Virtual world citizen and explorer.



    I have been working to squash out some bugs and give my tower support software a new look with more information on the strips. The update system is also almost ready so you can ad new AIRAC´s.


    My problem now is to make it usable for a lot more airports. Have not solved this one yet.


    New in this version.

    Strips have a new look. And only the borders tell you what kind of strip it is.


    More information on strips.


    Scumari have changed their html code so now you need to ad your IVAO id.


    Setup now works and you can ad new AIRAC from Navigraph and your id.


    I will take the software for a spin and then I will put it up for download.

  • Another trip. The graphics in this game is amazing. It is so nice to just drive and look at the landscape. Volvos's soon to be delivered. It is all in a days work.

  • Devgridup_001

    Finally I have had some time to get the devgrid up and running again. I have had a lot of art related work to do the last months and I have also been exploring new community's like the Flight simulator guys. I suppose they do thousands of flights every day and are a great example on how virtual life really can expand your mind and life.


    I do some flying for Scandinavian VA. (virtual airline).

    The Fly guys have made me believe in the future of virtual worlds now when Second life getting smaller and smaller. I have also been to There world and it is nothing like it used to be but more and more people find the way in to it.

    The big thing is of course Facebook buying Oculus. I am not so sure this is such a great idea. I feel like the developers on Oculus know something I do not. Maybe the thing is not usable. But I have to buy a Rift devkit sooner or later just to find out.

    I have been very busy but know I find that it have been a good thing to take a break from Opensim and SL. I have a lot of new ideas and as I am a virtual pilot I do not have to focus on finding scripts to my SL vehicles anymore.

    My gallery and devgrid needs me. Nice to be back.

  •  lion_001

    I am ready with my build for this years Avatarfest.


    This is wrote

    As a artist it is nice to do new things sometime. I have done many exhibitions with prims so this is new for me.
    I wanted to do a mesh project. With bones and and a lot of different 3D software. I am working on a bigger Opensim project and realized that mesh is probably the way forward. So this is a test to see if i could do a art project like this.


    The reason for the lions is that i am working with some lion heads in clay in my real life studio. Inspired by the lion heads in Galas mausoleum outside Barcelona. Loved them when i was there few years ago. So when you work with a shape it is nice to get it over to the Opensim world and try to explore it further.”


    It is still a few day to go before the fest. Hypergridding

  • DarkSide_001

    For some reason I wanted to go exploring today and came to a different place.

    A tribute to Pink Floyd and a very different graphical sim. It is big and there are someone to love to build in his or hers own style. It was a nice walk before i lost contact with the sim. Do not know if Kitely closes the sim after a while??

    Here is a link from Opensimworld if you want to visit.

  • Vacation is over and it is time to start working again. I have been playing a lot of games and explored many virtual worlds. Several hours a day. I have been driving trucks, flying, solving problems in the Thalos principle and of course been to Second life almost every day.

    As I see it my Oculus rift have changed everything. I do not play all games in the Oculus and I have

    A new 24 screen that makes it a lot more fun. Not everybody have the tech stuff I have but I suppose the market penetration for all the good game play stuff will only be greater.

    When I am looking at where 2worlds2go will go in the future I see that multiplayer and virtual worlds live on for decades but games are short range stuff. You play and often forget.

    In Euro truck 2 and in Flight simulator you can produce new add-ons forever. Second life still is a market for content. The life for virtual products last a lot longer if there is a multiplayer option.

    There is some confusion at the moment about what platform will be the big next thing. Sad to say Second life looks outdated and the physics is not there to do anything new. I love it and think it is great in VR but no something must be done to make it survive. Altspace VR is cool in the Oculus and some nice games is in there. High Fidelity is a good platform but with a serious lack of tools. Sansar is still a enigma.

    As a artist I really hope there will be some solutions in the next 6 months. I have a few ideas around how to create a new world on the other hand I only have 10 years of work left in me. So a new platform would be great. There are game system like Unity that could be intermediate solutions. But then there is server structure and network that do not look so good.

    It is all in flux. The work continues.

  • In about a week it is time to start work again and i have no idea what projects to go for. Have been using the summer to try out some new things but nothing really sticks.


    And I have working on some new theme for the paintings and struck out big time. Looks like to try to paint not really my thing anymore. The search for Spock continues.


    There are many interesting projects both in art and in VR but cant really get in to it. Have been working on some facebook project, playing games and working in the studio. Reading a lot and generally walking around the garden. No luck. Hard to see what will come of it all. But something have to happen.

  • I have been driving all over Europe now for 2worlds2go logistics and i have to say the graphics great. The game is Euro game Simulator 2.

    It is multiplayer and there are a lot of people online. ( Not everybody can drive:(..) I wish somebody could produce a new Flight simulator with this graphics or maybe give Seconds life a update. Everything is belivable and the trucks are really eye candy.


    Taking a lot of pictures. Just for fun as did not do this. Wish i had.


    See you on the roads.


    Got my exhibition piece ready for the Celebration of OSgrid. It is on the exhibition area. Everything starts 25 July and i try to be there to check things out.


    OS grid whas the first grid where i had a sim of my own. So always feel a little extra for it and there are some great builds. You should hypergrid over.

  • I try to visit all grids that visit my grid. Today i came to Sparkle. Not a grid it is a sim and as i have been jumping a lot i do not know what grid i am on. I think that is one of the great things with the hypergrid. Just jump, explore and meet people.

    There is a avatar i suppose sleeping by the pool and it is a nice home sim. The guy at the pool kind of unresponsive. Another jump another day.

  • Got  some very nice inspiration in the mail from Amazone. Painting book by Anthony Jones. Loved it and wanted to do something disturbing.

    Of course i have no time so it had to be some doodling on my Ipad.


    It is ok can use this in virtual someday.

  • Did a quick hypergrid jump to Torino on the OSgrid. Nice place and i had to check that our servers allowed jumping after this Linux upgrade that destroyed so much else. Anyway.

    You can see that i have my Star Trek uniform on. I always use it when i do hypergrid jumps. Think it is appropriate when exploring new worlds. Suppose people think i am a big neerd.

    This afternoon i go truck driving. It is hard work in the Virtual.

  • Well i caved in. Long time since i had a nice home in SL. And now i got one again.

    Really missed going to my home. Hangout, do some prim stuff. Go exploring and then come back. I love my house. I have won awards for the architecture and i really want to build it in RL too. When i get famous, if ever i will.


    Wel the adress is: Cybers new home

    Welcome to visit.. Of course i am in Sweden so most of you guys sleep while i am there.





  • bribenefit_001

    Got this a few days ago and as I like Tomais Ashdene and he have been exhibitioning at the Nilsart gallery I want you to see it.


    “ Hello! we're doing something to help a young woman (the daughter of long time SL resident Tomais Ashdene) out as she is trying to be a teacher! It's at the 11th hour and we're aware you have a busy schedule. Nonetheless, should you be able to give this event some kind of coverage, we would be much obliged! Thank you in advance!!  “

    More about the story.


    The event will take place

    Event opens May 14 and runs through may 31


    ✯ Samm Qendra ✯ Reallymad Morpork ✯ JJ Goodman Event Photography ✯ Ballroom DJ Kahvy ✯ Formal Attire

    A more close cause for a event.

  • strip2

    I have not had that much time to work on this thing. But now I pulled myself together and got it ready for some testing.

    I have been using it myself for almost a year so I know that it works, The question is can others work with it as well.

    Well we have to see. It is always difficult to get your baby´s out there.

  • frantasyfaircyber_001

    Visited Fantasy fair and really thrown of the very good builds. Everything is very well done and imaginative. If you take away the shops it could be the backdrop of any game story. Of course the graphics are not optimized so frame rate in my Oculus could be low sometimes but the beauty of it all makes me live with the bad  frame rate. Here you can see what 10 years of developing can do when you get a good platform for creating stuff and a audience that follow what happens.


    As I am back in the VR creation business after trying to retire this really made my day and looking good for the future.

  • Landed and unloading at Odense. Nice weather and another flight for Sky Aurora. I like these short hops from Copenhagen. The BE20 works great in Virtual reality and is easwy to startup not taking forever to go thru checklist.


    But i really need a way to get the checklist in to the Oculus. Havent found a way for that yet. So small planes it is.

  • After trying to get my grid to work. Most done but cant walk between regions. Teleport works.Strange.


    Anyway did some hypergrid jumping this late Friday. Really like i can go from my own grid to any hypergid i want. Saves time no need for these logins everywhere.


    Great Canadian grid been around for a while. I often meet some nice people but not today. Very empty only a few bots.I was hunting for some nice builds.Checked out Misery.

    Some kind of role-play sex thing but very nice built. There are many nice builds now in Opensim and i think there will be more as SL gets smaller.

    Dystopic and very big build. Could be nice to visit. Was a little bit afraid i should meet anyone. But that is a thing with us Starfleet explorers. We do what we have to.

  • Simulator flying have been somewhat low during the winter due to work and stuff. But now spring is here and i am visiting the virtual skies all the time. Focus these days are on the virtual pilot flying. Trying to get to Privat pilot at IVAO. Sorry to say i did not make the theoretical exam. Have to read more the next time. Been lazy.

    The big simulator have been sitting in the old stable all winter and it is to cold to build.

    But now it is getting warm and it is time to start to build again. Because the simulator have been down there have not been much flying big planes in Scandinavian VA.

    But i have found a new virtual airline.

    Short flights in Denmark with my Beechcraft 200. It is perfect for real virtual flight in the Oculus rift. I now start to get the difficulties in Oculus flying and the new update on Flyinside is really great. Feel like a pilot.

  • eurotruckmulti

    Today I did a test on Euro truck 2 Multiplayer. Lots of fun driving and many people online. But I can tell you people are not nice. Well a few guys when driving on the highways with a trailer did some friendly honking. Looks like there are two types of people online. The ones that are there for some serious transporting and a lot of a..holes that just grief. Well what else is new.


    I will go back. I liked it and I only have to understand how voice works and I can call people idiots. Want a finger animation too.

  • New main store att Alpha Centauri. Another build by Nils Ophelia. Looks good and have space for the advertising agency and maybe the magazine. SAving space at the moment.
  • New 2worlds2go websites  New server for digital art. Its not really stable. Thats the point or what.

    Working on a new community for digital artist working in Second life or the web. 
    Its in Beta, really want to open it for logins soon.

    Things still happening.
  • Building in Second life can be really frustrating sometimes. I finished at big build yesterday and after i working with viewer 2.2 i had to change to imprudence. Everytime i copy a prim it scrambled my textures and everytime i moved something it just went back to where it was before. Same errors as in 2.0. Nobody builds in Second life anymore? Maybe developers flee the market. I do not know.

    And some crazy land baron have put i gigantic building on top of my land to make the little lot he is selling look bigger. I cant remove it because the main point is on his land. So i ask Linden lab to remove it... one time, two times.. still nothing. Making my land useless. And i cant buy it and just remove the thing. Then i have to pay Linden lab a higher tier. This system must be reworked.
    Why dont just pay for what you own?

    Well my build looks great. The last enthusiastic builder in Second life. Imprudence work ok and i love the pie menu.
  • Servers online but dev server not coming up until tomorrow.

    Have to make more changes in the network next week. Until then just running!!!

  • As we are building a new work site att So we have to move the tech info to this blog . Its just info on when we do work or when the servers are up or down. The reason that we put it on a outside site like blogger is that if our servers goes down we cant put information on them so this is a useful solution.
  • The Osgrid island and some websites going to be down for a few hours. Rebuilding the  network and moving some of the servers. It takes a few hours. But i hope to be up and running at the end of the day.
  • I like my new bed. Nice place to hang out for a meal with friends. Somebody thought of it and made it. Put together the animations and everything else. Its really nice and well worth to pay for. Something as good as this makes me think there is a future for SL. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • Swedish summer, originally uploaded by cyberserenity Vella.

    The Swedish summer slowly goes in to autumn but the island i live on have a real summer "dansebana" so i think that this year when i miss the nice summer i just go and dance beside my house. Thats something. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • Got a new tan in SL, originally uploaded by cyberserenity Vella.

    Sorry to say i do not like being in the sun in RL. But i would really like to have a nice tan so bought one in SL. My SL me looks like vacation i do not, sorry to say. To much sitting inside in front of my computer..LOL From cyberserenity Vella via

  • Role playing?, originally uploaded by cyberserenity Vella.

    I am visiting another role play sim. How many people do really role play in SL? I almost always find these sims empty. I would love to roleplay but i suppose it takes more than one. Very nice sim great build., worth a visit. I want to be a vampire anybody know where i should go?? From cyberserenity Vella via

  • Dark places, originally uploaded by cyberserenity Vella.

    Sometimes i find myself in dark and mysterius places. After spending a day in the sun it is nice to get in to Second life and see something else. Make dark pictures when the sun shines outside. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • I found some really nice photo art at this gallery. Usually is. If you like RL photography like me its a go and see. LawnDart Curtiss made some experimental cityscapes. By the way i am on vacation so now i have some time to do SL. Maybe you see me around a SL Gallery lurking with my camera. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • Opheliastand_001

    I have done some work with different voice morph tools before and the new one in Second life is really good. So one up for the Lab people. And the Alpha viewer is more stable on my Vista 64 workstation. Ty for that.

    So now i can sound like my little wizard.

  • Found this very nice build by the railroad. Small but vey nice idea and nice for a short break. I wish more people could put something together like this. Not all of the terrible design stuff i see everywhere. And do you know? Things do not float in the air. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • I love trains., originally uploaded by cyberserenity Vella.

    And i always have. So Nils have bought a small piece of land by the railroad to build a station. Not this one, But i found and thought it looked really nice. More railroads in SL! From cyberserenity Vella via

  • WinP 

    I do a lot of changes on all our websites so this is a quick update. Building an new web store for all the graphic, game and software stuff.

    The old Second life web is on

    Art space magazine is getting a new ASP site soon, i hope.

    And i am putting my photo stuff on a new blog at

    .And we got a good price for the 2worlds2go studio in Second life.

    So a  new piece of land is bought by the railroad and I am building a Steampunk station and airship landing platform.

    Many of the old blogs are gone i am sorry to say but i just have no time to write that much now when i am working this much with the company. I find some new ways to communicate.

    See you on the web.

  • Rebeccahouse_001

    I am trying out the Linden homes. And i think its kind of nice for 512 sqm. But the neighborhood sucks. Nobody is ever home and people are not very friendly. But the house is very nice and the famous web interface is ok. Its a good idea for noobs to get going in SL. But maybe i buy something else later. But i stay here for another month or so to see what is going to happen. Maybe people around me are nice if they ever get home.

  • digibirdssign Its a very nice Zoo build.

    I just knew i wanted to do some birds and a very traditional zoo exhibit. And this is what i came up with. The Digibirds. It was also my first attempt to use prim animation in Second life,

    I have to work on it but it works ok.


    I used a lot of sculpts and a particle script to make the plant more interesting.

    Want to see it go to :

  • One of the new pictures for the new website. I just have to re do all of it.


    Its game pictures and i had to do all the gears in Blender thanks to a very nice script it was not that hard but its a days work anyway.

    Gears is the theme of the new site. Kind of machine stuff. Maybe there is a game in there. Wanted to make the gears in to sculpties but i am still working on that.

  • newbluemars

    I did some exploring in Blue Mars to see if anything is happening in the virtual world. Some improvements but thing look the same. Blue Mars have a very strong feeling of being there. I took a run at the beach and it really feels like running on the beach. They have put a lot of work in to graphics, sound and the very nice flow of the engine.

    Fantastic atmosphere. But i find my self asking one question why should anybody use this wonderful game world.

    I hope the game engine gets on the market. If you take away the stupid movement system i think its possible to do great things with it. Like fuse it with the ageing Second life graphics. That would be something.

  • kirstenss19

    Trying out Kirsten's S19 viewer for Second life and it is more stable and have a better frame rate than viewer 2.0. Both on my Nvidia and ATI cards.

    Viewer 2.0 are more or less useless on many of the machines and have generally a very bad frame rate. So i am happy there are alternatives like Kirsten's. I also use Snowglobe, Hippo, Emerald and Imprudence to find the best one to use. When you are in world for many hours bad frame rate and crashes are really not acceptable.

    So lets hope Linden Lab makes it possible to use other initiatives even in the future.

  • This blog have been a little slow lately but there is a reason of course. I have been working on the new game and Opensim servers. I have also made a lot of changes in Second life and introduced a new fashion label and i am doing a total remake of all the websites.

    I often just fall apart when its time to go to bed. No time to write.

    I have started to use Joomla and Virtuemart. And now i have three Wordpress blogs. It takes some time to learn how to edit and work with the software.

    On the Opensim grid i have started to use virtualized Opensuse servers both with Xen and Virtualbox. Its a work in progress.

    And on top of all this i have been moving and rebuilding my RL studio.

    Its all fun and i am learning a lot of new stuff.

    All i can say is the work continues.

    I be back.

  • newweb

    i am working on a new website. And its coming along nicely but slowly. There are much graphic work to do with this new style and layout. But i am getting there. This is a first look from the drawing board.

  • Boat boats boats
    Originally uploaded by nikki_webmistress

    Blake sea is kind of cool. Maybe i should rent a boat space and take up sailing, I wonder if i am going to meet some nice sailing people in any of the marinas. And the background sound is so nice. Vawes. I just have to visit all of them. I think there is a new sl photo project in there. "Marinas of Blake sea". From cyberserenity Vella via

  • Another smArt Gallery
    Originally uploaded by nikki_webmistress

    A lot of nice SL art. It just proves that you can do good art with SL and some graphics editing software. In many ways this is a break through for virtual art- Its possible to produce a lot of it. And a big production secures a few really great pieces. Of course the art world in RL do not understand it. But we do dont we? From cyberserenity Vella via

  • My new Shoutcast jukebox.
    Originally uploaded by nikki_webmistress

    I really like web radio, i have all my computers connected and now i have a jukebox in my SL house. I am listening in my studio all the time now. There is always a channel that play something i like. RL radio is only ads and djs that love their own voice.. I WANT MUSIC! From cyberserenity Vella via

  • =?utf-8?b?4piGKsKowqgqOuKAoi7igKI6KicnKldFTENPTUUgVE8gQUJCQ...
    Originally uploaded by nikki_webmistress

    These days i am touring Second life with Swedish ABBA on Saturday nights. Its nice to have somewhere to go. And the music is ok to. The OSgrid island is up again all updates are ok . Linux servers work again. Now i am going dancing. From cyberserenity Vella via


    The nearest hours all the Linux servers will be down and also the OSGrid Island.


    Web pages on down,


    Several new updates on Opensim and Linux software and the new Island will be online in a few hours… i hope.

  • newrender

    Makes some imaginative pictures. Maybe i can find some use for it.

    The name is Art of illusion and it looks like it.

  • In to racing?
    Originally uploaded by nikki_webmistress

    I found a very nice scripted go kart and a city track that was actually race able. Not the cultural hi point in my life. But good for a few laps. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • Artist development
    Originally uploaded by nikki_webmistress

    i have followed Gracie Kendal for many years now. A fine artist and i think that SL only improve her work because she is just getting better and better. The colors and shapes getting more firm and and it all fits together better and better. Makes me happy. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • I have made a few things with scupted prims before. But now i am trying to dig deeper. I made a few things today to see what possibilities i can find.


    To the left is sculptyman. The tools to create sculpties are kind of limited.

    No full 3D editors , and Second life destroy the finished product when you upload.

    But its ok anyway.


    There are great ways to use sculpties in buildings and furniture.




    A nice chair and now i have to create some animations for it.

