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    I have been working to squash out some bugs and give my tower support software a new look with more information on the strips. The update system is also almost ready so you can ad new AIRAC´s.


    My problem now is to make it usable for a lot more airports. Have not solved this one yet.


    New in this version.

    Strips have a new look. And only the borders tell you what kind of strip it is.


    More information on strips.


    Scumari have changed their html code so now you need to ad your IVAO id.


    Setup now works and you can ad new AIRAC from Navigraph and your id.


    I will take the software for a spin and then I will put it up for download.

  • Avatarfest on the hypergrid. Do not look like there going to be a conference this year so lets party insteed.

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  • oculuson

    Tried out the new viewer today.  I did spend some time building and exploring Second life and I did not even get close to motion sickness. And I got a full interface if I wanted to. Great but of course writing on the keyboard did not work so good. Thought I would write this in world but, no that do not work.

    But I was impressed with the new viewer. Visited some gallery´s and enjoyed the art in a totally different way. The painting behind me on the picture is huge in SL and when it comes to art size matters. It is another way to say something with a work of art. Small thing should be small and large, well large.

    Building will take some time to learn but it is great to get the right size and be able to see what the final result will look like. I visited some of my old builds and some things just look silly and oversized. And then I have always tried to build for the avatars size. Guess I needed the Oculus to get it right.

    Firing up my dev grid now to see what more things I have to change. Have not been there yet and I just have to wait to go to Lendonia. Probably a lot of work.

    The new project viewer for DK2 is a great step forward for real virtual reality.

  • spoky

    Standing in the spooky house next door to my gallery and looking at my home in Second life. As you can see it is really not that exciting but with the Oculus rift it is sooo cool.

    I have tried out many games and today I made a go at World of warcraft. Nice place good frame rate but it made me sick as so many other games.

    The Oculus is not good for games. I thought that driving games would be the best, but not so. It is a question of how much that move. It is like ordinary sea sickness. If to many things move. Goodbye.

    [frame1] the car is moving. + [frame2] your head is moving = motion sickness.

    But for virtual reality the Oculus is the best! I do not want to go in world without it anymore. The feeling of being there is just unbelievable. I explore new places everyday and the only drawback is that I cant chat. Have to use voice but I have made a SL Oculus rift now to tell folk that they have to use voice if they want something. Sorry to say not many do.

    Still have not been to a adult club but I just have to do it. SL avatars are smashing.

    So I have learned. Keep you head still.

  • Painted simulator platform

    The new simulator platform got its first paint job and some other stuff and is soon ready for connecting to the development system again. Now interfacing with the Arduino and button, knobs and LEDs.

    And it is going to be lots of fun trying it out.

    Started the work to build pedals and yoke but still some things to iron out. Its on the drawing board.

  • burn2

    I like to go to these exhibitions. Meeting some nice people on the way. Today I met Skip, a programmer. I like meeting people.

    I just had some time to do a fast check of the area I come back later and do a real investigation. I find it so nice that creative stuff are still around. All the art and creative people.

  • Cyberserenity


    After some work Second life starts to look good. The new studio and meeting place build is almost ready. I have been occupied with some RL paintings and my RL company. Time have been very limited. But now i think things are looking up.

    I am also going to change the servers to Opensim 0.7.6 to prepare for the hypergrid but there is a lot of reading in the .ini files to get everything working as it should.

    We are getting there. I am also looking around for some new designers. I cant do everything anymore. A new line of clothes would be nice.


    Lot of exploring. 

    The work continues.

    The road is open.

  • aviworlds_001

    Today I went on a trip to AviWorlds  Nice builds that took a while to load but of course it is a Brazil grid. Other side of the world if the servers live there to. Cool place absolutely worth a visit. I do not talk Portuguese so not much contact with the natives.

    I just love the hypergrid. Ohh and 2worlds2go have come up on most popular hypergates. That’s cool to.

  • Today I was reading about how Microsoft are moving in the same direction as Apple and build a more closed system for Windows 8. I can see how this is the way forward for the big software company´s. More control and more money.

    open_suse_logoIt is a great opportunity for Linux to be a new standard for indie game developing. I have been running a cluster of Linux machines now for for more than fifteen years. It is stable and today it works good and Linden lab have showed us that you can make a complicated game software that work on Linux: The Second life viewer works better on my OpenSUSE workstation. (Not last week someone f.. up.)

    But there is a but as always.

    We need some standards. Library´s and a better way to update the drives for the graphic cards. But that is it. And it would be possible to create a distribution that could work as gaming platform. Steam is on Linux but of course not many games run on Linux. Maybe steam could create a gaming platform or maybe Google. Android for the PC.

    I use Windows. I still use Windows XP because I have some great developing tools that only work on the XP. I have a Xbox and a Ipad. I run Vista and 7 to.

