to create trucks, planes and boats it is over. The start times for the servers are way to slow for vehicles.

    I have to fly around on my own grid or I found some new friends on Microsoft flight. an new game/simulator for people who want to do flight stuff together.

  • Inflight engelholm

    FS inflight Engelholm in southern Sweden.


    Working on a new script. Have to rewrite the plane script again. Difficult when you have to make the plane slow and still have variable lift.


    Hope to use the state machine for ground air use. Using Flight simulator as reference to get some real plane feeling.

  • pirats

    Ha ha I never got this before. PI rats. I always thought it had something to do with pirates. It was a nice visit. Ty Apmel for the link. Apmels blog

    There are so much great art these days it is amazing.

  • As I explore the Second life art scene. I find that many of the SL artists do not use their real life names. As I pro artist myself I always have to market myself. You have to if you want to stay alive. It is the name of the game. I even have a avatar with my real life name on it.


    I suppose that all these really good artist in SL do other things in RL and SL is a great way to get a artistic outlet. I am amazed, how good all these artists are. It really makes me as a pro to shape up and try to do even better things. That is really hard.

    I have also noticed that the most of these artists have a female avatar. I think that maybe Second life is the place for many female artists to create and more important to show their art.

    I know myself how difficult it is to get a exhibition as a woman.

    I love that SL is a place where both women and amateurs get a chance to show their creativity. In a real world where this is often frowned up on.

    And the work is often of very high quality.

  • i am back_001

    I am really back in Second life. More to follow.

  • But there are still a lot of things to do. I am getting there, slowly.

  • Rebeccahouse_001

    I am trying out the Linden homes. And i think its kind of nice for 512 sqm. But the neighborhood sucks. Nobody is ever home and people are not very friendly. But the house is very nice and the famous web interface is ok. Its a good idea for noobs to get going in SL. But maybe i buy something else later. But i stay here for another month or so to see what is going to happen. Maybe people around me are nice if they ever get home.

  • digibirdssign Its a very nice Zoo build.

    I just knew i wanted to do some birds and a very traditional zoo exhibit. And this is what i came up with. The Digibirds. It was also my first attempt to use prim animation in Second life,

    I have to work on it but it works ok.


    I used a lot of sculpts and a particle script to make the plant more interesting.

    Want to see it go to :

  • One of the new pictures for the new website. I just have to re do all of it.


    Its game pictures and i had to do all the gears in Blender thanks to a very nice script it was not that hard but its a days work anyway.

    Gears is the theme of the new site. Kind of machine stuff. Maybe there is a game in there. Wanted to make the gears in to sculpties but i am still working on that.

  • Super posting, originally uploaded by nikki_webmistress.

    If this works i am posting this to three places at once. Supergood way to use bloghud. Filling the internet with multiple copys of my Second life. Great way to spend a few moments dont you think. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • We have had this place for some time now. Thinking of adding a club and maybe a small harbour. Or maybe just transfer it to a factory area. I dont know. Anobody got some good ideas?
    From cyberserenity Vella via

    Sorry to say but both Cetus gallery district and Second Sweden have gone to their grave. But i am building on a new gallery close to the Linden lab area. The new gallery will be somewhat larger than my old ones but i think i am going to be able to fill it with some new exhibitions.

    It´s a lot more fun to be a part of a community. But what can i do?

  • The very nice place of Second Sweden ends in a few hours. And my gallery and store have to move. Its slowly falling a part. Visit to see the end.
  • Mercedes

    But I have managed to get a new car in Second life. So I am driving around looking stylish now.
    Some news : totally new website at and I have been working on new web for Art space magazine. No it’s not dead and I am planning for a Swedish edition to. I have built a new HQ in Second life for the mag. Presence is everything.
    So much to do so little time to write about it. I will try to get better..

  • When exploring the many blogs and other stuff about Second Life i found this great art exhibition. A collection of the many art possibilities that SL offers. Animations, particles and other ways to show what some graphics and a few scripts can do.

    SL really starts to be a artform and a media in it self. And the Slurl: .

  • I have joined another build competition this time its in the Swedish community at Second Sweden
    Its about building a nice house and i have concentrated on doing a artist house for work and living. For the first time i have designed some kitchen stuff stow and fridge. And i have made some things for a bathroom.

    I like the house i could live there. So come on over and check it out. What do you think?

  • I just love the outfits you can buy in Second life. Its me in front of the new store at Second Sweden.
    Its not ready yet but its up and there is some free stuff for you to grap if you pass it by.
    I think i just look like i have left the set of Star Wars.

  • Running ads in the new Metaverse messenger magazine. (M2). One every week for four weeks from now. If you go to one of our places in world you can get a small book about the ads. It is about editing and taking the pictures in Second life. So if you are there get it and read about them.

My work

My work is mostly experimental. I always want to know what happens if you put this thing on this one. Will there be some great art then?

I have worked forever trying to find what art is all about and new media and computers are one of my greatest friends. Hacking art and soceity to find the basic code behind it all. I use  my knowledge of building hardware and writing software to do experiments in digital art and research our lifes and death.


The creation process is the same if you paint or use digital media. My work spans a lot of areas. Sometimes maybe they are to many. After art school i started out as a painter but i quickly got in to computers and the Internet. I still like to work with digital media. Exploring virtual worlds and create art for the web and games. Today i got the Oculus rift that makes it possible to bee in a alternate reality. I think art willl never be the same.

Light test for painting

I do a lot of graphic design for digital media in gaming and virtual worlds. And i love the digital camera. I do not have to work in a smelly darkroom anymore if i do not want to. I do many purely digital pictures in software and as a photographer at the hypergrid. And i also have a gallery there where i can show of my work. It is all net, servers and streaming information.


The road is open.


The work continues.

Art space Magazine

Art space Magazine

2worlds2go website about virtual worlds, VR and creating AI.


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Cyberserenitys blog

Cyberserenitys Blog

2worlds2go website about virtual worlds, VR and creating AI.
  • Grid jump to Tranquility Welcome

    After finishing work on the servers and got them going again. Hypergrid up by the way. I had to do a jump.

    Today it is Tranquility Welcome. Never been to this grid before. Found stuff i wanted but don´t know what currency to use. That is annoying.

    But all in all a nice visit.

  • Once more partying in Second life.

    Long time since i where out partying in Second life. But i had really a good time and i where up way to late as the Dj just keept on playing. Second life is still fun. But i have to move again as more and more islands disapper. Well yesterday where all about fun.

  • Euro truck simulator 2, TruckersMP, VorpX, Oculus rift

    Finally I got some of my hardware to work and I have had a fun afternoon honking at trucks while driving slowly in my new car around Scandinavia. The landscape is just beautiful and the roads nice. I will have some coffee and then it is onward to the continent.

    This is so much fun.