  • In SL you find stuff.
    Originally uploaded by nikki_webmistress

    Now when i have created my Swedish hot dog stand i find that a lot of other people also create fast food places. I really liked the texture work on this one. Hmm i am hungry, sorry have to get something to eat. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • So you are bored?
    Originally uploaded by nikki_webmistress

    Take a train ride. The ticket is 10L and it lasts for 24 hours. If you are like me and love trains both in RL and SL. I think i like train rides because my grand parents took me one a lot of them when i was a child. Anyway its slow, no action, just hang out of the window. Yes i own a copy of Train simulator. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • Walked in to a photo exhibition
    Originally uploaded by nikki_webmistress

    I traveled to see a fellow photographer, Special Jewell. Som very nice SL photographs. So good i had to buy one. The one behind me. Special have found a new way to look at SL photography and i find that it makes me happy. So back home to my place to find a wall for my new art piece. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • Today i am in Mexico
    Originally uploaded by nikki_webmistress

    On my forever world tour i made a small stop in Mexico. I have made a camera that i bring along on my shoulder. Its a copy of my old Olympus from RL. But i think i have to do a new one. Maybe with some photografer animations. I just want the best. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • Tourist in SL
    Originally uploaded by nikki_webmistress

    As i really do not have time for RL travel right now. It is great to be a tourist in SL. Found this nice Monestary. And now i am off to some nice village by the sea. Wonder if i can find a nice restaurant? From cyberserenity Vella via

  • internalgrid

    //My Ruth on the internal grid.//

    So much work so little time. What is happening at 2worlds2go this year?

    First of all i have found a new spot in Second life for the Nilsart gallery. The building is almost ready and i am trying to find a new exhibition to start up the gallery.

    All the websites are slowly taking new shapes and i publish them as they get ready.

    All the Linux OpenSUSE servers are now running 11.2 except one that refuses to upgrade. I do not know why?? On the Linux servers are also several new Opensim islands that form our development grid that is accessible thru a vpn line for all developers and testers.

    The OSgrid server and island have been working for several month know and the 2worlds city are ready for publishing and free download.

    A new purchase of a game system for MMO. And a lot of mySQL work for testing the new system. Its like a small World of warcraft with a downloadable client. Its a show off for this year.

    And of course Second life. Some more serious work with products for business development and sales. Stores and malls as a building block system. I really want to make shopping in SL more fun and look better.

    And of course some new photo work with ads to follow. And the new fashion label Rebecca de Milneaux the first store is ready:: products to follow.

    When all this is out of the way i really hope to have some time for Art space magazine. And my IRL company too.

    I think that sometime during 2010 2worlds2go have to employ some more Second lifers or IRL people. I am pushing 12-15 hour days right now and i can not keep it up forever.

    I think we are on a roll and i am really looking forward to a new fresh year.

    Lets all go virtual.

  • Finally a few minutes over before the big Xmas starting. Metaplace is closing. I have tested it since the beginning and i never understood why anyone should use it. A very nice little world, nice graphics, simple ,running in your browser. But no real idea behind it. Technology because its possible. In the end it all comes down to the money.

    That takes me to my favorite topic Second life. The money people came in to make it profitable and the succeeded but then it all came to a halt. No more growth. No more people are using Second life today than last year. This supposed to be the new 3D Internet.

    The new creation of a Second life sprawl really shows how development stopped. I think its like the Apple - Steve Jobs story. You have to have people with ideas and vision working together with production and money people. Maybe its time to try to get Philip Rosedale back.

    There are many problems with Second life and Linden Labs.
    As a developer i find the question about content and who really owns it really important. And also who owns my account. Linden lab can throw me out of Second life at any time, for any reason. I have no rights. It very difficult for me a small developer and a citizen of Sweden to go through US court system to get my right in a content or account case. And i do not think international law will change very fast.

    I do not think that the big developers will risk there content in the hands of Linden lab. Thats why we do not see any of them in Second life.

    Or the very stupid strategy to take over Onrez and Xstreet. Yes it is fine for the money people at Linden lab but it sends the wrong message to the community. If you do something good we will take you over or push you out.

    I thought it was the users who create and think out new business plans and Linden lab supply the technology.

    The solution is software. On my island on the OSGrid i own all of the content and the server is located in my server room right here in Sweden. Its a Opensim installation. I believe Opensim and its clones are the 3D Internet of the future. But it needs support of a big company like Google or even Microsoft. The developers are doing a great job but its a difficult to do all the work needed.

    What we need are a few things. As in real life supported by many laws:
    My avatar is mine on my hard drive. The things i buy for it are also mine. Is copyrighted maybe encrypted to protect the creator but its mine and i can use it at any grid i want. I own my avatar.

    If i create something it is mine and i have the right to sell it or give it away or whatever i want to.
    Its on my hard drive and backup. And i can use it on any grid. Its like a web page. I create a web page and test it on my own servers and when its ready i upload it on the net. But the content, pictures and text are still copyrighted, its still mine if i do not sell it.

    There will always be content theft and there will be new ways to counter it. I think many young people today think that everything on the net should be free. Probably because their parents pay the bills so the do not understand the need for earning money. But as we all know they will get there too.

    Information wants to be free, but i have to eat.

    If it is going to be Opensim ,Second life or maybe some new solution we have not seen yet? I do not really care. I have found a great way for me as a artist to make some extra money. I love to paint but it is extremely difficult to survive on it. So i do content, Its fun and a great job. But my customers must feel that they are doing a good deal when they buy my stuff. That they own it and can use it in the way its intended.

    I think Linden lab thought they could corner the virtual world and be the only supplier world wide. With the explosion in virtual worlds, that time have past. Second life is still the far best world of them all. Just look at the avatar creation system. Its totally beyond all the other worlds where everybody just look the same.
    There are so many good ideas in Second life and as virtual worlds grow my market grows. So of course i want it to be bigger.

    Its time for a new vision in Second life. Maybe is time to hire Steve Jobs?

    And of course. Hav a nice holiday.
    See you next year. Have a blast.
    Maybe i see you i Second life.

  • My little Sweden taking shape
    Originally uploaded by nikki_webmistress

    I am rebuilding my little village. The new build is inspired of Mollevangen in Malmoe Sweden and almost all medium size citys in Sweden. The city square almost look the same everywhere. The buildings are in place but i have to rebild the harbour next week. I am trying to get the special Swedish things so i think it is going to be a Korvkiosk (hot dog stand,,big in Sweden) somewhere. Anybody have any good ideas? From cyberserenity Vella via

  • onthego

    After a wild shopping spree

    i found some nice new clothes that's alright for dancing.


    I wanted to go for the rock look tonight.

    The Jacket was a steal for 450L made by Sasha Gopheller its really well done.

    And then the jeans and the biker boots just fell in to place.

    I am do a small warm up at Club atlantic its live and i wish i had stayed at home and then later i will hit the town.

    But first some food and a nice Chablis.

    Yes i am ready.

  • upagain20091022_001

    And we are up and running again. On the OSgrid we have a Beta of the island with all buildings put in. Its missing a few things but its very near completion. The 2worlds2go Island will when its ready be a free download. Distributed in a oar file and some nice packaging.

    So everybody can start their Opensim life with a nice city. Everything in place from the beginning.

    Web servers up and running but the computer room is a mess with network cables.

    Its all in a days work.


    The web servers and Opensim Islands are going in production today “i hope”. They have been running for months now with no problems so its time to bring them to production and start focusing on other parts of the business.

    But we have to move them. So during the day the OSgrid island and some of the websites will be offline.

    The Joomla work system will be offline so do not upload any new work.

    Check my Twiitter  to find out when we are ready to run again. I am excited about this.

  • Brandenburger Tor, Berlin
    Originally uploaded by nikki_webmistress

    When i was in Berlin a few years ago i would never have thought i would visit Brandenburger Tor again in the virtual Berlin. This 3D world development really have taken off. I am happy to be a part of a so expanding business. Travel the world from home. Now the only thing i need is a interface that make me feel and smell the places i go to in Second life. Is it far away in the future? Something tells me that it is closer than i can imagine. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • Its Burning life again.
    Originally uploaded by nikki_webmistress

    Once a year i do the big walk around Burning life to see if creativity have raised in 12 months. And i think it looks good this year. I have been here for 5 minutes and already i have found some really nice stuff. Its a long walk but its worth it. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • opensimevening

    A lot of things happened this week. And this is evening at the Opensim island.

    If the next week is the same. There will be a lot of fun to write about next Friday. This have been one of the heavy ones.

    I am out of here.

  • OSgridup

    The very very empty island 2worlds2go is up on the OSgrid.

    The web servers are running again and the network appears to be stable and i have half a hour to go before the promised finishing time.

    Its all in a days work.


    Today we are installing a new OpenSUSE 64 11.1 motherboard to run the Opensim server. As we have to make changes in the network all the servers and web pages will be up and down during the day.

    And the Joomla system and the webshop will be unstable so do not upload products today. I hope the work will be over by 8.00 pm CET today.

    Sorry but we have to do it,//// Anna.

  • Visiting my brother nation Denmark.
    Originally uploaded by nikki_webmistress

    I decided to go and explore what the other scandinavian countrys do in Second life. And ended up in Denmark. And i found this very Danish church and itś graveyard. I wonder if the lots are rental. But now i know where to put my little AVA when my Second life is over.. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • 2worldssunset

    The harbor is in its place now and i have made some terrible trees for the area. The Opensim server is running nicely now.(knock on wood.) No restarts and building and all the builds are in its place.


    Now i am going to start programming the LSL. I hope i do not crash it now. There are many scripts i have to port from Second life. And i am going to test some new interconnecting Opensim to the web and databases. Experimental and so much fun.

  • 2worlds2gocity

    My little city is slowly growing in my Opensim world.

    The server have been running for two weeks now while i am building.

    No stops nothing just running,

    For you tech people out there its a OpenSUSE 11.0 _64 bit.

    It is also running Joomla and Wordpress and its a hdcp, router and mail server.

    Many of the buildings are from different competitions in Second life.

    I have transferred them with Second Inventory. Yes i have all rights to them. I never copy anybody's work. Some of the textures are public domain though,

    I hope my little world will be ready soon and out on the net for everybody to see.

  • Back to Linux
    Originally uploaded by nikki_webmistress

    After trying out the new Windows 7 for a few weeks i found it to have the same problems as Vista had in the beginning. Drivers for sound not working. You cant use the XP mode without a new computer. I got so frustrated and i dont want to go thru my Vista experience again so i installed OpenSUSE 11.1. Thats what i am running now and it works very well after a few installs. I did not say Linux is easy. I think Windows 7 will be ok after a few years my Vista machines are fine now. But i think i wait with the upgrades. And i found that Wine on Linux runs my old XP programs so why use the XP mode in Windows 7. I hope the force is with me. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • abbasl

    The Icehotel in SL is a good place to go for some fun. Regular nights with music and fun stuff. Tonight it was ABBA in the more stylish SL way. I had a lot of fun and so did the crowd. And some disco afterwards with all the songs i love. My life in SL is great some nights.

  • SLartmarket

    The new build in SL. I finally got some use for a this house. Its a build from several years ago and it have been living in my inventory since then.

    But now its my office for the art market in SL. And i can take out some of my collection of art. There are many good artists in SL making a lot of good art. I have collected some of the best. Maybe its time for a exhibition again..

  • Newlogo

    The new 2worlds2go logo and hopefully a new website will follow.

    It works on the 2world2go building in Second life. I just hope it will be everywhere.

  • Its time to put a new mark in Second life fashion. A new name and a new designs. I think its going to be a lot of fun to do new and wonderful fashion.
    I really hope to do as wonderful dresses as the one i am wearing in the picture. Its Drama by Nonna Hedges one of my favourite designers in Second life. I know it will take some time and a lot of hard work. But its a dream coming thru. See you on the runway.
    Yours fashion designer Rebecca de Milneaux



    This is my very very first thing i made in Second life. A small pool. I remember doing it for my house garden and i cant find it in my inventory today but it was not that complicated as you can see.


    It started me out as a builder exploring the build tools.






    And this is the first house i made. For me. I had it for a long time and i developed it in  to a mall buying all the land around it.


    Later i sold the mall to a chain of malls and so i got into buying, developing and selling land. I really had a lot of fun in those days.



    And this is my first furniture. Of course i needed a office when i started out my career in SL.


    It was really fun days. Everything are more professional these days. Takes away a lot of the fun fun.

  • aionbeta

    I have just logged in to Aion beta and look what i found. Many many gamers that wanted to take a look at the new game.Online gaming is really not dead. All the server where full. I have played this part of the game before so i just wait and log in another day. Never seen that many people not even on the biggest dance floors in Second life.

    It was fun.

  • I decided to go and explore the new adult continent Zindra. And i found boring sex clubs and escort services. But in it all i also found a great animation. A mix of sex and fantasy, and not for the faint hearted. Another example on what is possible if you have a great idea and some animation skills.dragonzindra_001

    It starts out nice.


    But it ends with me getting bonked by the dragon.

    I you want to try it out yourself the slurl is below just sit on the stone in the square. But i told you.

  • BlueMVenice

    New Venice looks great. Cry engine 2: Works for virtual reality too. There are still bugs to iron out. But the nice thing with Beta testing is that i did meet some other independent game developer that was testing too.So i got some new contacts and a nice talk with my peers. What can you do on a Monday anyway.

  • Started to check the up coming Virtual World Blue Mars.

    Its early beta now and i have only got the developer tools to work but it looks good. Look at Blue Mars Ruth.

    BlueMarsruth Really makes me want to see the rest of the world. But i suppose they have long to go before production. Well i can wait.

  • partyingagain

    Have not been partying for a long time but really i am back Hated that Des Les disappeared.but you just have to find new places. So look out i am back.

  • Out doors it looks like this.


    Thats why i am doing this.


    Modern tech is great.

  • moonshadow

    The new Nilsart village coming along nicely. And this picture complete with moon shadow and a noob who did not have a clue on how to get around in Second life. And of course i gave him a few hints.

    I could use SL as screen saver when you have shadows on. As the sun and moon moves over the sky the shadows follow. No i am just waiting for the first stop motion Machinima, you know when you see a day in like 5 minutes and and clouds and shadows moves very fast.

    ohh what will be next.

  • italianpic

    The photo opportunities in Second life are really endless. And the best thing is that i did not have to go anywhere, no darkroom ( i remember those bad days). And a nicely dressed model ready for the shoot. In the old days i used to have to shoot several rolls of film to get a pic like this. In SL i just had to take two shots. Its so great,

  • shadowsandme

    Really nice experimental shadows. When you have started you just do not want to be without them. But of course they crash my viewer all the time.

  • Wetheralon my grid

    I have started using Second inventory to transfer stuff i have created to my own grid and it actually works. Buildings showing up as i made them in SL years ago. Building new citys with my old stuff. And they are secure for inventory loss. Great.

  • Standing in the shadow
    Originally uploaded by nikki_webmistress

    You cant´t see it here but i am actually standing in the shadow of the trees. Finally there are shadows in Second life. With some tweaking of the new viewer and a really good graphics card it´s there. Frame rate is terrible but i love it anyway. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • Newnilsart

    Yes finally  I have the new Nilsart gallery up and running. There have been some downsizing in Second life and my old gallery’s was cancelled when islands disappeared. But now I am close too Linden Village on the mainland so maybe this one is here to stay.
    I have a small summer exhibition with some of my interactive sculptures and some other stuff. It’s nice to be back with art in SL again. And of course a SLURL to the new place.


  • 2worldsgrid_001

    Three days of hard work and finally four new islands running Opensim. Installing the Linux system, compiling the new Opensim source and setting up all permissions.The network, mysql, vnc to run the control system and iron out the bugs.

    It´s 9:58 pm and i am ready….

  • My new Land in Sverige
    Originally uploaded by nikki_webmistress

    Big open space and i have no idea on what to build? Maybe a small castle. The swedish small red house with white corners. A farm. A space ship..Or maybe a replica of the house i live in now in RL. I am in Sverige. It means Swedish in my language. So this is the spot for me. From cyberserenity Vella via


    cafe route1_001

    I found this nice Café on Route 1. I think its a build by one of the Moles.

    It´s still nice to just explore and travel around SL. I like to follow the roads or the water lanes. Just to find new and nice builds. I hope the Moles get to build all the roads in Second life. And some time in the future the sim crossings will work better i suppose. if you want to visit the café.

  • Super posting, originally uploaded by nikki_webmistress.

    If this works i am posting this to three places at once. Supergood way to use bloghud. Filling the internet with multiple copys of my Second life. Great way to spend a few moments dont you think. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • We have had this place for some time now. Thinking of adding a club and maybe a small harbour. Or maybe just transfer it to a factory area. I dont know. Anobody got some good ideas?
    From cyberserenity Vella via

    Sorry to say but both Cetus gallery district and Second Sweden have gone to their grave. But i am building on a new gallery close to the Linden lab area. The new gallery will be somewhat larger than my old ones but i think i am going to be able to fill it with some new exhibitions.

    It´s a lot more fun to be a part of a community. But what can i do?

  • The very nice place of Second Sweden ends in a few hours. And my gallery and store have to move. Its slowly falling a part. Visit to see the end.
  • Mercedes

    But I have managed to get a new car in Second life. So I am driving around looking stylish now.
    Some news : totally new website at and I have been working on new web for Art space magazine. No it’s not dead and I am planning for a Swedish edition to. I have built a new HQ in Second life for the mag. Presence is everything.
    So much to do so little time to write about it. I will try to get better..

  • icehotel

    Nice party yesterday at the Ice hotel in SL. PetGirl Bergman was running the extensive light show. And i experienced no lag at all to my great suprise. Even though the place was packed with avatars.

    So saturday night is all right for partying in Second life. Cool,

  • earth

    A new nice club to meet all the Swedes. In Second sweden, and its called [EARTH]. Friday night and its packed.

  • Cyberser

    I have been sick for a few days and i have been living in my sofa. Nothing serious, just a cold. But now my Rouge Cyberser starting to level up in World of Warcraft. It´s hard work but someone have to do it. Killing all those monsters. Maybe living in my sofa is not that bad. Maybe i stay another week.



    At a beach party last night I found all Swedes muse PetGirl Bergman. She is writing the biggest blog for Sweden in Second life. I just liked the picture. Don’t you?

    PetGirls blog: .

  • slbloodlines

    I have really tried to stay out of  slbloodlines but its fun and something to do in SL. So i am really thinking of the vampire thing. Its hard to find the time WoW is really going good now. I need more time. Have to stop working. There is no other way.

  • Just no news

    From my mobile phone.

  • I bought a copy of Everquest II yesterday and it got me thinking about why I have to go to my game store to buy a MMO. When I have installed the thing it starts to update itself for a few hours. I have to download the complete game again. Why did I have to go to the store at all if I have to download it from the net anyway. This business model makes me kind of angry. Are the game company’s making me pay several times for the same game?

    The more social MMO´s are free to download. Second life, There and others. But when I want to kill goblins I have to take a trip to my nearest game store. Of course there is Entropia. Maybe I just stick to killing strange animals and explore.

  • New year at the gallery.
    Its time to find a new exhibition in the Cetus gallery and wish everybody a new great art year. This is my first post from inside of Second life just hope it works.

  • Secondswedenshop

    The new store in Old town in Second Sweden. Its a very nice Swedish area and for the first time we start to do stuff in Swedish.

  • TR

    I can only continue to play Tabula Rasa for another month or so. Its going to be free to play now so i hope a few more people will find their way to this nice game. I am really sorry to see it go. Back to Guild wars i guess.

  • Annabella party_001

    I was at a great party yesterday Annabella celebrated here new place in Second life and there was a crowd joining in.

    Everybody is complaining about Linden lab but you can join in for free. No ads no fees. Just joining the party. And it’s free. A very complicated software and network product that you can use when ever you want.