    They are all great tools for creating games and virtual worlds.

    topright But I want a new system. Linux that work with games and make me free to run whatever I want not a big global corporation. I do not believe big company´s are my friend´s they just want my money. Maybe there is someone out there that want to get rich on making the first really good Linux gaming system.

    I hope so.

  • resolution_artlab

    I think I want to put in some life forms in my Lendonia build. I have been working a lot as a artist with chaos and dynamic software. And maybe it is time to put these things together. I have been thinking for some time now about the possibilities to put some kind of DNA solution for expanding life forms.

    Something like the cat and horse breeding in Second life. This is very exciting. I have been doing some hardware work on my server and still have to change another motherboard tomorrow but then it is back to creating again.

    Cant wait

    Ohh the picture is from Mandelbulber. Great software.

  • I have had some problems converting some old .x files to useful graphics but finally Sunday evening I got some luck. So the airport is almost ready.


    Main hall.


    From the runway.

    It looks really good. You cant rally fly but maybe for some Machinima purpose.

    And a new portal and some trees in Lendonia.


    Opensim is really nice to build in. I really hope I or somebody else find it useful. Opensim is a nice piece of software.

  • airportnight_001

    Today I have put in lights and runway signs. And the main entrance hall and arrival area looks good. A hangar and some other buildings.

    Tried to us a old mesh of B747 but the format was to old and I did not find a converter that worked. I have to make a new one or some other plane. And yes have to try out a flight script in LSL sooner or later.

    It is nice to work on my Opensim grid. I am alone but I have a lot of space to work in. Now it is TGIF.

  • newairportbuilfd

    My new build is a Opensim airport. I have been building airports for Flight simulator and now I wanted to build something for Opensim too. Now when I a ready with 2worlds city I needed a new project.

    I do not know if flight scripts work in Opensim but know I have to  try out some of my old Second life ones. Need to do a lot more textures. But that is just fun so hope to get this thing online in a while.

  • lendonia_001

    My 9 island build is on its way. After some database fiddeling I got the ground textures in place. It looks nice and now it is time to transfer some builds from Second life. I have a city gate and some other stuff. I am going to do some new builds and I have already created trees to the woods. This build will be a primary mesh build. I want to reuse my stuff in games.

  • newrail

    I have put in some tracks on the dev island, There is no script that can follow them yet but maybe it is coming. Now the Opensim Island Worlds2 city is ready I just have to make some video and pictures. Then it is packing in a OAR file.

    I will put it up on the OSgrid where we have a new place on the map. The old one was stolen by some Japanese guys who needed some more room. Well that’s the open grid. I have put it far away now. Search for 2worlds2go.

    I am going to put the OAR up on .

  • I have been walking around Burn2 for a few hours. It is smaller today but there are still a lot to see.
    I always get totally blown away from the things people create.

    This year i find several more mature builds. It is not only the build but also there are some scripted ideas to follow.
    If you have the time, you have to get over to the Burn2 and make your own mind up.

    More on
  • Building in Second life can be really frustrating sometimes. I finished at big build yesterday and after i working with viewer 2.2 i had to change to imprudence. Everytime i copy a prim it scrambled my textures and everytime i moved something it just went back to where it was before. Same errors as in 2.0. Nobody builds in Second life anymore? Maybe developers flee the market. I do not know.

    And some crazy land baron have put i gigantic building on top of my land to make the little lot he is selling look bigger. I cant remove it because the main point is on his land. So i ask Linden lab to remove it... one time, two times.. still nothing. Making my land useless. And i cant buy it and just remove the thing. Then i have to pay Linden lab a higher tier. This system must be reworked.
    Why dont just pay for what you own?

    Well my build looks great. The last enthusiastic builder in Second life. Imprudence work ok and i love the pie menu.
  • upagain20091022_001

    And we are up and running again. On the OSgrid we have a Beta of the island with all buildings put in. Its missing a few things but its very near completion. The 2worlds2go Island will when its ready be a free download. Distributed in a oar file and some nice packaging.

    So everybody can start their Opensim life with a nice city. Everything in place from the beginning.

    Web servers up and running but the computer room is a mess with network cables.

    Its all in a days work.


    The web servers and Opensim Islands are going in production today “i hope”. They have been running for months now with no problems so its time to bring them to production and start focusing on other parts of the business.

    But we have to move them. So during the day the OSgrid island and some of the websites will be offline.

    The Joomla work system will be offline so do not upload any new work.

    Check my Twiitter  to find out when we are ready to run again. I am excited about this.

  • Brandenburger Tor, Berlin
    Originally uploaded by nikki_webmistress

    When i was in Berlin a few years ago i would never have thought i would visit Brandenburger Tor again in the virtual Berlin. This 3D world development really have taken off. I am happy to be a part of a so expanding business. Travel the world from home. Now the only thing i need is a interface that make me feel and smell the places i go to in Second life. Is it far away in the future? Something tells me that it is closer than i can imagine. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • Its Burning life again.
    Originally uploaded by nikki_webmistress

    Once a year i do the big walk around Burning life to see if creativity have raised in 12 months. And i think it looks good this year. I have been here for 5 minutes and already i have found some really nice stuff. Its a long walk but its worth it. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • opensimevening

    A lot of things happened this week. And this is evening at the Opensim island.