    I find it amazing that it works and that we can all have a Second life.

  •  newoffice

    Not to big not to flashy. Its in Nilsart village. Right by the harbour.

    Its a copy of a Swedish train station where i grew up. Made it for the Station competition. So its nice to get to use it now.

  • Cetus thur

    Once again a great first Thursday. DJ Doubledown Tandino playing his special sounds.
    Some people strolling around on the streets and in the gallery’s. Chatting about the art and the Second life.
    Great way to spend a few hours and you are invited.

  • d-oo-b

    Eifachfilm Vacirca made this big installation on the OSGrid at the d-oo-b sim. He did it by the copy and paste method. 44444 prims thats many prims. Cool stuff.
  • thesignshop

    Finally another part of Nilsart village is ready. The sign shop. Where you can get specially made signs
    Or just buy a ready made. Its up. Now I just have to write the website connection.

  • Trojanclock

    I jus saw this wonderful clock that Trojanvirus gave me some time a go. This should really be a movie instead of a picture because every part of it is moving and blinking. And what do you know it also tells time.

    I think that Trojanvirus Congrejo probably is one of Second life’s most clever gadget makers. I have to do an article for Art space Magazine about him.

  • Club iridum

    Everybody of course knows that it’s a lot of partying going on in Second life this weekend. I have already been to the first one. I think I am going to squeeze a few more in. I hope.

  • newskin

    I really needed something that looked like summer and sun.
    Because it’s raining like he.. All day.

    Nice to work in Second life where the weather is fine all the time.

  • newvillage_001

    The first pic from the new village. After rebuilding all of it at a new location it starts to look very nice now. I just didn’t like the first build so I just did it all over again. Some time well spent I think. Next week I am putting in all the stores and the café.

  • nilsart village

    Soon to be open in Second life but I am still getting stuff in to it.
    I have made all off the buildings and roads so I suppose its all in a Beta format right now.
    I am also trying to find some nice products for the different stores and make the mall into a sellable
    Project. It should be possible to make all off the buildings in to products have not decided on that one yet.

    You are welcome to visit and maybe give me some pointers on how you think the village will develop.
    Slurl to Nilsart Village below.

  • Lively

    Lively is a new 3D chatt from Google. I think its going to get big beacause its Google and you run it in your explorer or mozilla. Most computers can run it ok, the graphic is not heavy.

    I am going to do some developing and then we will see.

  • I really like the possibilities of the web and Second life. I have a sick cat at home and can’t go anywhere so in front of the big screen and SL and my laptop for communication it just works anyway.
    And e learning really has some new ideas on how to use Second life for learning and all the tools you can use.

    A very interesting day. But of course you do miss the coffee and the contact making but I suppose you can do that anyway.
    So my cat is better and I got something done at home. Great.

  • C64BLOG

    And that is of course that i found a way to play my old commodore 64 games. Its kind of funny to see them again. Like old friends coming to visit you. I think its like 20 years ago my C64 burnt up when i was soldering some new stuff into it. I still have the diskdrive and printer and all the games in a box. Now i have found a new emulator that works with my Vista laptop. So i am doing some serious C64 gaming the next few days.

    No work just a lot of fun.

  • Sweden have become a new totalitarian state. They are going to listen in on all internet traffic. The FRA law gives them the right.

    Now i am just waiting for the king to take over goverment and the queen takes over health care. And we all can live happy and safe.

    Maybe i should move to a virtual world insteed. I think i am going to blow up a few monsters in Tabula rasa. FRA listen in on that if you can.

    There_cyberserenity_2008-08-09 14-12-18

  • And i had to make a new avatar for them. And look at me now. Looks great i am a model again.

    look at me now

  • newgallery

    After a nice vacation i am back in my studio again. I am trying to do a new exhibition in my new gallery at Nilsart Village in Second life. I am playing around with ideas but i think its going to be something architectural.

    And i am going to start painting again. A very difficult decision, but it could be fun to try and make it a community decision and let people do comments as the painting progress. I have to see how it works out but i have a web cam in my studio so why not.

    Its really nice to be back at work.

  • Wow
    From my mobile phone.
  • Last of vacation.
    From my mobile phone.
  • Vacation.
    From my mobile phone.
  • Still on vacation.
    From my mobile phone.
  • Still on vacation.
    From my mobile phone.
  • I have started work on my own grid computer. An Opensim grid that I can run in my studio.
    It is built by computers I get from different company’s when they upgrade I get the old ones. They know as an artist I can not afford to by all the computers I need. And as they know I do strange things with computer it is ok to support your local artist this way.

    So I started to build. I have built a lot of systems so it is not very hard to do. I was thinking a grid of Linux servers.


    And after a few days the new grid machine was ready for testing. Installing Opensim in grid mode is more complicated than you think. But after a few nervous breakdowns, a lot of coffee and working long into the night I had my first own grid up a running.

    I just like to build computers and I really do not have a plan for what to do with my grid yet but I find some strange way to connect it to the rest of the internet. Now I have a lot of prims to have fun with.


    My grid runs on four OpenSUSE computers, that make four islands. When I find a way to get more ip sockets in some of the machines I will ad some open spaces too. I use mysql and phpmyadmin for the database and VNC and telnet to control the servers from my other
    computers. I have also put in wifi access so I can work with them from the garden this summer.

  • Tabulablog

    There was good price in the game store so i bought Tabula Rasa and no sleep tonight.

    Started to play and found a new bunch of Swedish friends on the European game server.

    I really like the graphics and the game play. I have been playing Guild wars for some time now and this is of course the same game with guns. But i like this one better. Better missions and very much better graphics.

    Tonight i am going back Cyberserenity will conquerer a new world and help the meek. I just have to level up to 5 so i can use all the stuff i have collected in my inventory. I am ready just keep them coming.

  • 2worlds grid

    After some heavy hardware building and the Swedish midsummer celebration the new 2worlds grid is up and running. It was just as difficult to set up as i thought and i had to build a new computer to run it. But now its there and after some terraforming and a lot of mysql work its up and running. Can´t wait to start building. Its four islands running on OpenSUSE 10.3 and i have a few standalone computers that run their own islands thats not connected to the 2worlds grid.. I can still build and do the debugging process. Thats nice to know.

  • Gadgetman trojan_001

    I run in to AV:Trojanvirus Congrejo in Second life. He is my favorite gadget maker. All of his pieces are small works of art. And you can wear them. They are very functional in some strange way, conceptual art and great 3D construction work. If you see him ask for him to show you his stuff. He is sometimes flying around Second Sweden in some new weird thing.

  • centralgrid_001

    The last few days I have been trying out all the new grids that are out there in cyberspace.
    They are not as many functions implemented yet but there are many new grids operating now some of them even
    Commercially. Many of the fancy stuff on the Linden grid do not work but you can build and script or just explore. Some say that it is all these new grids that a pushing land prices on the Second life grid down.
    When you can start your own server and connect it to one off these grids, well do you need Second life?

    Here are a few links to get you started.

  • blogswedenrock

    No computer stuff just walking around listening to music and drinking beer.
    Great summer day and a lot of people. Sweden rock festival. I just want to be a Goth rocker but I really would look silly. But I want to try.

    Anyway it was a great day and I stayed of the computer. But abstinence probably makes me work all day today instead.

    The pic is from my phone cam, it’s like 3 generations back so it´s kind of surreal.

  • I have been turning fifty these few days. And I have not been online for days now. It’s nice to take a break sometimes and make life in to more than work. Checking out some new exhibitions in real life for a change.
    I saw one of the coolest video works by Bill Viola, The raft. Wow wish it was my work.

    Louisiana gallery outside Copenhagen. Denmark. A nice place to go if you are in the neighborhood.
    Tomorrow it’s back to real life again or maybe for me back to the multiverse. It’s going to be fun.

  • When exploring the many blogs and other stuff about Second Life i found this great art exhibition. A collection of the many art possibilities that SL offers. Animations, particles and other ways to show what some graphics and a few scripts can do.

    SL really starts to be a artform and a media in it self. And the Slurl: .

  • I have joined another build competition this time its in the Swedish community at Second Sweden
    Its about building a nice house and i have concentrated on doing a artist house for work and living. For the first time i have designed some kitchen stuff stow and fridge. And i have made some things for a bathroom.

    I like the house i could live there. So come on over and check it out. What do you think?

  • I just love the outfits you can buy in Second life. Its me in front of the new store at Second Sweden.
    Its not ready yet but its up and there is some free stuff for you to grap if you pass it by.
    I think i just look like i have left the set of Star Wars.

  • So its time for the SL book fair again at Book and publishing Island. SLURL: . This year i have a small stand and a few new books to give out. They are free and you can get them at the fair. Its kind of strange, but a book fair in the most digital of worlds. Of course maybe what you want after a working day in SL is to sit down on the sofa at your SL residence and just read a good book.

  • I have started running my own Opensim server so now i can build as much as i want. It is one Second life island and perhaps i make my own mini grid. A few islands a mini world of mine., all mine.
    Of course its a reverse engineering server so it do not have all functionality as the Linden lab grid have, but it works really good anyway. On the picture you can see my first island running on a OpenSuse 10.3 server. I do a test on a OpenSuse 10.2 amd64 server to, but it do not work as well as the 10.3.
    I also have a Multiverse server up and running but it do not work very well. I do some further work on it to see if i can speed it up. The good thing with Multiverse is that it comes with a lot of tools for creating new worlds.
  • 3dconnexion

    I just had to have it and its not that expensive when you think about it. I am using it almost all day.

    A new gadget. 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator. And i already love it. Its very intuitive to use in 3D, and in Second life i already got so used to it that i cant think of using anything else, it grows on you.

    And of course i love a new gadget.

  • I found this box in Second life(trademark, trademark, trademark). And i just had to sit in it for a while. This is how i feel on many Sunday afternoons. Small and i just want to sit in a box and be a kitten.
    Tomorrow work starts again and right now i am building a Demo Island. Software and all. Ahh i better just go back to the box.

  • And once more its time for the Dreams community fair. This is whats it all about.
    For the third year in a row, we are inviting you to be a part of our effort to introduce the people of SL to some of the lesser known areas of Second Life, particularly in the areas of health support, education and the Arts.

    The Dream Travelers of Dreams are the activity base and support group for a community of stroke survivors in SL as well as people who are interested in Asperger Syndrome and Autism.

    Its at the Dream sim and here is your Slurl:

    And in the art barn you can find some of my watercolors for sale. Money goes to a worthy cause.

    Go and check it out!!

  • And once more its time for the Dreams community fair. This is whats it all about.
    For the third year in a row, we are inviting you to be a part of our effort to introduce the people of SL to some of the lesser known areas of Second Life, particularly in the areas of health support, education and the Arts.

    The Dream Travelers of Dreams are the activity base and support group for a community of stroke survivors in SL as well as people who are interested in Asperger Syndrome and Autism.

    Its at the Dream sim and here is your Slurl:

    And in the art barn you can find some of my watercolors for sale. Money goes to a worthy cause.

    Go and check it out!!

  • Linden lab have once more showed that they are a part of the corporate world. Now you just do not dare to write Second life in a story or anywhere because it could be intrusion of the trademark. Come on. I am afraid that if this goes on all of the creative people will leave SL for some other free and not so paranoid world.

    On the other hand i found a very nice French city that span several island. Buses and a subway to ride and a very pro built are to explore. Looks like the French Riviera. Its worth a visit. Slurl here:

  • If you want to see some very nice light sculptures you can go to The Bluffs Nature Preserve. There are many around Second life but i really liked this ones.
    And once again its art competition at Dreams. This year i try to do some new digital 3D art piece or something. I have not decided yet. See you there. Slurl will follow when i am ready.
  • Will Second life expand in a declining US economy? Is it possible to develop a very complicated piece of software? And make it more complex, and then survive the bug and dollar cost. Maybe and maybe not.

    In my studio.
    I am working with several new pieces of software for 3D and programming. I really hope to make some fantastic new stuff this year.
    Dark basic professional with all the plug ins.
    And a lot of new design stuff.
    See you in all virtual worlds.
  • Where do all of these complaining people come from. Second life is the first virtual world that works for thousands of people around the world. Of course there will be problems, we are pioneers. This is not a one of the ready made worlds you see in the game worlds. Decided by the game company's. This one many of us have made by ourselves.

    Of course Linden lab is in it for the money, but i think some of the Lindens really belive in the work more than in the paycheck. When the breakdowns gets to many, yes i complain to. But really is this that we do something unique? Lets be productive and use this Linden world to do something thats really more creative than saying just no.

  • I found a very interesting exhibit today at a gallery i have never visited before. Contemporary SL art. The thing i do and that i really like. The artist name is Bacon Rolls and its a very nice show. I like art projects where the base for the art is the virtual worlds possibilities and basic functions. A very nice place to visit. Please do.


  • Today i have found a new place while exploring Second life. Its called Grendel´s Children and its another theme build. Dragons and fantasy wonderland is the theme i suppose and it looks great.

    Its a very clever design with the buildings away in the air so the ground areas can be free to travel in. Its made up of several sims with the common map name Avaria. The avatars in this are really look something different. Very cool.

    I think i have to create some more crazy stuff, why should everybody look like a human?

  • I returned to Babbage to do some more exploring. Its really nice to see what you can do with a sim when you keep it together on a theme. Its a pity that there are so few sims that are made like this.
    And the build is done with great imagination and beautiful texturing. Its like a game world you just want to see whats around the corner. A nice place to actually walk around in. Exploring every piece of land. Go there yourself. I think its worth it.
  • When i saw that Second life looks so good using the new windlight client. I just have to re shoot many of the pics for the magazine. It just have to look the best it can. So of course this delay the release date even further in to the future. Well its just to do it. Right now i hope to finish the mag before Christmas. But you never know. I am also moving all of the stuff from Second life to a new website HTTP:// So its all in days work.

    Ohh and i found the most beautiful place called Babbage today. A four island theme. Looks just great. I will go there and explore it more. When i get the time.

  • Oh yes! Finally the new Windlight in Second life and it looks great if you have a graphics card that can run it. The water really looks like real water but better. Glittering and shimmering reflecting everything around. Its like paradise. Even if Second life is not anymore. But this is a real improvement. Now its time to start updating the avatars. The new ones in Entropia looks good maybe thats the way to go. Anyway a Windlight picture with the crew in Second life. Just love the look of it all.
  • So outdoors its wet and cold and all leafs are falling. Its the time of year that you want to lock yourself in and just live in front of the computer. I am testing an new game building system and some other graphic software. I hope to start writing on a new game during this winter so there wont be that much time for Second life and There.

    These game design products. Often they are not that good. Usually there are a few glitches and unfinished routines. But i am excited anyway. Love new software. And i bought it for money i made on a few land deals in Second life. Its a new world.

  • Sometimes you have to relax in Second and first life. So Ewa Aska invited me to a party. And of course i went. A total funny gang and thinking of the Burma situation in red shirts. We do something for democracy in the world, yes we do. S it is my night of i am drunk in RL as in SL but thats ok. I am super amazed about the animations. When i started Sl it was nothing like this. WOW we are really expanding. Yes its super to party in Sl as in in Real.
  • I have been checking out the new 3D worlds that are in development. Multiverse and Kaneva. They are nice platforms but i think there is a big need for better game and 3D developers before any of them really will take off and be great products.
    And when you go in to those worlds you can see that the Second Life client is not that bad even though it crashes sometimes. The total freedom to create what ever you like in world makes it the best platform for developing new 3D graphics.

    I just want to take the stuff i make out of there and reuse it in other programs, anyone got a suggestion?

  • So i am competing in Second life again. This time its a build of a new mall at Dreams. I think its kind of fun to do one of these competitions now and then. Keeps up your building skills.

    This time its a very modern build. A wide building for exploring and hopefully shopping. I never win these things but i can always sell the thing to some new mall owner that want something special.

    Oh yes by the way these days i am a wizard.
  • Its raining and raining all the time. So i have to stay indoors. No computers just reading and the latest days we have been watching the long version of Lord of the ring.
    So maybe its time to start working again. But on the other hand i can spend the next week just reading. I have tried some new things for Flight simulator so we have to see if have some time to bang some ram.
    I have also moved the gallery in Second life and i have to make some new art.
    I think its going to be a interesting autumn.
  • So its summer in Sweden and i am having a nice vacation. In the rain. But i expect to get some sun soon.
    And there is a need to rebuild the network again. So i have a summer job. Great.

    I am also rebuilding our headquarter in Second life and i have found two new worlds IMVU and Kaldera. We have to see if we will do content for any of them.

    Maybe i have some time for the pool and the garden will see.
  • Running ads in the new Metaverse messenger magazine. (M2). One every week for four weeks from now. If you go to one of our places in world you can get a small book about the ads. It is about editing and taking the pictures in Second life. So if you are there get it and read about them.

  • So finally i have decided to start a magazine. I love mags but i have not found any good ideas for it. So i just do it instead. And i have a name “art space MAGAZINE”. I know, but it is ok.

    I do not want to do this business, or whats on in SL magazine i want to do something different. A art mag thats just that. Art. Nothing more and nothing less. And lucky me i have a ton of material on my attic so i get the first number out and then we see.
    Oh yes finally a magazine.
  • Wow i just started working again after a few days at the hospital. It was nice to be away from my computer and its amazing that i can work just two days after a operation. I think a few days of thinking and taking it easy and i will be back with a few new ideas about the new developments we do at 2worlds. I am also thinking about starting a Swedish branch on
    one of the islands. So i am just taking it easy for a while.

  • .

    So it have happened again. My brain is at stand still.
    Nothing to do so i just sit around doing nothing. No ideas at all.
    But i can do other stuff like web shopping. Now i have bought a new mascara, 3 new dresses and a pair of beautiful summer shoes.(see the pic). And i am going to watch a DVD even if the time is 11:30 AM. After that i think i go out on the terrace and read a book, any book. And i think i have tacos for dinner with several glasses of wine.
    When its like this there are no way to hurry it. Just have to wait.
  • This weekend i was meeting with some media consultant friends. I wanted them to take a look at the web site and they did not like it. And i have to agree. So now i have to re do the... thing. More work that i have no time for. But today i did some exploring in Second life and found a few new ideas. Its about focus and concentration. Just more work....
  • I am right now checking out the new happening at the Office. Live feed from LOL architects. Dancers and 30-40 crazy Swedes looking at the thing. This is like experimental. But not that much anymore. It is like any Friday night party in SL. Bright lights, music and some avatars dancing. The only difference is that people dont say a word, just look at the thing.

    Its all taken in. Like any happening i have been to in a gallery in real life.
  • Finally its Friday and this work week comes to a slow stop. I am working on a new company HQ in Second Life. But i ran out of prims so i wait to show the place until i am satisfied it looks alright.
    Instead a picture of me coding lsl, in world.

    Always sitting by a computer in real or SL. And i know that i have to start the work on updating the website. Ahhh i wait until next week. Now its party time. Thank god its Friday.
  • So i do not even have to leave home to go to a concert. I am at Eden in Second life listening to Al Hoffman doing improvisations on midi guitar. And its good. And a crowd. And for a good cause.

    And i have not even left home and it is a good thing because i have to go up and fight the worst operative ever, Windows Vista. Nothing works at all. It really sucks major.
  • So Monday morning and my Internet provider can not get in touch with half the web. Great. But after an hour i am online again. Then of course Vista stops working, as usual. Worst piece of software released in years, too early, again
    Monday, it is not my day.

  • Today i have started the work on my new restaurant concept for Second Life. Do avatars need to eat? Of course they do. And i am doing a bar downstairs in the building and fill it with my SL books. So its going to be a building, furniture, lamps and artworks all packed in a box and ready to set up. Thinking of making a directory on my web site of all 2worlds2go restaurants in SL. That could be something.
  • So i am at the gallery opening Lois Landon playing and the place look fantastic. Everybody are happy. And people loves my design so i am happy to. The only thing i miss is the glass of wine i usually get in a RL opening.

    But in Second life you can not get everything. But i suppose somebody soon makes a gadget so i can get my wine to.

    And the owners (Karen Schreiner)s artwork really work out with the design of the building. Its new and colourful standing out against my design.

    And its soon midnight in Sweden and all fun must end sometimes. So it does.

  • And i just had to make a Second life book about the gallery build. Could not miss that. In world you can find it in my store at Epimetheus. Both the book and the gallery looks fine. Its nice to have virtual babys in world.
  • Todays work was to do some competition designing on Dreams/shockproof. Everybody makes very nice beautiful stuff so i decided to do something completely different. A kind of waisted landscape. Broken down world, but with a waterfall as that is the competition theme. And i wanted some particle extras. And it looks good at least right now.
  • So finally i have the Asgard gallery building in Second life ready. Go and see it. And see the art inside. Its a treat.
    I am continuing too build more places in SL for the gallery community. Its fun.
    The web site got a few new pages and its now incorporated with my old web site.
    I have problems getting the help forum up anybody have a database expert free. Anyway just working on.
  • There are a few people out there thats interested in what we do and how our projects proceed.

    And now i am writing at to many places so i thought it was better to keep one blog for both art projects and the 2worlds2go company because the work is really similar.

    So right now the development in second life are moving along good. The new gallery and the machina studio vill be up soon.
    And i have designed a new gallery. The Asgard gallery. And i hope it will be up and running in a few days. I think Karen wants to get her pictures up really fast.

    I will try to put up new info on this blog insted of our website. It kind of gets to be to much info and the website got to much anyway.

    So the reason to start a blog. I like it.
  • newtree_001

    Another tree. It really takes for ever to create new content to a sim. This is my latest tree. Kind of cartoon like and the textures did not work very well so I had to remake in Blender. More cartoon like stuff works better. It makes the area look more real for some reason. It is really low poly and that’s what I am after. No strain on the graphics card. I want to place a lot of these.

    Next it is ground vegetation.

  • Experimental video

    It just started out with me wanting here to slowly look in to the camera and I wanted a face that was different and not to symmetric. Really a simple job but when you get hooked on something you really just keep on going.

    I think that’s what creativity is. Continue to work until you find some kind of hook or something to work on. Now I have a lot of material. Develop it further or stop?

    Move on to something else or this could be the thing.

    It is funny how a very small thing can lead in new directions. It is what gets me up in the morning. Not knowing what's next.

  • lendonia_night

    The portal to ghost town and the road are finished. Need to do a prim count. I do not think I can get everything in to the sim as I want but I have my own kingdom.

    Lendonia is a tribute to my mother. It comes from here name Lena. God I am bright. LOL

    The big wall is finished and now I have to build the city behind it. Work,,,,

  • oldschool

    I found some old software on a CD that I wrote many years ago and I wanted to update I thought it maybe could be used with Wine. The software is written in Visual studio 6 and Visual basic pro v4 so there was a problem. I have tried to transfer it to .NET but it is a total rewrite and not really worth it.

    I decided to upgrade it as it is but I needed VS 6. It is not running well since Win 98 so I used VirtualBox to install a Win98SE on my workstation. And then I just installed VS 6 on that. It worked great when I remembered to bridge the VirtualBox network card. That was two hours I never get back. Then I could download the software from my ftp server and start the work. As you can see on the picture. I got in to the deep part of my bookshelf and digged out the old documentation. It is BOOKS. I remember working with them before and how I hated working with documentation on the computer. But what do you know? I have gotten used to web and computer docs. You can search and you got all the web to learn from. I like the books but it takes forever to find stuff.


    Visual studio worked great. I have done some work on VS 2012 but not enough to really learn it, maybe I never do. Working with VS 6 was a little bit like coming home.

    The first software I compiled today is the one making graphics. It is still good and I wanted it for my next exhibition in Second life. After changing some formats it worked ok but I had to do some rewrites. Tested it on Win 7 and XP so I now know I need a installer so all files goes in the setup. It is a great piece of software and it was fun to work with the old stuff again.

    I put it on when I am ready with it.

  • building

    I wanted to test the new build tools in Cloud party. And it worked ok. You can build a lot of stuff with these simple tools. Not really a working toolbox yet but it is nice to see that building will be a part of this world.

    I think building is one of the most important activity in many virtual worlds and it should be easy so everyone can join in and create.

    Mesh is very good for us that are used to work with 3D software but I think it is to complicated to learn for the average builder. Texturing 3D models is a science in it self and it takes some knowledge to optimize a mesh.

    I think that the Second life building tools are good and and you can do cooperative builds. If I could use them for creating mesh object I would be very happy. It is so much more fun to build stuff in world where people drop by and you see the landscape than sitting in front of some 3D software all alone.

    More building for the people.

  • If you want to have a read about gaming Lina Eklunds doctoral thesis is out on the net.

    “The Sociality of Gaming: A mixed methods approach to understanding digital gaming as a social leisure activity”

    The link to it. Select full text.

    realextI am going to make it a good read this weekend. It is nice to see that gaming is taken more serious. I am a serious gamer and I spend a lot of time in virtual worlds so of course someone should look in to what I am doing and so many others.

    Gaming is a activity millions of people take part in every day and it is also a industry.

    Time to take it serious.

  • Today we have Second life and Opensim and all of its branches but not much else. Many MMOs that now are free to play, and some graphic chat system.

    The future development of virtual worlds have no new products and the continuing dev of Second life as Linden lab is looking for new products looks more or less shaky. To me it looks like that the rise of virtual world was dependent on a few crazy enthusiast that never did the calculus to see if it was profitable to run them.

    All honor to the people who still work on Opensim and maybe that is the future of virtual worlds. But Opensim needs more money and developers. Someone have to pay for it. Maybe the people who run the Opensim grids.


    To make a world like Second life you need money and to continue to develop it takes people and many man hours. I think it have to be a commercial product. Now days everybody want to make billions but now we know the worlds interest in virtual worlds. It is not for everyone but it have a solid user base and you could probably make a good living on running a world even if you do not become a billionaire.

    In the future i think Second life will have to make a new bigger update or it will die. Opensim needs more developers or some new crazy people need to write something new and never seen before and not looking to risk capitalists for the money.

    I may sound negative but i have good hope that the virtual worlds that i love and work in will be a part of the web even in the future.

  • From here i can connect to the web, servers, virtual worlds and Second life. And i got a new chair that do not kill my back. It is not a glamours life but it is my choice. ( I have been playing the latest Deus ex right thru for the last days so maybe it is ok).

    Thinking of a web cam. It would be nice to se some people once in a while. 

    This afternoon i will start the work on my Second life fashion company. Finally got some time for it. Going to be FUN. :)

    More on
  • Keswick my old house

    It is still there after all these years. Not many of my early builds are still around but to my surprise this one is still standing. It is a cool house from my learning days. It still looks good.

  • lendoniagate

    Started working on Lendonia again. Now with Opensim 0.7.5 and Bullet physics. Tried some airplane script that not really worked but that could be tweaking so I have good hope for the future. It looked good.

    9 sims are a little bit to much to build so I am toying with the idea to just release it as it is.

    When I got tired of Lendonia I worked some on the winter and ski sim. A broken net card have put this work in the background but after a change it is up and running again.


    First pic of the new build. Wintersim.

    I hope Bulletsim makes it possible to do skis. I would really like that.

  • Last year i started building an new server.

    Now it is ready and it is working. But now i think about optimization.

    My first thought was to use the RaspberryPI . But after some reading I found that it is really not up to run Opensim. I checked out cheap motherboards with processors. You can get them almost as cheap as a RaspberryPI.

    Finally I got some old AMD 64bit motherboards and started building. OpenSUSE 12.2 and some switches and solder in some cool switches. It is noisy but it works. 

    Now i want to se if i can build a very small Linux in OpenSUSE studio and run it under XEN. I also want to use MariaDB insteed of MySQL.

    Right now it runs a grid of 4 islands and i run the rest on some new workstations. I want all of my developer grid island on the server. Next step must be some kind of server that optimize the network connections and it is not very good as it draws to much power. Not green at all.

    If i can push down the cost for a sim to 100$ a Opensim grid starts to be good economics.

    I need some extra software as i also use it as a renderfarm for 3D pictures but disk space is cheap these days.
    As always the work continues.

    Oh yes. I have solved my back problem with a new super chair.

    More on
  • After a nice vacation I am back in front of my computer and in Second life again. A big rebuild of my network and some hotting up my workstation, and I am ready for a new year in the virtual world business.


    I did some exploring. Seeing old places I like. One of them is this harbor. It used to be full of boats. There is a slow drain of people in SL or nobody have money in this economy.  I really hope the day comes when this place is full of boats again.

    I am working on some kind of specification of what a virtual world needs and testing different software to see if it possible to build a world.

    Opensim looks best but there are other ways to start at world. I can write software so maybe add to Opensim or maybe write something of my own.

    The work continues and I feel that 2013 can be a very exciting year.

  • But now I can see this will not happen. Maybe.

    CyberinSLI have been to Barcelona for a few day looking at art, meeting friends and eating a lot of Tapas. The pain in my body slowly disappeared and came back when I got home again.

    I have been working with computers for over 25 years and as a pro artist for almost 20. It really takes its toll on the body. Hands, arms, shoulders and neck and the worst one. The back.

    I want to continue. This is what I do. But I have to find a totally new way of working. I have tried the usual stuff. Breaks, exercise, a desk that you can raise and lower, many different chairs. It just do not help anymore.

    I can see 3 ways to do some change. Tech stuff that makes the work easy. But I have already tried that. I even tried the Kinect to work in SL as a 3d tool.

    Do other stuff. Go back to photography. But being a pro means hauling endless amount of equipment.

    Rearrange the workflow and create other products. Could be something.

    My problem nr two is that I am a middle aged woman and I am not really the thing in the industry anymore. Not game, computer or art.

    I am taking a break before I hurt my self really bad and have to stop working all together.

    Is there a upside. Yes there is. I have always been working on the side as a problem solver and I think that is really my biggest talent. So now I really have to push that.

    See you soon.

  • Back in SL

    I should have worked but a trip to the Forgotten city had me walking around for hours.


    It is a great build and I did as I do in RL city's. Walked around and found new exciting stuff around every corner. The build feels very big because the use of different elevations and everything connects by elevators. I did not want to flyForgotten2 around and waited nice for all elevators. Just the feel of discovering made it so much more worth it.

    And I am a Steampunk buff so I loved it so much more there was a model railway to and I was totally hooked.

    A airship ride shows of the city nicely from the air.


    Me and some of the excellent 3d sculptures. Yes I was dressed for the occasion.

    This could have been a setting for a game. There are several games in there somewhere and I think it is possible to do some gaming in SL even on a one island build if it is clever.

    The build is done by Jenne Dibou she got a blog at and a store with a lot of very nice designs in the Forgotten city. You just have to go and see it.

  • blogtools

    After a trip to the computer store I got a few new blog tools. A keyboard and a pen. I have downloaded a few apps to help me and this is going to be interesting to see if a pad can challenge my notebook. I cant write software on it and a more serious fault. I cant go in to Second life and Opensim to take nice pictures. But I guess I have to work around that for now.

    As I write on several websites and blogs I do a lot of work on the go. Less stuff to carry around but is it as good?

  • workplace

    Sometimes I think I should get my head examined. This is where I have spent a lot of my life. Or places like it. This is my workplace. Yes it is magic.

    I really want another interface to my computer and maybe a nice chair or sofa. You are probably nuts if you spend your life like this. Ok that is what I am. But now it is TGIF. But tomorrow I am back at my desk again. I want to create magic.

  • cparty

    My house in Cloud Party is looking ok now. And it works on my windows machines but not on Linux.

    I still do not know what to do. I find it difficult to get around. The layout with small islands is good from a programmers perspective but not as a visitor. It is just must simpler to understand the concept of a world with a landmass.

    It looks great and goes easy on the graphics card even with everything on.

    I think that many avatars goes back to MMO gaming now. It is nice to meet friends and do a quest or just hang out in Ogrimmar,

    As I am going deep into Opensim developing right now I really try to find the future for all these virtual worlds. There must be more than sex and role play,

    We need things to do.

  • Today I was reading about how Microsoft are moving in the same direction as Apple and build a more closed system for Windows 8. I can see how this is the way forward for the big software company´s. More control and more money.

    open_suse_logoIt is a great opportunity for Linux to be a new standard for indie game developing. I have been running a cluster of Linux machines now for for more than fifteen years. It is stable and today it works good and Linden lab have showed us that you can make a complicated game software that work on Linux: The Second life viewer works better on my OpenSUSE workstation. (Not last week someone f.. up.)

    But there is a but as always.

    We need some standards. Library´s and a better way to update the drives for the graphic cards. But that is it. And it would be possible to create a distribution that could work as gaming platform. Steam is on Linux but of course not many games run on Linux. Maybe steam could create a gaming platform or maybe Google. Android for the PC.

    I use Windows. I still use Windows XP because I have some great developing tools that only work on the XP. I have a Xbox and a Ipad. I run Vista and 7 to.

    They are all great tools for creating games and virtual worlds.

    topright But I want a new system. Linux that work with games and make me free to run whatever I want not a big global corporation. I do not believe big company´s are my friend´s they just want my money. Maybe there is someone out there that want to get rich on making the first really good Linux gaming system.

    I hope so.

  • resolution_artlab

    I think I want to put in some life forms in my Lendonia build. I have been working a lot as a artist with chaos and dynamic software. And maybe it is time to put these things together. I have been thinking for some time now about the possibilities to put some kind of DNA solution for expanding life forms.

    Something like the cat and horse breeding in Second life. This is very exciting. I have been doing some hardware work on my server and still have to change another motherboard tomorrow but then it is back to creating again.

    Cant wait

    Ohh the picture is from Mandelbulber. Great software.

  • I have had some problems converting some old .x files to useful graphics but finally Sunday evening I got some luck. So the airport is almost ready.


    Main hall.


    From the runway.

    It looks really good. You cant rally fly but maybe for some Machinima purpose.

    And a new portal and some trees in Lendonia.


    Opensim is really nice to build in. I really hope I or somebody else find it useful. Opensim is a nice piece of software.

  • airportnight_001

    Today I have put in lights and runway signs. And the main entrance hall and arrival area looks good. A hangar and some other buildings.

    Tried to us a old mesh of B747 but the format was to old and I did not find a converter that worked. I have to make a new one or some other plane. And yes have to try out a flight script in LSL sooner or later.

    It is nice to work on my Opensim grid. I am alone but I have a lot of space to work in. Now it is TGIF.

  • newairportbuilfd

    My new build is a Opensim airport. I have been building airports for Flight simulator and now I wanted to build something for Opensim too. Now when I a ready with 2worlds city I needed a new project.

    I do not know if flight scripts work in Opensim but know I have to  try out some of my old Second life ones. Need to do a lot more textures. But that is just fun so hope to get this thing online in a while.

  • lendonia_001

    My 9 island build is on its way. After some database fiddeling I got the ground textures in place. It looks nice and now it is time to transfer some builds from Second life. I have a city gate and some other stuff. I am going to do some new builds and I have already created trees to the woods. This build will be a primary mesh build. I want to reuse my stuff in games.

  • newrail

    I have put in some tracks on the dev island, There is no script that can follow them yet but maybe it is coming. Now the Opensim Island Worlds2 city is ready I just have to make some video and pictures. Then it is packing in a OAR file.

    I will put it up on the OSgrid where we have a new place on the map. The old one was stolen by some Japanese guys who needed some more room. Well that’s the open grid. I have put it far away now. Search for 2worlds2go.

    I am going to put the OAR up on .

  • 2girlsinacar

    I have been working with lsl scripts on the Opensim platform the last two days. Moving some of my old scripts from Second life to my developer grid to see what is possible or not.

    The answer is not much. Second life and Opensim are like a big box of Lego you can build anything and it looks good but when it comes to doing things like different forms of gameplay it is more or less useless. The physics engine do not support the most basic things like joints and suspension. It is almost impossible to make attachments that affect your avatar and weather system is not usable for even the most basic sailing.

    Linden lab is trying to get some more adventure based lsl code in to the system but I really cant see that it would make any difference. Adventure games often need very large areas and land prices kills that idea.

    I understand that it is very difficult to use a physics engine like the one in ordinary game worlds where you have professionals that write the code and test every aspect of it. But what would be possible to do is to have it prebuilt. Make it a object like a cube and have it in the build menu. A car 4 wheels and then let the users build the rest.

    I am a gamer, The first thing I did when I came to Second life was to get a boat and then I spent hours sailing around looking at everything. I want to do stuff and I want to create things for other people to do. I know this is the wrong platform for me and I should spend my time writing games instead. But I love virtual worlds. I like being together with other geeks. It is so much more fun to build something in Second life than on my own grid because people drop in and ask what I am doing. It is social. Me like.  

    As a artist I like restriction it is creative in a way I understand but lsl just make frustrated. But I guess I have to do stuff that work in SL and on Opensim but for me that’s not enough.

  • eve

    Hmmm I have been trying to play EVE online for years now. Even paid for game time for a while. Every time I get some new game time I give it a new try. I really should like it.

    I don’t It is all about spreadsheet. It is the super game for accountants. When I think about thousands of accountants making space battles on a epic scale it is like something from Monty Python. All of them sitting at home pressing one of two icons.

    I really admire the game designers. MMO problems with net access is very limited and highly optimized. Wish I wrote it.

    But it is terrible to learn and you are never doing anything. Spreadsheet watching. Zzzz.

    The graphics are beautiful but you do not fly the ships or land them and there are tons of text to read for every mission or anything you want to do.

    I have fourteen days of game time. I am reading howtos and wikis. Some beginner pdf and maybe this time I am going to get it and be swung in to the exciting unive…zzzzzzzzz.

  • Autum_007

    Today another young creative woman have left the virtual worlds because of idiots and griefers. It is time for the internet to grow up. I have said it before and I do it again. The time for the anonymous internet is over. Why should we let spammers, intruders and griefers just roam the web as much as they like.

    I think there are a lot of reasons for some website to let people be anonymous but the website publisher should have the ability to backtrack to the IP.

    Let website go under the same laws as newspapers. There are strong laws in Sweden for the protection of a source when it comes to matters of importance.

    People who grief or sell penis enlargement do not fall under that and have to think again before they go on the web to do their dirty business.

    I want a responsible internet.

  • Another thing I really would like to buy. If it gets on the market I think VR people and 3D artists will find new ways to create new stuff in the digital world. It will do like the Kinect and branch out in more ways than computer gaming. I always believe in human creativity. Give us new stuff and we will create new art for it.

  • realext

    I have been running servers for several years but I get more and more tired of battling spam and intrusions from east and china. I am thinking about pulling down the OSgrid and webservers. Mail is already offline. It is time to clean up the internet. I have had thousands of people trying to get in to my computers for more than 20 years. Most of them from China. Or so the logs say. maybe they are just idiots.

    It is so much now I am thinking of pulling the development network offline and only open for updates.

    I do not understand why we cannot have a network where servers have to have someone actually responsible for what they do on the web. Or a blacklist system. You have to stand up for what you do in real life why not on the internet.

    People abusing each other not being responsible for what the say. Never in real life. Why on the internet??

    Internet the communication network for cowards. No more hiding behind your IP. It is time for the web to grow up.

  • newcomputer

    A new virtual world can look something like this. My new computer build. This is what it looks like in the beginning. I got tired of my old grid/farm computer so I decided to work on a new one this summer. Ready to be a flowering world when I end my vacation. Well half a vacation. Bad weather so working indoors is ok. And building computers is what I like the most not really work for me.