    If the next week is the same. There will be a lot of fun to write about next Friday. This have been one of the heavy ones.

    I am out of here.

  • OSgridup

    The very very empty island 2worlds2go is up on the OSgrid.

    The web servers are running again and the network appears to be stable and i have half a hour to go before the promised finishing time.

    Its all in a days work.


    Today we are installing a new OpenSUSE 64 11.1 motherboard to run the Opensim server. As we have to make changes in the network all the servers and web pages will be up and down during the day.

    And the Joomla system and the webshop will be unstable so do not upload products today. I hope the work will be over by 8.00 pm CET today.

    Sorry but we have to do it,//// Anna.

  • Visiting my brother nation Denmark.
    Originally uploaded by nikki_webmistress

    I decided to go and explore what the other scandinavian countrys do in Second life. And ended up in Denmark. And i found this very Danish church and itś graveyard. I wonder if the lots are rental. But now i know where to put my little AVA when my Second life is over.. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • 2worldssunset

    The harbor is in its place now and i have made some terrible trees for the area. The Opensim server is running nicely now.(knock on wood.) No restarts and building and all the builds are in its place.


    Now i am going to start programming the LSL. I hope i do not crash it now. There are many scripts i have to port from Second life. And i am going to test some new interconnecting Opensim to the web and databases. Experimental and so much fun.

  • thesignshop

    Finally another part of Nilsart village is ready. The sign shop. Where you can get specially made signs
    Or just buy a ready made. Its up. Now I just have to write the website connection.

  • Trojanclock

    I jus saw this wonderful clock that Trojanvirus gave me some time a go. This should really be a movie instead of a picture because every part of it is moving and blinking. And what do you know it also tells time.

    I think that Trojanvirus Congrejo probably is one of Second life’s most clever gadget makers. I have to do an article for Art space Magazine about him.

  • Club iridum

    Everybody of course knows that it’s a lot of partying going on in Second life this weekend. I have already been to the first one. I think I am going to squeeze a few more in. I hope.

  • newskin

    I really needed something that looked like summer and sun.
    Because it’s raining like he.. All day.

    Nice to work in Second life where the weather is fine all the time.

  • newvillage_001

    The first pic from the new village. After rebuilding all of it at a new location it starts to look very nice now. I just didn’t like the first build so I just did it all over again. Some time well spent I think. Next week I am putting in all the stores and the café.

  • So outdoors its wet and cold and all leafs are falling. Its the time of year that you want to lock yourself in and just live in front of the computer. I am testing an new game building system and some other graphic software. I hope to start writing on a new game during this winter so there wont be that much time for Second life and There.

    These game design products. Often they are not that good. Usually there are a few glitches and unfinished routines. But i am excited anyway. Love new software. And i bought it for money i made on a few land deals in Second life. Its a new world.

My work

My work is mostly experimental. I always want to know what happens if you put this thing on this one. Will there be some great art then?

I have worked forever trying to find what art is all about and new media and computers are one of my greatest friends. Hacking art and soceity to find the basic code behind it all. I use  my knowledge of building hardware and writing software to do experiments in digital art and research our lifes and death.


The creation process is the same if you paint or use digital media. My work spans a lot of areas. Sometimes maybe they are to many. After art school i started out as a painter but i quickly got in to computers and the Internet. I still like to work with digital media. Exploring virtual worlds and create art for the web and games. Today i got the Oculus rift that makes it possible to bee in a alternate reality. I think art willl never be the same.

Light test for painting

I do a lot of graphic design for digital media in gaming and virtual worlds. And i love the digital camera. I do not have to work in a smelly darkroom anymore if i do not want to. I do many purely digital pictures in software and as a photographer at the hypergrid. And i also have a gallery there where i can show of my work. It is all net, servers and streaming information.


The road is open.


The work continues.

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Cyberserenitys Blog

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  • Grid jump to Tranquility Welcome

    After finishing work on the servers and got them going again. Hypergrid up by the way. I had to do a jump.

    Today it is Tranquility Welcome. Never been to this grid before. Found stuff i wanted but don´t know what currency to use. That is annoying.

    But all in all a nice visit.

  • Once more partying in Second life.

    Long time since i where out partying in Second life. But i had really a good time and i where up way to late as the Dj just keept on playing. Second life is still fun. But i have to move again as more and more islands disapper. Well yesterday where all about fun.

  • Euro truck simulator 2, TruckersMP, VorpX, Oculus rift

    Finally I got some of my hardware to work and I have had a fun afternoon honking at trucks while driving slowly in my new car around Scandinavia. The landscape is just beautiful and the roads nice. I will have some coffee and then it is onward to the continent.

    This is so much fun.