  • It is hot and i am not good at that. So i am indoors writing and visiting new places.

    Cloud Apmel

    Cloud Apmel is a new place in clud party. It is great that Apmel have a new place to try out things so i do not have too.

    Saves me time and i get a place to explore a warm Sunday.

    I am going for a cold drink. Exploring continues.

  • kitely_world

    Nothing much to do today so I decided to check out the cloud based Opensim worlds called Kitely .

    It is Opensim and for people who like to build you get big areas for a good price.

    But it is not a world like a grid. No way to travel around and it takes a while to get a server running. I think Second life do not have to be worried.

    The new cloud based idea is probably used by Linden lab too, I really hate not be able to travel around like I used to always have to wait for sims to come up.

    I want one universe like EVE or Entropia. I want to travel to distant places. That’s my thing.

  • cloudparty

    Not much to do. But this new world, that you can access thru facebook is something that maybe to be 3D worlds for the many.

    Not really ready yet and set among the clouds where the different areas is a island in the sky looks a lot like Second life server strategy but now in the cloud.

    You can get a home and some basic furniture. There are build tools and a chat.

    I suppose more to come.

  • joni.hallison by SL explorer
    joni.hallison, a photo by SL explorer on Flickr.

    I am always happy when i find a artist that i like. This paintig i really liked. Nice animals lot of paint. I could have done it But Joni Hallison did. Visit the Tube gallery to see more. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • 2worlds

    And suddenly it happens. I logged in to test SL and expected to break it in about 2 minutes but to my surprise everything worked really fine. Not much lag and the thing did not log me out whatever I did.

    I went totally crazy and nothing happened Second life moved along nicely.

    Now I do not know what to think. I have to check out the network during the weekend. Things like this really make crazy.

  • nosim

    This is what it looks like when I try to do my fav thing in Second life. The road ends and after a few seconds I get logged out. It have happened to me now more than I can remember. You cant even walk around anymore.


    This is what the mainland looks like today.

    I suppose what you can do today is stand around or maybe run a dance animation. There are better chat programs.

  • inflight

    I have been working on a new plane script. It is based on a old script that once worked very well. I just could not understand why it constantly broke down over and over again. Flying in a sim is great but crossing over randomly got you to falling down under earth. I suppose in virtual hell.

    I started to experiment and as I have built a lot of systems in my day I think I know why. The servers shut down when no one is around and start up again when someone gets close or want to get in to the sim. I have not read anything about this but I am sure this is what happens. Anybody know?

    I suppose it is good for the planet and Linden lab, less energy consumption. But for me who like to create trucks, planes and boats it is over. The start times for the servers are way to slow for vehicles.

    I have to fly around on my own grid or I found some new friends on Microsoft flight. an new game/simulator for people who want to do flight stuff together.

  • pirats

    Ha ha I never got this before. PI rats. I always thought it had something to do with pirates. It was a nice visit. Ty Apmel for the link. Apmels blog

    There are so much great art these days it is amazing.

  • As I explore the Second life art scene. I find that many of the SL artists do not use their real life names. As I pro artist myself I always have to market myself. You have to if you want to stay alive. It is the name of the game. I even have a avatar with my real life name on it.


    I suppose that all these really good artist in SL do other things in RL and SL is a great way to get a artistic outlet. I am amazed, how good all these artists are. It really makes me as a pro to shape up and try to do even better things. That is really hard.

    I have also noticed that the most of these artists have a female avatar. I think that maybe Second life is the place for many female artists to create and more important to show their art.

    I know myself how difficult it is to get a exhibition as a woman.

    I love that SL is a place where both women and amateurs get a chance to show their creativity. In a real world where this is often frowned up on.

    And the work is often of very high quality.

  • osgridlikesl_001

    I have started exploring the OSgrid and I find that it starts to look like SL. Really great builds, bad builds and ordinary areas. Some of the sims are not available but many in the core are and you can travel around and find more and more great builds.


    And there are many former Second life builds that show up on the OSgrid. It is cheaper and you have a full sim to build on. You can realize many more ideas.

    And the hypergrid idea is good, to visit several grids and that way get more people on all grids.

    What is needed now is a way to rent out space on Opensim grids making them more commercial and some actors that take copyright issues serious so you can trust them to put your stuff on their grid. Or a way for Opensim to get objects from other trusted servers where you can rent some space for the things you create so they never leave to get copied every where.

    I think it is important that you own your avatar and things you create.

    I see good things in the future for all the grids out there.

  • 4islands_001

    Updated 3 Linux servers and created a new developer gird running Opensim 0.7.3. Wanted to use mesh and Firestorm and it looks good. I have four islands up and running. A good weekends work and I did a party on Saturday.

    Needed to change mono to the latest edition for things to work. But update worked nice with the repository function in OpenSUSE.

    Tomorrow? Back to work.

  • Another island on the dev grid worlds2 city.
    It is soon to bee relesed as a freebee at the cube server.
    More on
  • I am on a tour to experience all the great art on the LEA islands. It is something else to walk around in someones gigantic ideas. Somethinhg that could not been done in real life. I want 3D glasses, I want to bee there not just see it on a screen. Develope that hardware! From cyberserenity Vella via

  • Happy Mood by SL explorer
    Happy Mood, a photo by SL explorer on Flickr.

    This is really what i like to see in a builder a new very happy mood. Personal and pushing SL and my graphics card. I have it on everything on. A nice outdoor build. I want a horse. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • Mesh the new thing by SL explorer
    Mesh the new thing, a photo by SL explorer on Flickr.

    Now when i have repaird the servers and can work again i have time for some exploring. Checking out new meshes. It will change SL with some nice artworks. But it is difficult to work with mesh creation programs but easyer than sculpts. I think prims will be around for some time. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • All kinds of new things to do with a camera. Using different lenses as the ones i have in real life. And changing the use of shadows and lights. Really like the new viewers. I have to because the Linden lab viewer do not work at all on my computer. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • Hunts and games. by SL explorer
    Hunts and games., a photo by SL explorer on Flickr.

    Nice thing about hunts and games are that you get all over SL. Places you never would see and i have picked up a lot of strange stuff. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • I have been walking around Burn2 for a few hours. It is smaller today but there are still a lot to see.
    I always get totally blown away from the things people create.

    This year i find several more mature builds. It is not only the build but also there are some scripted ideas to follow.
    If you have the time, you have to get over to the Burn2 and make your own mind up.

    More on

    The looking glass_001


    There are so many places to see and go to.

    This place: “ The Looking Glass is the joint creation of Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee. Our art and designs populate an island on which we entertain and support the arts in SL as well as host live music, particle shows and poetry readings.”


    As a game designer I really would have liked to see what these guys could do if they did not have the restrictions of Second life.

    Maybe building a full world. Everything is very well done and the texture work is excellent at many places.

  • coolshoes

    I bought these shoes in SL and now I realize that I really really would like a pair in real.

    They look expensive so maybe I could not afford them in RL. Lucky me I did not pay a fortune in SL.

  • dieudonne  by phil sidek
    dieudonne, a photo by phil sidek on Flickr.

    I am following the the Second life flicker feed and everyday i am amazed. All the great pictures made in SL.

    As a real life photographer i find all my SL colleagues to be more than creative and i know how much work a good picture is.

    Found this one in the feed to.

  • I am back by SL explorer
    I am back, a photo by SL explorer on Flickr.

    Got my old account back from Linden lab and i have really missed being able to post and write from inside SL. Kind of cool and i love it. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • DeeDee by Dee Dee Deepdene
    DeeDee, a photo by Dee Dee Deepdene on Flickr.

    I have been following DeeDee for some time on flickr and as a photographer i find her pictures really good.
    And as Second life creator i know how much work there is behind a picture. Check out here pictures at flickr. It is worth it.

  • nilsthinking

    I took a break. Just sitting overlooking my Second life. So what´s new.

    I have had a nice vacation. Several builds in SL and a new gallery. All the websites are ready. I really want to do some new things in SL but will Second life still be there when I am ready. Sometimes I have my doubts. Maybe I should go into the sex business. It sells a lot better than the SL art world.

    Maybe not.

    Being a working artist is not the champagne life exactly.

    We have to see. Monday it is work again. I am looking forward to it. Log in to my world again and create something new.

  • Travel to find nice and strange places. I am not saying anything about it you just have to go and visit. No words.
  • night skiing

    Nilsart winter resorts looking good.  Put in some lights for night skiing. Not many avatars using the big Second life ski area. But I am coming out with a ski area map and skiing in Second life will be a big thing again when the new Digital kittens scripted board and skis come out.

  • So then you can go there in Second life. And the cost was minimal. Makes me happy. And on to new adventures. Using Imprudence. The SL viewer only makes one sound. "crash".

    More on
  • soulsearching_001

    I needed a break from Second life and everything. I deleted my accounts, took a long break to think about what I really wanted to do and how. Am I a game designer working on the web or should I paint in the studio or maybe do something else. But after a while I realized how much I love Second life and I missed exploring and meeting other artists. Facebook is sooo boring compared.


    It is also about my 53 birthday that I celebrated a few days ago. Can I make building, fashion and trucks in a virtual world or should I do grown up stuff instead. No I think I can play around in the virtual world or even should. I am artist and working with things I find interesting is something I really can do.

    Anyway I am back and I love it. And I think I stay until Linden labs shareholders pull the plug.

  • i am back_001

    I am really back in Second life. More to follow.

  • I have been the victim of griefers in Second life several times now. People that think its funny to put some big builds on my land and leaving the anchor point outside my reach.

    Linden lab support does nothing about it. After calling up on them several times, nothing happens. Only thanks to nice neighbors the problem have been solved.

    Then I thought by renting with Anshe Chung maybe I would get some better support. A griefer put a big building in one of my builds again and I called on support. And they acted fast. When I logged in the griefers building was gone and so was the total area. Empty.

    It is like nobody in Second life really cares anymore. The world created by its citizens is only phrase these days.

    I am moving my building efforts to the OSgrid and my own development grid. There are griefers on the OSgrid too but there I can take care of stuff because I am my own support.

    I think I am going to explore the new grids out there. The gallery will be in Second life. And maybe I get some nice 512 land by the sea where I can sit and remember all of my big builds in Second life from yesterday.

  • I have decided to delete my old wordpress blog and just continue on this one. I have had it for many years now and the content was basically the same. So this is the new cyberserenity blog. I have also moved all the other web sites around and I think it starts to look good now. It have been a major work. But I think it is worth it I sit by the computer anyway so..

  • nilsartweblogo

    Finally it´s up. The new Telepics exhibit. And the Nilsart gallery in Second life have started to show modern experimental art.

    Hope you go and see. The address is :

    Or if you do not live in SL you can read the catalog here:

    I am very proud of the gallery build. It really works as a gallery and I cant wait to see the next exhibition.

  • I found myself on the Avination grid. A shopping grid where you find some stores but most of all a payment solution for Opensim grids everywhere.


    VirWox is a Virtual world Exchange for grids and Second life. They say they have 25000 registered users. But the big thing is that you can use A Open Metaverse currency to buy stuff on other grids making business and rentals go off the Second life grid. Once more Linden lab missed out on a great business idea. The bad thing is that you cant transfer the stuff you buy to Second life. It is time to connect worlds everywhere. I am a explorer and want to use my things on all grids. Have to wait I suppose.

  • I have been to art exhibitions and party´s for some time now. One of the things I do is to read peoples profiles and I have noticed that almost everybody logged in are three years old or more.

    No more newbies. So I expect the flow of new inhabitants in Second life have stopped. Today Second life is a mature product and the people in world are those who have found the extra life awarding in some way. When all you meet are avatars that are several years old maybe its time for Linden lab to concentrate there efforts on the inhabitants that really stay year after year and not just trying to get new people to join Second life. It´s obvious to me that virtual worlds is not for everyone and that very few people enjoy them. But I have also found a upside for virtual world.

    I am a crazy online player and I try out all new online games. And the one I play the most is of course World of warcraft. So why are Wow and EVE online so successful and the others have to go free to play in a year or so? Both in Wow and Eve you can do other things than follow the story line. You can go fishing or exploring or just talk to friends. The others are just games. You might as well take away the online and just play them as single player.

    Social is the buzz word. And Second life is more social than all of the others together. Maybe there is only a market for a million people or so world wide and maybe it´s time for Linden lab to really take care of the players and not focus on getting newbies.

  • I have several avatars in different worlds. Some of them are only avatars and some are connected to my real life identity. I find that the avas that have there own identity works better than when people actually knows who's behind the avatar. I think when people goes into a world like Second life they do not want to know who the other avatars real identity is. The illusion of the avatar is more important. I wonder if this will change or still work in the future. I know who many of my Second life friends are in real life and for me I think that ads to my different friendships but of course if you do SL for virtual sex you probably do not want to know your partners real life identity.
    Imagination is really powerful.
  • newnilsart

    Finally I found some nice land to rent for the Nilsart gallery and the new building is taking shape. This time it is going to be a super modern Scandinavian building with interior of light wood and concret.

    A shop and a exhibition area in nice size. The first Nilsart gallery was very very big and I have learned that it is very difficult to get that many pieces for a exhibition.

    I hope it  is going to be ready after the weekend. I have to go and see some RL exhibitions to so I build when I have the time.

    Now I have to think about new gallery stuff again.

  • Bluemarsexhib

    I visited a exhibition are in Blue Mars and the graphics are so good that you feel like on a real life exhibition. To show of products and information Blue Mars is a lot better than Second life but the areas download time was 40 minutes. That’s way to long. More products even longer download times.

    Second life buy the Cryengine 2 make the world a more beautiful place.

  • This weekend I am putting in a new server. And to do this I have to close much of the network. Some websites and the Island on the OSgrid will be down from time to time.

    The bright side is that this new one have some more space for developing and capacity for more websites.

    As it is a developer server I am moving the digital artists network so I can run backups and get some more space for stuff. Some new joomlapolis community software wiki and forums moving to.


    But the weekend will be shakey.

  • The city is back on Nilsart island. We had some problems with the Opensim software but finally we are online again.

    The last thing i am doing this Friday now its TGIF.
  • Loopia the webservice provider in Sweden have problenms again. So almost everything is down until the have fixed it. our own server is up. Maybe its time for a change.

  • I have for some reason pushed one of the switches so the contacts connected to metal. Total network except the wlan have been out for more than a day. and some other functions unreachable.
    I have pushed it back so up and running again.
    Things happen.
  • When I read the Second life blog about Q3

    I realize that Second life goes thru the same cycle as any other product. Plateau and now slowly down. Most other game company´s makes new and better patches or write something new and better. I really hope that the Lindens realize that its time to do something more than the patches the get out today.

    Of course as a developer I would like some more and better ways to use the platform for games and products but the server structure and Linden labs stubborn way to keep to it makes it difficult.

    This could be done.

    Bigger islands for games like driving and golf courses. The islands are isolated so the size does not matter. Trying this out in Opensim already.

    A more flexible system for land tiers. Pay for database use and communication not for just sqm.

    Continue work on making mainland more drive able, flight able, shoot able and sail able. people need stuff to do more than partying.

    Develop or trash LSL scripting. Its really not good enough.

    Avatars are getting a lot better in all worlds. I have always said that Second life avatar creation system is the best. But very soon its time for a upgrade.

    Stop mainstreaming Second life it will never ever be for the masses. Most people I know will never go in to Second life. When I demo SL people think its very cool but they never ever get a account themself  Instead be very good on the market that really is there.

    Just a few ideas there are probably more great ideas out there I anyone listens.

  • In 1992 i started a company called Cybernetic worlds. I had been playing and creating games on my Amiga and was dreaming about virtual worlds where people could interact and game together. The company never lifted as there was no internet and computer just started to be powerful enough to do 3D.
    I had to wait 14 years before i found some thing called Second life in 2006. Finally a fully workable virtual world where you could interact, create and party. The first years i was online all the time. I just loved it.

    That was 10 years ago. A lot have been happening since. Second life is still here, Opensim makes it possible to run your own grid, High fidelity, AltspaceVR and many others are developing new worlds. And of course my fav tech thing the Oculus rift and all the other headsets that make it possible to be truly immersed in VR.

    For me VR have taken my life in a new direction. After several years in the information and software development business i made it in to art school and a career in art. The possibility to combine my crazy interest in new technology and my work as an artist makes my everyday work in VR more and more exciting.

    Looking to the future. I think VR will continue to grow when new hardware and software makes it more compelling for just about everyone with a sense of wonder and imagination. Today I have my own grid  where it is possible to continue my research in to VR and art. I write scripts and software. Create more worlds and VR products and take a big part in the old but now growing community of virtual aviation. My artlab is a great place to experiment with building hardware and connect to computers and web. I still log in to Second life almost every day and enjoy the new shiny tech future I can see.
    As always
    The road is open
    The work continues.


  • Lightthoughts_001

    Going to LEA seeing all things I can see thru my Oculus is just so very very cool.

    I visit new and strange worlds every day now. I could never even imagined this a few years ago.

  • Website updated now all downloads should point in the right direction. Some old links removed. Nilsart gallery is no more in Second life. May be back later for direct downloads in world. We have to see.


    Working on a new site for Flight simulation stuff but have no name. Trying to find a good one.

    More problems to come i guess.




  • I have been grid hopping all over Second life. Wanted to know who whas online. Official it is 29000 about. I think it could be as low as 2000. Did not find much more than bots. Or maybe there are 63 like on the OSgrid at the same time.

    I was alone.

    Looks like a lot of people are paying for land but never visit. I know i did for a long time.

    Will SANSAR be out in time before everybody left. Nope Bots.

    I do not want to sound smart. I love Second life and sometimes i go to a party or meet some old friends. But it gets harder and harder to find anybody to talk to. How did it come to this? For G.D sake update the darn thing. Please anything. Just anything. Do not let my world die.

    Of course Second life is famous for sex. So I went over to the X-rated areas. No only Bots. The welcome area was full of people but dead quit. When you can not get a descent pick up line in a X-rated area I think this world is in trouble.

    And then finally some nice guy chatted with me. Well it is not all dead yet.


  • digitalkitten

    I have not had anytime for my website in a long time but now I am looking in to finding some new way to blog from in world. I am in Second life and on the hypergid all the time but for some reason posting is more difficult when you are used to just sap away a mess to a website. This is annoying.


    Anyway all the Opensim and Second life stuff  its now on Check it out there.

  • OSCC15 001

    Once again i attend the Opensim conference. Not as big as i used to be but i think i get something out of this one too.


    There are always new things to learn. Fun.

  • First flight at IVAO. And first leg of Nordic VFR tour. And tech test with the Oculus rift. When i got all things going it was a lot of fun.
    Some mist and light rain at landing field. But when the landinglights broke thru and i saw the RWY and another Cessna was waiting to go it feelt soo real.
    Virtual reality will change flying a lot.
    Soon Flightinside will come out as 1.0 then there will be more flying.
  • You can see our downloads on the 2worlds2go grid if you are thinking of downloading during Avatarfest.

    newairport 002

    Welcome to take a look.

    Hypergrid adress

  • theairportopensim_001 Tomorrow Avatarfest starts. I have a exhibition and i will try to be around as much as i can. hypergrid: Tomorrow i will do new uploads of 2worlds city and the airport OAR:s. Some new uploads and making them work together. Bridges. There will also be a new OAR called Paradise but it is a big sandbox or whatever you want it to be. It fits with the other islands. looking forward to a party on the grid.
  • Avatarfest on the hypergrid. Do not look like there going to be a conference this year so lets party insteed.

  • Visited Tangle grid. Kling Kingdom. 4 sim medeival sim with a lot of castles. Nice build and big. I go in my Star Trek uniform these days i am a explorer you know.

  • opensimp The hypergrid amazes me once again. 24 people now on event plaza and it works. Pretty great.
  • Wrightplaza_001

    Visited Wright Plaza today on the Hypergrid.

    Happy about the new solution for the blog as I have had it for such a long time. The reason for moving is that I just do not think that Google should use my name in all their apps.

    It is not a anonymous thing. Cyber is totally connected to my real name anyway but in RL I am the fine artist Anna and Cyber is the CEO of my game company and also the explorer of virtual worlds and the net. There is a difference and I think that should be my choice.

    Yes you can use any name you want on Google+ but it was surprisingly difficult to change it to my avatar form. And I could suddenly not use Blogger with all functions. I was working for 2 days with it then gave it up.


    It is not a big deal I run a lot of websites so this is a good solution. Always wanted to use Wordpress again and I can see that security is beefed up these days.

    So welcome to my old blog.

  • Yes i am leaving Google. I just do not like that they are using my real name.
    And as i see it i cant do much about it. So this blog will be gone, And my youtube and may mail and everything else.

    it is terrible that you cant control what should be shown.
    I have been writing a lot for myself and if anyone was looking in that was great.

    It will take some time as this account really is intergrated in my life. I have a android phone and a pad. And i have been using this for a long time.

    But i do not think it is ok to use my name and personal information on the web without my control.

    Yes i am loosing my facebook to.

    Maybe i will live my life out of the web. BUT i will keep all my Second life accounts and i will be on the hypergrid where i have control.

    See you inworld guys,
  • I wanted to write some software again but not until now i found a new project.

    When i do some tower controlling on IVAO i use several different website and the Ivac software. Scratch pad on paper and several other documents just to get the planes in the air. And as Ivac 2.0 still is some time away i thought it would be nice to have a tool i can use so i do not have to use a lot of other stuff.

    And this is my early alfa and it works but there are still a lot of functions and debugging to do.

    I have tried to contact the IVAO software team and logostics but so far i have heard nothing so i am doing some experiments with Navigraph data and some other data i got from the net.


    The Specs so far is.

    The software pulls the active nordic planes from the net  and create a strip window as the one above.

    When you click on a strip it gives you a text in a other window with the clearence to read to the pilot.

    At the moment you get callsign, airline, The airport and city. (i hate when i have to say "to your destination insteed of the place the pilot fly to), and the squawk.

    I want to try to let the software figure out departure and QNH and so the clearence is complete.

    If you push the airline icon in this window the activity as pushback or taxi will update on the flight strip.

    Next here is when you push the strip again you get the next thing to read to the pilot so you always have some support for your memory and thats a good thing when you are a newbie.

    I am not planning for the software to connect to Ivac as there is a totally new client coming. When its coming?

    I thought this could be a nice project meanwhile.

    Thye work continues.

  • Today I visited two very nice builds on the hypergrid. One on the OSgrid: Waterworld film and one on Soloton-Grid:Romenna both very good builds.


    Rómenna is a big build and you can walk around the streets of a ancient city and explore every corner. It is well done and impossible to run in Second life. It is just to big. There is so much to see a and more info on


    Waterworld on the OSgrid is just one sim in comparison but it is nice to see what you can do if you get the chance to build what you want. Very nice and if you walk around you are soon lost. It would be easy to put a game in here. Reminds me somewhat about Fallout.

    Hypergrid address : film

    These builds are both the reason why Second life have a hard time to compete. Both are made with Opensim tech and hosted with a lot less money than a SL island. High Fidelity´s idea of a self hosted hypergrid is already here.

  • A very nice thing is that there are more and more good builds on the hypergrid. Today i took a trip to Pompeii. I have been there a few times in RL but i think i like the virtual tour better. Some of the buildings are very well done and you get a good idea what it could have been like to live there once.

    A very nice lesson in history and a greatway to show how Opensim can be used in education. Can´t wait to put my VR headset on and visit again.

    There is a link on the Metropolis main island. Adress

  • When i was out exploring i found Joe Builder on the Hypergrid and he told me that he got some vehicles on his grid and big areas to drive them. Joe is a builder in all sense of the word. Lost world have big areas connected with the hypergrid.

    I visited a wasteland. Drove a truck, killed some zombies or something. Visited like Jurassic park, a space station and a underwater world. I think there are much more but not everything is up all the time.


    Joe told me he is using older Opensim and ODE and it worked good.


    Dont forget to take a tour on the Jetski.

  • Haffernal_001

    Had some time over on my vacation to do some real gaming so I packed up the Oculus rift and got going.

    First thing is that it is not easy to get games to work. There are a lot of older games that are very well done and easy make the update times for the Oculus. You can also buy new ones made for the Oculus on Steam.

    Older games needs a lot of extra stuff and it is not easy to get them going. Different graphic drivers do not work with all software. Everything is alpha some things beta and every edition do not work with everything else. For me it takes a day of reading and googeling and testing to get a game to work. And I have been working in the computer business a long time.

    Software to look for is VorpX, Opentrack and Flyinside for FSX.

    This said. When you finally get things to work it is beyond amazing. When I did my first liftoff from the runway in Flight simulator X I screamed with joy. The feeling of flying a real plane was overwhelming.

    Some of my other fav games is Test drive unlimited 2 (difficult to get working) and Euro Truck Simulator 2 (Super simple to get working. Built in support on Steam), The feeling of being there. Driving around or competing like I have done in GRID (Very difficult to get working). I just do not get how race drivers do it the amount of concentration is staggering.

    I have been trying to fly on the moon in Lunar flight. A game made for the Oculus. On Steam. I am great at crashing in to things.

    I have done Wow, Portal, Half life 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. These games are easy to get going with VorpX but the scale of thing in the games are totally off. You are in a land of giants and it feels wrong. One way of playing these games are in VorpX cinema mode. That works better. You sit in a home cinema with a giant screen in front of you for some reason that helps. Still got the 3D.

    When you get over the initial movement sickness of virtual reality it is so good and you will never want to be without it again. I cant wait until the headsets come out and there will be more games developed for VR.

  • Blogging from my phone and i am really bad at this. Need to buy keyboard, summer time.

  • newhg

    The new hypergrid is up and I finally have some time to write something. All the islands are stable now and I can jump in and out to other grids. But it was 5 days of hard work to figure out how to set it up. There is not much documentation to help. The grid is of course behind a router and firewall and is a local grid connect to internet. This creates a lot of problems if you want to connect both inside the network and outside.

    Helpful things I have learned.

    -- You need a router that can transfer the communication to the different Sims and you need to know how to setup port forwarding.

    -- I think you need a domain where you can setup subdomains. Anyway this is how I got it to work. The subdomains do not do much on the internet its for the internal network. The big problem is that a internal network and the internet works the same way but the computers in the internal network do not have any internet IP addresses. And you want to be able to do stuff on the islands even if you are behind the firewall. With a subdomain it is possible for the internal workstations to find for example the sandbox. Then its address is not much use on the internet for that there is the routers port forwarding.

    -- Inside the network you need your own DNS server to solve the network addresses in the internal network. I do not think this is necessary more than for the internal network. If your not working with computers setting up a DNS server is like running in to a wall. Ask someone who knows.

    Well, well.

    As I said it took me a week to figure it out. Setting up a single island really work right out of the box.But when you get it going it is easy to ad more Sims.

    Of course this is a working grid so most of the Sims are only up when someone is working on them. The grid address is But there are some restrictions because we have a terrible internet connection being all out in the Swedish landscape. You can see more on Sometimes the High Fidelity server is running on the sandbox and slow things down it is a Alfa you know.

  • To be honest I have not been around Second life much the last year. My 2worlds2go virtual company have been doing other stuff and I have a art and design company in RL that takes up my time.


    I try to get inworld and check out some new place everyday but it is often only for fifteen minutes and then I have to do other stuff again. So today I decided to read and look at video and try to get updated on the world again.

    So I went inworld to play some games and see if things have changed. After a few hours and stuck in a maze I think Second life is really well and will be around for a long time. More stable and a lot of new functions to build new experiences. I have done some driving and it is soon at the same level as it was when I first came to SL. Strange nothing can be done about this.


    I have been testing a lot of new software the last months and I think I know why Second life will be around.

    1: Content. There are some many talented creators and the new places are really good. When you see them thru the Oculus Rift you are amazed. No place have so much content as Second life. You can buy almost anything your avatar needs. No other world comes even close. Does Linden lab really think people will start all over again.

    2: The tools are easy to use. Anybody can get in to creating. I was wrong about mesh. It looks great but make less people get in to virtual designs.

    3: Standardization. You have a basic avatar that can be modified as you like. This makes it so much easier for content creators to do add-ons and clothes. Yes you can look like anything but people tend to look pretty much the same with a few personal alterations. If i buy a mesh avatar there will be others that look the same. We do not like that.

    4: It is a world. You can walk on the continents. There are city's and beaches but it have the feel of a complete world. Yes you can fly, I think that’s overrated by the way, and teleport but the world is a place you understand. The most successful games and worlds looks close to RL. In WOW there is magic and monsters but the world is much like ours. It have also been around for a long time. Look at Active worlds, Blue Mars and Cloud party. Nice ideas but not worlds I want to spend a lot of time in.

    5: People wants to have fun not be sys admins and run servers. This is why I think that Opensim and High fidelity got it wrong. I will pay to not run servers on my spare time I just want to go inworld and not care about the tech. There is money here.

    If Linden lab is going to have any success with the new world they have to do some pretty amazing stuff. High Fidelity is far away from creating a world that is a contender. Opensim needs a central company to bind all the grids together. Unfortunately hypergrid is not enough.

    No Second life is in good shape and that’s good news.

  • Highartlab

    Got the server up and made some stuff and uploaded it to the my 2worlds2go place. Works fine. What I really like is the possibility to use several servers for the content. That’s a great idea. Makes thing scalable.

    Also got sound to work after some searching on the forums and the Oculus works right out of the box.

    What High Fidelity is creating is a platform as I see it. And the other developers will come in and make it in to something new. It is far from as ready as Opensim and there are a lot of work to do. I think maybe there will be many spin off effects that will find its way in to Opensim and the new Second life. Because there are so many good ideas.

    But this is a developer platform not something ready for users so Second life and Opensim will live on for a long time yet.

  • I needed to write something new to present my virtual company. Many things have happened since I started in 2007. With my work and in virtual. Not the same business anymore. And I have a more serious outlook on what is possible today. The only thing that’s the same is the fun.


    picture from gallery opening Tomais Ashdene.

    Presentation of today:

    2worlds2go creates content for web, games and virtual worlds. 2worlds2go today is a virtual and networked organization looking for cooperative partners in art and technology. We also do research in to new technology's that can be used to enhance the presence in virtual worlds. Today we develop for the Oculus rift and use Unity 5 and several other game developing tools to create the virtual web of tomorrow.

    We look in to virtual community's. There we found several flying networks and started to develop new hardware and software to interface with computer systems using the Arduino. The simulator is such a project with hope that the hardware research will create spin off effects in to art and the internet of things. Today several project are using Opensim and Second life as platforms for our research and design, making 2worlds2go a matrix structure working over servers and networks all over the world.

  • ridesinSL

    It seems that somehow my brain have accepted that the world I see thru the Oculus is not the real one and I do not get so sick anymore. Plastic thing the brain. So now I can go on all the great rides all around Second life. I have always loved rides. I have done all the train rides in SL and some more.

    Now going on rides are even more fun. Some scenery's are just astonishing in the Oculus.

    And yesterday I did two transports in Euro truck simulator. Before I could not take more than 5 minutes. Had some steering problems and drove up on the side of the highway. The truck leaned and I tried to hold on to not fall of. Sometimes it is just too real.

  • FlagtomaisSometimes you find a artist that you just want to show to the world. Tomais Ashdene is such a artist. In his work I find more than just pictures of the Second life world. There are stories. What happened before or what happens after. It is not just the perfection in the technical work but the way he makes the image continue to explore his virtual life and the world around him. There are many good photographers in Second life but very few that makes the pictures relevant even beyond the virtual self.

    I am happy that we can show Tomais pictures and you are all welcome this Saturday the 10 at 1pm SL time to party and meet the artist.

  • In many ways my 2014 was not a good year so i am really looking
    forward to 2015. I had to work on my artist career and could not
    spend as much time in virtual as i wanted and it was really
    frustrating. Anyhoo.


    2014 was the year i got my Oculus Rift and the virtual reality i
    had known would for ever be something totally else. Opensim and
    the Second life grid changed and now i always use it when i am in
    world. It is a totally different experience using the Oculus in
    world that i can not really describe the feeling. The only way to
    understand is to try one out. If you get a chance do it.

    Ok there are a few drawbacks. The motion sickness can be bad but i
    have learned how to use the Oculus and after a while you do not
    get sick anymore. You can not chat as usual. Linden labs viewer
    have solved some of the problems but i still can not see my
    keyboard. So voice it is. But not many use voice on the grids.

    And the viewers are not ready yet. I use the CtrlAltDel viewer
    because the Linden lab viewer have some stupid software that do not
    let you see all prims in some kind of attempt to speed up the
    viewer. Please take that out or let me decide what i want to see in
    a scene. But the Linden lab viewer on the other hand have solved
    the user interface very nice.

    When i visit a place i want to see everything in the fantastic builds around Second life and the hypergrid. This year i am buying a super duper graphics card just for this.

    This year i am not going to obsess on the real life artworks that much and spend some more time on the grids. I may even come up with some new products if there is a way to manage the very stupid new EU tax laws. Yes i confess i am also in it for the money. A artist life is both poor and boring. Some cash makes it more fun. But over all the exploring of virtual hardware and software is the most exciting for me.

    The Opensim conference was a great success. Once more. It is nice to meet other fellow enthusiasts and have a chat. I do not know if we are a elite in the virtual worlds or just a bunch of wackos? Future will tell. It was fun.

    The OSgrid went down and never came up. So I created my own hypergrid. And soon realized that I have no time to run my own grid. The islands on the OSgrid was up for months and I had them for years with out much work. So I hope the guys get it up running again. I will be back.

    And 2worlds2go is another project I miss treated 2014. It is going in all kinds of directions with Second life, The gallery, Opensim and my flight simulation. If it is going to work I have to focus and start working together with other designers. I always meet great designers in Second life that like to work with their designs but do not have the time and skills to run a company or even want to. There is a business idea in here somewhere. I am down sizing somewhat. I have a real life company too. Everything takes time.

    So for all you out there in virtual lala land. This will be the
    best year ever. See you around the grids.

  • opensim2014

    Just got of the grid and thinking about all the stuff I have learned from the last two days. I have to say I am feeling a lot of mixed feelings. The conference is of course a success. TY guys well done.

    But listening to Philip and the new tech developments I am not that sure about the evolution of Opensim. It is a big and complicated nest of code guarded by very few people. Can it change enough to be relevant in a few years? The new Second life and I suppose there will be a few new worlds will make it even more difficult to be something to spend time running and developing. On the other hand I see a lot of dedicated people using Opensim for business and recreation.

    My artist me say that this is a great platform for different art projects but my CEO of 2worlds2go say maybe to do something else. I did think that I would come out of the conference inspired and full of energy to create more stuff on my own grid. But instead I just feel conflicted.

    One big thing is the Oculus rift. I know it really works best in Second life and Opensim but I have this strange feeling it will not be the game changer people think.. A lot of talk about it but nobody really used it. Its like a great idea, but only on paper.

    I am going to get some sleep it is late in Sweden and see if I feel the same way tomorrow. I am sad to say I think I will do so. It is the future of Opensim and Second life that bothers me not the fantastic and great Opensim conference that was really fun. That’s one good thing.

  • OSG14

    It have been really good and is not over yet. Try to stay up for a few hours more. Of course Philips keynote was a eye opener. It is like where do we go from here. Loved the Avatars face animations in real time.

    Some minor problems with the tech as at all RL conferences but that is normal. Little bit disappointed about that nobody talks about the very world driving topic of SEX . It did probably build Second life in the beginning. Somebody should talk about it.

    Been a good day any away.

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  • oculuson

    Tried out the new viewer today.  I did spend some time building and exploring Second life and I did not even get close to motion sickness. And I got a full interface if I wanted to. Great but of course writing on the keyboard did not work so good. Thought I would write this in world but, no that do not work.

    But I was impressed with the new viewer. Visited some gallery´s and enjoyed the art in a totally different way. The painting behind me on the picture is huge in SL and when it comes to art size matters. It is another way to say something with a work of art. Small thing should be small and large, well large.

    Building will take some time to learn but it is great to get the right size and be able to see what the final result will look like. I visited some of my old builds and some things just look silly and oversized. And then I have always tried to build for the avatars size. Guess I needed the Oculus to get it right.

    Firing up my dev grid now to see what more things I have to change. Have not been there yet and I just have to wait to go to Lendonia. Probably a lot of work.

    The new project viewer for DK2 is a great step forward for real virtual reality.

  • spoky

    Standing in the spooky house next door to my gallery and looking at my home in Second life. As you can see it is really not that exciting but with the Oculus rift it is sooo cool.

    I have tried out many games and today I made a go at World of warcraft. Nice place good frame rate but it made me sick as so many other games.

    The Oculus is not good for games. I thought that driving games would be the best, but not so. It is a question of how much that move. It is like ordinary sea sickness. If to many things move. Goodbye.

    [frame1] the car is moving. + [frame2] your head is moving = motion sickness.

    But for virtual reality the Oculus is the best! I do not want to go in world without it anymore. The feeling of being there is just unbelievable. I explore new places everyday and the only drawback is that I cant chat. Have to use voice but I have made a SL Oculus rift now to tell folk that they have to use voice if they want something. Sorry to say not many do.

    Still have not been to a adult club but I just have to do it. SL avatars are smashing.

    So I have learned. Keep you head still.

  • Painted simulator platform

    The new simulator platform got its first paint job and some other stuff and is soon ready for connecting to the development system again. Now interfacing with the Arduino and button, knobs and LEDs.

    And it is going to be lots of fun trying it out.

    Started the work to build pedals and yoke but still some things to iron out. Its on the drawing board.

  • OCULUSSL_001

    I have been spending two days now with the Oculus Rift and I have had a lot of fun. It have been nothing of what I did expect. For good and worse. After some experimenting I finally got it going. Not to difficult. Of course I use DK2 so not much software are ready to use. It is very new.

    I have been testing games and of course Second life. And I have to say SL looks better in real immersive 3D. The Oculus screen is still to low resolution but you get the idea where virtual worlds are going in the future. I thought that rides and big landscapes would be the best but I was so wrong. Rides gets me motion sickness. When to may things move the brain just cant take it. Big landscapes do not translate very well to 3D. No it’s the small areas, houses and glades that really work the best. 3D art looks great. There is a new art form coming now me think.

    And of course the avatars. That’s the best of it all. Wow what cool avatars there are out there in SL land. When you see them in the Oculus there is a big difference from the ordinary computer screen. I just had to check out the adult areas and whhooohhooo HOT stuff. Guess why many people will buy this thing.

    What I would like to have in SL is a nice café where you can sit and look at people passing buy. Just like RL.

    The Oculus Rift is a big thing. I did some testing of some old games but size and gameplay are really off. I had a lot of fun with Half life 2 though. It updates so fast that I did not get any motion sickness. It is still a problem but maybe DK2 will fix that.

    Cant wait to visit some more places. My city on the OSgrid when it come up again and many more. Virtual worlds feels fresh again.

  • I find it somewhat strange when talented artists live in SL as secret. But it is also refreshing. I read about Mr. Godard at New world Notes and decided to find Mr. Godard in SL but there are almost no information on the profile and not many traces in SL.

    The photos are very good and I found another fav photographer in world.

    Check out the Flickr stream at


    Wish I could make pictures like that!

  • Simulator at artlab

    I started this simulator build some months ago and started with building a very basic setup. I wanted to use the simulator to fly on Vatsim and also do tests as my knowledge of simulator builds are basic none at all.

    Now the simulator is back in my artlab for another phase of building. Just using it have increased my know how in sim building a lot.

    I started out with measurements for a Airbus 320. But i fly the Flight 1 ATR72 so i soon found that it did not really work. I do my flying with an old broken joystick and a store joystick is not sensitive enough for sim flying. My landings for my VA, not so good statistics. So the Airbus is out. I have been studying hundreds of different cockpits and they are all different, even the same plane can have much different cockpits. But the basic function is the same. There are instruments, radio, navigation and engines.

    I have a very small gaming company and i want to test all kinds of planes and simulators. So i want to build a multi purpose simulator. I want to one day fly the ATR and maybe a Boeing the next.

    So this is what i have learned about simulator building.

    Side walls. At first i did not care about them. Maybe wanted to skip them. But no they are more important than i could imagine. Because of maps and other stuff. I have had the maps in the room but that’s not very real. When the controller want me to fly BABAP 3C and i go over to the book shelves and get the maps. No book shelves in planes. I have now bought a small Android pad that i will put in the cockpit for the maps. I see that they have that in planes today. You can buy one for almost nothing today. It is useless for most things but works OK for maps. I have my Ipad for checking facebook while flying.

    I will put in side walls for added realism.

    Computers and wiring. The simulator runs with 3 computers. At first i just put them anywhere and that was not a good thing. Computers need upgrades wiring needs to be replaced and it was a big job every time anything needed replacement. I had to climb in and under the simulator and i have it in a very small room so to much work. I have built a lot of computers and a few big ones so i should have learned that some structure really pays off in the end. So all computers in one place. Wires marked and off the floor.

    Outside views. Not as important as you would think. 80% of flying a airliner is looking at the instruments. It is very nice to have when you are taxiing on a nice scenery airport. But at FL250 not that important. And i am using FS2004 for the most of my flying. There are a lot of free scenery. I have to put it on three computers so i am not that happy about buying things. It updates really good. Smooth flying. I also own 3 copies of FSX. (did i say i have a small gaming company? No i do not use pirated software. I cant expect people to buy my stuff and then not do the same.) My computers are not the most powerful in the world so FSX got terrible update times. It looks great but i only use it for VFR flying in my Cessna. The upside is that i can see all other Vatsim traffic on all monitors thru Widetraffic. Buying more powerful computer are a project for the future. I am on a simulator budget.

    Pedals, throttle and joysticks. I am going to build my own system. You need all of them for flying and i have found that you really need some sensitive stuff to make it work. My simulator is a two seater so i need a double command. At art school i did some classes in welding, those will come in handy know. I have to do further testing. Hope to come up with something good.

    The overhead panel. This a problem still unsolved. It is useful. But not for the price of a touch screen and i really want buttons and gadgets. I think i will build one and the put in the different modules as i expand the simulator. I have seen that you can buy one ready made. But i want to build stuff so i will get back to this one later.

    Building a simulator is a big job. And it is growing all the time. But i find the studying and learning new things really fun and relaxing. For me making art and game projects are work. Sometimes complicated and difficult. So when i want a break from it all i just go and “SAS332 request clearance for Gothenburg with information Victor.” it is as good a hobby as anything.

  • OSG7B_001

    I visited the OS grid celebration of its 7th birthday. I looked thru all the builds, including my own. And I found that there are many talented builders and creators out there in hyper grid land. But the viewer graphics really needs some work. You can still do nice builds but there are a need for optimization and better building tools. Shuffling prims in Blender is not half the fun as building on a actual grid. And you cant do it together with friends.

    I need to be online to run a virtual company not sitting alone in my studio.


    I am waiting for my Oculus Rift and as I understand you need very high frame update to not get motion sickness. And the viewers only gets me a fraction of that even on my monster of a workstation.


    So maybe Linden lab is right when they try to create a new world. By the way I think the should keep the name Second life and call the world of today Second life classic.

    I think some easy stuff like changing the way ground looks with better opportunity for blending graphics and maybe some nice 3D grass would really do the thing. Today it looks like something from my Commodore 64. Plant life and the weather systems needs changing. Do something about the physics. And … and…

  • OSG7BW_001

    The new build for the OSgrid celebration.

    Many people looking for a new hype in virtual worlds. The upcoming Oculus and the High Fidelity world. I do not believe it will be another hype with a lot of media coverage. Virtual worlds are mainstream today. We are a lot of avatars using VW today and I suppose with all the different game worlds there are a lot of us. Nothing is new anymore.

    I use different worlds everyday. When I want to do some questing I go to Guild wars 2, if I want to drive fast cars with out killing myself I have Test drive unlimited 2, for art and socializing there is Second life and for building I go to my own devgrid or the OSgrid with Opensim.Today I use VATSIM and Flight simulator a lot. It is a thriving virtual community and a good example on how virtual worlds can build on a common interest.

    Flight simulator was not made as a virtual world software at all. It is a simulator/game but a lot of clever people did not want it to stop there. So by adding software and networking to a otherwise closed game program they succeeded in creating a new world with pilots and controllers flying thousands of flights everyday. Creating YouTube movies and pictures for all aspects of virtual flying. And a education system for everybody that wants to join in. It was not made as a virtual world software but ended up as one anyway. There is a strong force here.

    I think people want to create and work together. It is a basic human instinct to create new community's. So virtual worlds is here to stay.A new hype is not needed. Virtual worlds will expand without it anyway.


    Latest project is building a cockpit for flight simulator. Arduino and a lot of interfacing to the computers,

    A nice but large project. It is on its way.

  • Osgrid_001

    Want to feel more there. Checking out your fav virtual world from a more real position. Got this tip a while ago and it really makes a difference.

    Changes made in debug settings. Be careful do not play around with everything in here it is a advance menu.

                                                      X              Y                  Z

    CameraOffsetRearView: –1.800         -0.100            -0.450

    FocusOffsetRearView:   0.900            -0.700             0.700 


    CameraOffsetScale:          0.600

    Much more “real” and now I have to rebuild the scale of all buildings so they work with the new life like camera positions. Something to do while I am waiting for my Oculus.

  • I love to go by train. Not only simulated ones. I just had to try out the Caledon run. Caledon Kittiwickshire to Caledon Tamrannoch. It runs every hour and takes around 20 minutes.


    A blimp in Caledon.

    The servers really startup nice now so the train ride went very well and it is slow enough to let you see a lot of the beautiful Caledon landscape. The train does not go in a straight line. Nice that is possible. So it is very scenic.

    VictoriastationI liked the tunnels and the big station in Victoria city.

    I wish I had a Oculus Rift and some wind in my hair and it would have been perfect.

    Nice to see that you can do some fun stuff in SL. Next thing is to fix the physics engine the ride resembles a Commodore 64, no you could actually do better rides on that one.

    But I think maybe SL is on the right track. (Some train humor).

    Ride starts here:

  • pilotid_sas

    It is a lot of fun to fly on Vatsim as Virtual pilot. You get to do flights that you never would thought of. I take a look in the timetable and find new places to go. On the six flights I have made until now, three of them have been to totally new airports I never been to before. And the software records my landing statistics and I find that my passengers have a rough ride. Not dangerous, just a little bit unpleasant.

    I have to work on my approach. Landings are ok.

  • venice_001

    I have kept out of Opensim and Second life for a while. Just some occasional visits to pay for my gallery and shops.

    I have explored some other communities that have what I think virtual worlds lack. Simulated vehicles. I have found some old Flight simulator networks that are really thriving. Thousand of pilots and controllers do virtual flying everyday. Real training systems for pilots and controllers. With classes over internet with TeamSpeak. Yes it can be used for other things than games.

    I am amazed that old software like Flight simulator 2004 and FSX are still expanded with new products both commercial and free from the community. I found people driving sports cars together and now I am just waiting to meet other trucks in Euro truck simulator.

    People still play Counter strike and my World of warcraft server is full like never before.

    It is strange that big areas of Second life is so empty. I check my OSgrid island and maybe a few visits a month. Clearly virtual worlds have a great future. The art community in SL is strong and still some fascinating work is done. LEA being one of the places to visit. Clubs still come and go and I suppose there are a lot of people having cybersex. As there are no theme in virtual worlds and a lot of freedom I think it would be the perfect place to find new things to do. But unfortunately no.

    I found a lot of other virtual hobbies to create for and now days I am trying to figure out what to do in SL and Opensim when I have found so many other great places to be on the net.

    We need a new vision to develop further or a great new business idea.

  • 3dgoodlanding

    Landed at ESGG

    Today I made my third good landing in a row. Today at ESGG Goteborg/Sweden I followed RISMA 1S down and it worked like clockwork.



    The new hardware setup works but I have had a software crash and I suspect the soundcard. It is terrible when it is on finals and there FS9 often crash. I have bought a second copy of SFX so I can connect Wideview to it. Small investment it is not rally the latest software. As I am running a software company I do not want to use cracked software.



    I have also bought new gauges from INTEGRATED SIMAVIONICS GROUP so I can create a new Airbus panel and start training on jets. I have been flying Flight 1 ATR72-500 for a while now but I does not have the range as a jet. I am left out on a lot of fun flights. But it feels like I do not want to fly something less complicated then the ATR. I really enjoy having the SID and STARS in my FMC. And I think it should take a while to start the plane as in real.


    Another great day for simulated flying.

  • ESMS_controlled

    Landed at ESMS Sturup. Delivering passengers and cargo

    Finally after a lot of training I wanted to do my first flight in controlled airspace. And of course a lot of things went wrong. The new soundcard was acting up. My Widewiew computer died on me and and I had some strange winds on landing so I was going all over the place. But thanks to a nice Sweden_control with some patience I actually made all of the flight.


    I had a lot of fun!


    It is so much more fun to fly the skies with a lot of other pilots and controllers working to make it a fun experience. I think it was ok. When observing I have seen a lot of pilots worse than me and I cant wait to go again.

  • ESGG

    Finally I made a good landing following RISMA 1S down.

    Not perfect but it feels like I am finally getting somewhere. But I have had some more tech problems. Yesterday I had to go to text to talk to ESSA_APR, that was not so good. Having both control and engine sound in the headphones did not work so good so I have put in a second sound card. I really need to hear the engine sound in the background. It is a important key for me to know that I am not doing stupid things and get a stall or overspeed. Now I just hope that the sound system will work. It did not crash the computer. That’s a +1.



    Todays flight was good ESGG is medium sized airport so maybe it is time for Stockholm/Arlanda now the biggest airport in Sweden. But I have to download the maps. I have also spent a few Euros on Navigraph for the latest STAR and SIDS for my FMS. That are well spent money.



    Thinking of buying a jet. But maybe I need a few more pilot hours for that.

  • ESSBland

    Today was my first flight in a while. I have had a terrible cold so I have been grounded. But today I wanted to get back on flight deck. Very nice weather so a good day to brush up on my knowledge. It was a nice flight. Leaving Visby went very well after some trouble with my second wideview computer. But it was not so technical, my maps was on the keyboard so for once it was easy to fix.



    You really have to fly all the time to not lose your skills. It is that difficult. On finals on R30 I was checking my speed carefully, (have had some speed problems) but I came in to fast anyway. It is a long runway so no real problem but I did not set my ATR down where I wanted to. So need more flight hours.



    But of course. If it would be easy the it would be no fun. Always room for perfection.

  • latestfssetup

    After many tests to try and figure out how to use flight simulator 2004 without the program crashing on finals I think I found a way.


    FS9 is not compatible with Win 7 and I just could not use it when I never knew if it would crash or not so measures had to be taken.


    I found a old computer and did a new install of Win XP and FS9. I installed the same add on scenery and my fav Flight1 ATR-72 500. A complicated plane for any computer to run. But it works in XP and not Win 7. I can still crash the FS software if I open and close a lot of windows. Suspect memory leak somewhere.


    If I keep to the 3D cockpit and open the windows I need once it is really good. I have made many flights now and no crashes.


    But I wanted to use my Win 7 machine to so I bought Wideview again. I used to have a license but I have no idea where it is. It is a great piece of software. I use it to run a second copy of FS9 on my work machine. It makes FS9 run in slew mode and that do not crash the software. So here I have two side views. Great for taxi and looking out when flying. I cant see other VATSIM traffic on the side views. For that I have to use FSX I suspect and I have to buy a second copy of it. That will be my next project as soon as I get my wings on VATSIM. 

  • buildaworld

    I have been doing a lot of research into virtual worlds and building and running some Opensim islands for many years. I have a virtual company that maybe should start to develop a new world. . Maybe, I am not that good programmer.

    So what should a new world look like?

    I have had a lot of inspiration from Opensim and Second life of course. Looking at statistics. Not many people around the world have the imagination for virtual world living. It’s a few present. It will grow.But slowly.

    So nr 1: A new world should not be a toy. Running it on Ipads, webpages and android? No virtual worlds needs power and complicated software. PC and game consoles. Virtual worlds are only for the few so why bother with apps? People interested will buy a good machine.Leave the rest.

    Things that was cool in the beginning.

    Nr 2. No flying, no things hanging in the air, real physics. I think lot of the success of World of warcraft is that it is a world you can relate to. It looks real and feels real.The magic is optional. When thing do not work as in the real world it just gets us confused.

    Nr 3: Landmass (this is technical) The land must be in the viewer. You could have updates. But putting it on your computer makes it very much more usable. You can drive and walk on it and it is better for ….

    Takes us to

    Nr 4: Physics. Also on your computer. Put it on the server is just stupid. It is your choice if your plane or sailboat should be real or maybe easier. Not everybody is a pilot or a captain. Physics is maybe the most complicated to implement.

    Things I was totally wrong about.

    Nr 5: Everybody should be able to build. I thought mesh would be a great thing in SL. I was wrong. It is to complicated. Why not use many more basic objects. They are very good for download times. Mesh,UVs are for pro´s. After mesh several great designer quit SL. Everybody should be able to create.

    Nr 6: Gaming. Could work. But a virtual world is not a game. If you want MMOs there are many others to go to.


    Of course all the thing we already do in virtual worlds. But partying and chatting gets boring after a few years. I think if you get people the ability to create they will do so. And it must be a open system for add-ons and plugins. I would really like t see what everybody will create in a real world. All the auto manufacturers came to SL but when the cars never worked it was bad marketing and they left. I have a game that is a dream for a car brand. And they are all there. What about a world like that?

    And I think the idea to rent out land is dead. I think that the virtual world company's running the worlds can rent out land but the virtual world creation company must get another line of income.

    Some thinking about what a world would look like.

    Hope more to come.

  • pilot_002

    Today I was doing my usual flights. Morning from ESSV to ESSB and afternoon back again.


    This morning FS9 crashed to desktop twice. So I did a hunt for bugs and it seems that the flight computer on my Flight1 ATR-72 crash FS on Win 7.


    So I decided to do the afternoon flight without the FMC and as the ATR-72 have no GPS it would be some real flying.


    I filed my flight plan and went to work. But when I logged in to VATSIM I saw that I was going to fly in controlled airspace for the first time. Not really prepared for that.


    It is just to do it and it went so and so but I learned a lot. As I have FSinn on a second computer and I did not get voice to work there was a lot moving around in the cockpit. Fortunately not much traffic so I did get a lot of help from ATC. Happy about that. It is not that easy with all the software. I can do the flying but the rest is new to me. It is totally different from the automatic ATC in FS. But more fun.


    And FS did not crash. And I got a voice to work in the end so next time I hope for better flying. 

  • Todays flight worked very well. NO SIMULATOR CRASH. And my new plane ATR 72-500 worked without a glitch.

    I have move FSinn to another computer. I suspect that all changing off windows did eat up some memory and made Flight simulator 9 to crash.

    Have to see what happens in the future. Now I have to do some reading to learn the new airplane. The story continues.


    Less cluttered cockpit environment. Landing at Bromma.

  • finalsBromma

    Landing at ESSB Bromma Stockholm.


    Now I have done several flights in uncontrolled airspace and it works good. I tried several different hardware settings with add-ons and it have not worked very well. FS crashed several times on finals and that is no fun at all. So now I am running just a FS2004. I have FSX to but when you need to do minor adjustments when landing it does not work well. I am running the simulators on a 8 core machine with a mid range NVIDIA card and it still is not enough.


    As I like to fly in Sweden and only use prop planes I can use the excellent free airports from RB design/Swedflight It is nice to taxi on a well done airport.


    So next up is controlled airspace and maybe get the voice to function. And I will try to move FSinn to a second computer. There are to many windows to keep track of right now and maybe it will be easy to get voice to work as well.

    Still figure everything out. Jets are far away Ler.

  • firstflight

    Safely landed at ESSB Bromma Stockholm

    My first flight was somewhat of a adventure. First the computer that the instruments where on did not work when I was ready to taxi, Quick change. Then departure went very well and flying to Trosa was also ok. Made some errors on ATC when my connection did not work. Wanted to do a STAR approach to the airport. It was ok in the beginning but then it all went sideways.

    Could not find the airport. I have done this flight simulated a few times to learn but connected to the network everything changes and gets more “real”. I never even thought of taking up the GPS to look where I was. I was so set on doing it on instruments. And the the ILS on the instruments computer did not work so I was kind of lost. Looking around I could se I had missed my approach, so I picked my self up and did a GO AROUND. Lucky the weather was great in Stockholm so second time around i made a VFR. Not the greatest but I landed on the runway on time.

    I think a few people came on to see the crazy woman. But I was so occupied landing I did not care. It was great fun and I cant wait for the next time. I be better.

  • DSC09890

    My interest in flying started when I as a child used to play around and in the airplanes at the old Malmoe airport, Bulltofta. And we were flying Cessnas a lot. I wanted to be a pilot but life took another path.

    After many years out of the fly zone I have found my way back to simulated flying. I have been flying around the world since my first software on the Commodore 64. I have over 50 different types of flight software for all kinds of machines.

    But it have all been just for fun until now. I found VATSIM and there have been a lot happening with simulated flying. Internet and powerful home PC. Network Flying is another thing.


    These guys mean business so I have yet to do my first flight in the network. Reading up and listening in. And I have found that my PC setup does not work when you are trying on a approach to a busy airport. Need to rethink my cockpit.

    But it is a lot of fun and sooner or later you see me with the other pilots roaming the sky.

  • Sitting on chimney
    The big question have been when are virtual worlds really make a break through. I do not think it is going to be 2014. No new worlds are around the corner. No big updates. Many online games are fighting to survive and Second life gets smaller and smaller. Cloud party and There have very few people online and the Opensim grids are big but empty.
    Many people believe that the Oculus Rift will be the next big thing. I think it will change and expand our way to use computers but only for hardcore gamers and there will be applications we have not seen yet. For virtual worlds my guess is as good as yours. The user interface must be totally redesigned and you need a Kinect or a Leap motion to really get it going. That’s a lot of hardware and I really do not think that the average user will  get all the stuff and then learn how to use it. By the way I will get all the stuff.
    The Opensim conference was a great success and all the enthusiasts was there. Opensim is a great way to start a world and the people behind it does a great job but Opensim grids are far less visited than Second life. The builds are in some cases good but not even close to some of the best in SL. I find that when people get there own island they have no idea what to do with it. 2worlds2go have a island on the OSgrid. It have been running for years but not many people visit it. More now as we have a hypergrid port. I also made several islands for download on and today they have been downloaded 210 times. This is not a virtual revolution.
    Will virtual worlds go away? No I do not think so. I just joined the Vatsim network. I want to learn how to fly my virtual plane in a more realistic virtual world. It all builds on a very old software Flight simulator 2004. But there are when I am write this 644 people online flying all over the world. There are thousands of plane and airports to download on the net and company´s and a community still making new software to expand the possibilities of virtual flying.
    This is the way forward. A community and company´s expanding the original software. Linden lab will sooner or later find Second life to be a failing income and scrap the servers but virtual worlds will live on. Virtual worlds are a social experiment and have a loud and lively community. I see a lot of great builds and a area that works is art. I visit gallery´s that I could never go to in RL. It have expanded my life and I hope it will do so even in the future. But I do not think 2014 will be the big break. Just another year with hard work.
  • kassel

    If the weather continues I am going to to get many transports done this weekend. EU truck simulator 2. I am driving all over Europa. Hauling cargo. It is a lot of fun.

    Cant help I just love simulators and this one is really good. I drove a truck many years ago and it feels right. The graphics make driving a pure pleasure. I am having some fun.


    As you can see the graphics is really good. It is a there feeling. Well spent a few Euros on Steam. It is 6.79 E during the holidays. And I just saw there are add ons.

  • I always liked Blaze. Found this one in my inventory. Simple and stylish. So i will look great for another day.

  • Wanted to make a new try to drive around in SL with my truck and today everything was fine.


    My truck script worked great and even sim borders worked. Not much falling thru earth or spinning around in the sky. Did not have to re rezz at all. A few times a sim crossing reset the script but it was just to put it in gear again and drive on.


    My script have three gears and you move around in a updatable pace. You can steer around obstacles and keep on the right side of the road without any problems.

    And the weather was nice as always.

    I really enjoyed myself as I never have explored route 12 before. Some ugly builds but there are also some nice scenery. I think I try to build some more vehicles on this script. If you want to go fast it is not for you but then you probably just fly of the road anyway. This is for the explorer of fine SL roads.

  • drivingsl

    I have made some experiments with connection a wheel and driving around in SL. My truck script works great for ordinary driving with the keyboard. Of course it lacks all feeling of driving a car or truck but it works and you can cross sim lines ok for the most of the time. But there is no way of connecting peripherals to the lsl scripts. I have tried many settings on the steering wheel none that actually work very well.

    I have been using Test drive Unlimited 2 for a while. A driving sim and MMO game where you meet other people on the roads. Nice driving, competitions and stuff. It is a lot of fun. Yes it is a game and everything is on your computer so the game updates very smooth but there is still a lot of other people driving and you meet them in there cars driving around the island of Ibiza. I wish I could do that in SL. I would pay for it. I did buy theTDU2 on Steam.

    The tech problems are to big of course I understand that. SL is old so what to do?

    Maybe it is time to take out the physics. What I it used for? It cant run anything and it is on the servers. Physics should of course be in the viewer. Then you can set simple or real depending on how powerful computer you have and it is not lagging the servers. Sim crossing would not be affected. It could be sold as extra add on for trains, planes and cars and make LL some extra bucks or let developers write their own. The actual code computing a plane is just a few lines. The rest is interfacing.

    I wonder how many developers are working on SL anymore. And if business are thinking up new ways to make money and make me able live in this world in the future?

    Nothing been done for years on a lot of issues. If you want new development you have to check Opensim. I do some testing there next.

  • There_cyberserenity_2013-12-05 16-34-40

    I have a account at There world but i never really explored it.

    It is a nice little world that was closed for some years but now is run again.At the time i never really did any exploring so i have started out travelling in my jeep all over the place again. Lot of places i have never seen.

    There_cyberserenity_2013-12-05 16-50-38

    The physics engine is great and that means you can really do stuff with vehicles. I love the look of the avatars.

    Maybe now when we have seen many virtual worlds There gets its chance again. It have a very clean look and runs on anything but the software have not been updated since Windows XP. Sorry to say. And I got the client running so and so on Linux too.  My hope is that it all goes in the public domain. This is a gem of software that deserves more. I would love to run a There world. The things you could do..

  • 2wonlast_001

    Now when we have to move the stores and gallery again I have been thinking hard about if I should scrap the total project. No more virtual worlds. Leaving Second life and close the Opensim servers. It is a lot of work to run everything and maybe I can make better use of my time and money. I can log in now and then but I do not have to be a creator.

    My problem is that I really believe that virtual worlds have a future. Today it is hard to make a buck and keep it going. Opensim have great potential and many dedicated developers working on it. But there is not many applications outside a few education and entertainment grids. We are a exclusive group that do this.

    Everything in my body, brain and business sense tells me to give this up.

    Well, I am probably a idiot. But I think I keep going. As a artist you always have to fight the odds  so I am used to it. I have decided to continue to believe in virtual worlds against every good reason. See you around the grid and hopefully on the next Opensim conference.

  • avalon_001

    Avalon town is closing down. Avalon have been the home for Nilsart gallery, Art space magazine and 2worlds2go for many years and I am very sorry to see it go. Of course it is a lot of work to run a a large community with art gallery's and shops.

    And Avalon town have always been very well managed. A very nice build and I have been proud to make it a home for Nilsart gallery. I like to walk around in this nice build with very little clutter but I suppose at the end of the year that’s over.

    A sad day for Second life.

  • I am waiting for the day when I can sail and wind and weather makes a difference. My ship moves as it should on beautiful simulated waves.


    I have been testing Aurora sim and I used it on a 64 bit Linux install. It is my developer machine for Linux so I have a lot of library's on it and Aurora compiled just fine. No problem to set it up but I never go the database to work so I just switched to MySQL and it worked great.


    I wanted a 1024*1024 sim and that was no problem. I got a lot of space. Made a terrain file and installed also worked great. And I loaded some IOR files and then I was in some trouble. Worked for a while and then I got some asset loss. Textures and buildings disappeared. But it is a alpha software so that’s ok I guess. Could be some database or connection problems.

    The big think with Aurora sim is that you can get big areas to sail or fly around in and you can move between sims.

    The bad thing is that like Opensim and Second life the physics sucks big time.

    I have been trying to make skies, surf boards, boats, planes and trucks and it is no use. It is just to bad. I have even tried to make my own physics but the only thing that interacts with the sim is push() and it is not responsive enough to get any feeling.

    In Opensim you can run several sims as one but it is a little bit of a hack.


    This is my from the OSgrid I have added a island I am building right now. What structure that will finally win Opensim or Aurora I do not know. The developers say that the problem is in the viewers not the servers.

    I will continue testing the Aurora installation. Big areas makes it possible to do fun stuff together with friends and There world have a great working physics engine for vehicles so it is possible to make it work. But I think it must be in the viewer.

  • Just got Lumiya And it works great. I have a very cheap phone and it works anyway. So now i have SL in my pocket. Just waiting for a graphic app to my Ipad.
  • burn2

    I like to go to these exhibitions. Meeting some nice people on the way. Today I met Skip, a programmer. I like meeting people.

    I just had some time to do a fast check of the area I come back later and do a real investigation. I find it so nice that creative stuff are still around. All the art and creative people.

  • Cyberserenity


    After some work Second life starts to look good. The new studio and meeting place build is almost ready. I have been occupied with some RL paintings and my RL company. Time have been very limited. But now i think things are looking up.

    I am also going to change the servers to Opensim 0.7.6 to prepare for the hypergrid but there is a lot of reading in the .ini files to get everything working as it should.

    We are getting there. I am also looking around for some new designers. I cant do everything anymore. A new line of clothes would be nice.


    Lot of exploring. 

    The work continues.

    The road is open.

  • aviworlds_001

    Today I went on a trip to AviWorlds  Nice builds that took a while to load but of course it is a Brazil grid. Other side of the world if the servers live there to. Cool place absolutely worth a visit. I do not talk Portuguese so not much contact with the natives.

    I just love the hypergrid. Ohh and 2worlds2go have come up on most popular hypergates. That’s cool to.

  • I have been exploring the metaverse to find cool clubs and really nothing. Send me some info on your favourite to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • It is not often i find a mall build i like. They are often terrible. But this one got one of my best rules. It should be fun to walk around and explore.



    And someone been thinking about the stores to. Not just a lot of pictures stacked on top of each other.

    And there are also some nice places to sit and take a break.

    Taking a break and waiting for my espresso.


    I would like to see more malls like this one.

  • nilsartsl_001

    This is Nilsart gallery in Second life. It is a nice build and I like it. Now I wanted to test if I could transfer it to Cloud party. First I moved it to my developer grid. It runs Opensim. No problem there. Still looks nice.


    Then I exported it with the Singularity viewer to a dae file and imported it in to Blender. Did a heavy reduction of faces and uploaded it to Cloud party. On the left it is in Cloud party. Here I stumbled on the finishing line as Cloud party did not let me place it. The mesh was still to big. But it is possible to do it.

    Next to solve is textures. I check that out later.

  • francogrid

    First: Love the hypergrid and I did not lose my shoes this time. Why do you lose the shoes and not the hair? Metaverse riddle.

    Nice place and I just super like the fishing boats far in the distance. That is a kind of focusing at detail I like as a builder. It is a French grid but nobody tried to talk to me. Me and my French teacher long ago, agreed I probably will never learn it. Worth a trip.

  • So the conference is over.After listening to cute stuff, tech stuff and mind blowing stuff. What to bring home?

    The conference itself? It is not the same to be there as it is listening to a stream. You can comment, wooot things and generally be there. The feeling is different and that’s a good thing. Virtual world actually works. At lest for me and as we heard for about 40% of the rest of the population.

    A side from the tech stuff we also have another thing in common. English. We can talk and listen to each other. English is not my first language so I do not care if I sometimes make a few mistakes. I can communicate. That’s the thing.


    Listening to Pathfinder

    The tech stuff worked aside from some small glitches but who have been to a conference without tech problems. It is a part of the package, it is ok when people are nice about it and everybody been really nice.

    I wanted to listen to as much as I could. I heard about the business side, learning, tech, simulating cities and military. Some more philosophical talks on why we use the metaverse (yes I used that word). But I missed my special interest . Art. Maybe I have to do that one myself for another year.

    I liked that many talks was nice to Second life. There is really no competition. I think Second life and Opensim are different sides on the same coin. But Linden lab is a company and need a good business idea, As many Opensim grid owners, money is needed to run the worlds we visit. But I wonder if Linden lab and Second life will be around in 10 years. I think Opensim will. I visited Active worlds some time ago, First time I visited I used a modem and the internet was just starting up. It shows that the Open source idea could help software to survive and evolve. There may be another conference in 10 years.

    Never heard a thing about Cloud party. I think people from Cloud party and Linden lab should be invited would be interesting to hear what they have to say. But maybe they do not want to.

    There was a lot of talk about the Hypergrid and of course the Hypergrid I seriously cool. This is a game changer. I want to own my stuff on my computer not I some other peoples servers. I think I have to put some of the dev grid on the Hypergrid. Thinking.


    So in the true spirit of the Hypergrid I went over to the OSgrid for some official after party. Listened to live music and chatting away.People where coming and going and someone said that we where 36 at most moving around, dancing and no chat lag. Just had to ask. We were running on a 4 core Windows server, with 2 gb of ram I think. I do not really remember because it was getting late and I am a old person.

    So the impression that stands out is that it really worked well. Maybe it is time to go to Beta. LOL.

    We joined in from all over the world under a common interest and made it something to really remember.

  • confgrid_wear

    I visited the grid today and I realized I have nothing to wear to the dance. I have a lot of cool clothes on the Second life grid but they cant be moved so I have to do some uploads of some old clothes I made years ago. Naked is not an option.

    I still think that we should be able to use the things we have bought on any grid. I want to own my avatar everywhere in any virtual world and the stuff I have paid for. There got to be a solution of rights. I want a bigger hyper grid!

  • Conf grid


    We are coming up to the weekend of the

    I have been visiting the grid a few times now and everything look really good.

    Yesterdays load test also worked ok. Many avatars and the chat did not break.

    Me and all the other guys. I wanted more hippoes, but not.

    Starting to look forward to it.

  • When I was very young we went to the family's summer home every week. On weekends you could go on a steam train.( No I am not THAT old it was a enthusiast thing). So I started to love trains.

    Me outside the studio thinking about things.
    A friend of the family where a part time pilot. I have spent many hours playing in the planes and hangar, and when I was about seven he let me fly a plane for the first time. I could not reach the pedals on the small Cessna but did some real steering. So I started to love planes.

    I am not a train driver or pilot. life goes in its own directions but thru simulated reality I have spent hours flying all over the world and thanks to some crazy people that have built a long part of Sweden for Train simulator I have got the feel for what it could be like to drive a real train.

    Now I am going skiing in one of France best downhill ski areas. I was there last year and I was tired beyond what is humanly possible. I realize that very soon I cant go skiing like that anymore. It makes me sad that one day I cant ski at all.

    But maybe if I can create and develop the virtual reality I can get a feel for skiing again. I have been flying and driving trains so why not skiing. And so many other people can get the feel for all sorts of things. It is not all about slaying monsters or kill people. I think virtual can be so much more.

    During my first years in Second life I met so many people that when you got to know them had all kinds of physical, sociological and psychological disabilities.

    And the virtual world made their lives better. I have also met a lot of people from all over the world and found many of us think the same we just need a meeting place.

    Virtual worlds can make the world in to a better more exciting place and that’s why I have made it a part of my work.
  • You can now transfer your objects to your game system from Second life and Opensim.
    A nice video from John Lester explained it to me today and I just tried it out.

    Here is the link to John Lesters Youtube video.

    And in my Blender.
  • I find myself in a great need for a new direction in my work. I am stuck with old fashioned ways of looking on art.

    I do not care if it is crap i just have to go somewhere else or i will just die.

    Sea monsters

    Sea monster digital painting


  • caledon_001

    I often go exploring when I run out of ideas for new work and Caledon is a great place to see other types of builds. It is themed and have a lot of good builders.

    Just loved this lion.

  • Drawing of exhibition

    Planning drawing


    We are at the OpenSimulator Community Conference 2013. More to read at


    The exhibition stall is already on the conference grid.


    Looks good and it is made very low poly and a few texures to realy speed up download.

    Hope to see you there.


  • 3dsketch_001

    I am doing some 3D sketching on the dev grid to find out how to use the space we will have on the Opensim conference.

    I think after this there is a possibility that Opensim finally grow up to become something in it´s own right. I have already chatted with avatars that are professionally using Opensim for education and business.

    More to come..

  • woods_001

    Some time over to start creating the snowy woods. It is hot outside so I stay indoors in front of my computer. Put in many trees. A lot of  placing, copying, and tilting so every thing looks like it been put in by hand. And it is.

  • wiggle1

    Never heard of wigglegram before but I found them on the web of course. That’s something to test before the Oculus Rift arrives.

    Just had to do some testing. It is just great fun.

    Its my first ones. I suppose it needs a learning period.


  • worldscitystack

    I just wanted to show how you can stack 2 Worlds city the bridges are connecting so you can build a really big city. This is from my developer grid that is up again after a Opensim world of sorrow.

    I need to run VNC on the servers as they have no keyboard or screen. OpenSUSE 12.3, 12.2, 11.4, no one worked for a production server so in the end I got a old VISTA and installed it. And  voila. We are up again a new Robust server running. Maybe I should not be so confident about Linux anymore.

    But it all ended well. Me happy.

    The OAR file for 2worlds city is downloadable here.

    Sorry you have to register there is just to much spam around.
  • love

    I visited Love a game created by E S K I L     S T E E N B E R G . It is nice to see someone doing a game after their own head. I do not really get the game it somehow reminds me of a old Amiga game. But the look is great even if it not really ads anything to gameplay.

    You can go to Love and just wander around and look at all the sights. The game is free and I think everyone that develops graphics or games should spend some time with it. It is different and you need to see it to believe it.

  • osgridcyber

    New look on the OSgrid

    Today I visited SL10B. Very nice and I just love all the pod rides. But it got me thinking about why I am just visiting not living in Second life as I did before. I am in world a few times a week but I used to be online all the time. Creating stuff, partying and making new friends.

    And so it struck me it is the creative tools they migrated off world and so did i. When you use mesh, texture creation tools and sculpties you need off world tools. So it is more ordinary computer work. They make creative work so much better but what I loved was working in Second life. Having people drop by and building something and the go off to a party and never leave Second life.

    My very nice studios with great views that I paid thousands of dollars for was the reason why I staid in world in SL. Now I just visit and I would really want to spend more time but with the tools in the viewer today it is not possible to create in Second life anymore if you want to do great work.

    I want another studio, maybe on a mountain top and great tools to create for the SL community. Time to think again Linden lab.

  • There_cyberserenity_2013-06-05 13-00-20

    There world was a virtual world that was closed down several years ago but now is up and running again. I made a new account today and paid 10 USD to join the fun again. It is all very dated but have always loved the graphical look of There so I wanted to visit again.

    At the time There had to compete with a very hyped Second life and also made a lot of mistakes. Remember this is the beginning of virtual worlds. Nobody knew how to run them.

    In my mind There´s mistakes where that they did focus at a young group of users so it had to be fun and clean, no nudity. Today we know that most people that use virtual worlds are older and it is not always that “clean”. There did not let its users create what ever they wanted and on the other hand let everybody place stuff you could buy  in any way they liked making the world cluttered and very ugly.

    There did not have very much content making big areas totally abandoned and empty.

    There_cyberserenity_2009-07-19 19-13-48

    But There have a great physics system that make vehicles really drivable. And the world have a very clean graphic look as a ever lasting summer break. I think many grown up users would love a world like that today.

    In today´s graphic environment with games like Guild wars 2 and some parts of Second life. Where the graphic work is very good.

    I think There World stands out much better. It is not about, that you cant do better graphics it is a look and feel. And the physics make There ready for any game you can think of.

    I have been looking for a world of my own to build. And as I cant get my hands on There Worlds code I suppose I have to write it myself. I be sneaking around There for a while stealing ideas or just hang out as before.

    I you want to try out There you find it here 

    If you are using a modern op system like Win 8 you have to run the client in XP compatibility mode. Took me a while to figure that one out.

    It is all very old you know.

  • Xander Kappler contacted me a while ago and asked if I wanted to beta test a new app he was working on and I said yes.

    The app connected SL with Google calendar. I started testing and yes.


    Me and my SL calendar.

    When you write something in your Google calendar it shows up in SL and it is using the right time in SL as I am in Sweden and my calendar uses Swedish time. I never really have had that much use for Google calendar as I have a calendar in the company cloud for all things business. But now I have started to use it for SL stuff and you do not have to leave SL to see if I am online or when.

    Xander have a store where you find the app.

    (I also own the XANcast Jukebox. Worked great.)

    I also really like that someone still develop new stuff for Second life. And soon the new textures in the viewer. We are on the move again.

  • blackforest_001

    I should have started editing my short film but instead I put in the Black forest in Lendonia. Its like when I was studying I will start writing but first I have to clean the house and do the dishes.

    But the forest looks good.

    And oh yes. I have put in a nice work place to in the shade. You need a nice place to work even in a virtual world. haha..

    in the shade_001

  • xbox one

    Is it going to be a success? Naaa I do not think so. Why?

    It is like many Microsoft products a little bit to late. It have many nice functions but when I see how I use the Xbox 360 I have, I do not believe in it.

    I put my XBox 360 away and did not miss it for months. I never use it. But I do use the controller. The family have worn out two of those. But I have the controller connected to a PC that’s connected to the big screen. It runs a Windows 7 media center and all of the family's favorite games.

    For me that means World of warcraft and several other MMO s and of course the Second life viewer. None that works on a Xbox. On the PC I have Steam and a selection of other games. Family photographs and any program I want to use. Music streams from Spotify and others. The point is that I decide what I want to install and run. Not Microsoft.

    I also have a Kinect. That was fun for about 5 minutes. And controlling the the screen or multimedia is just stupid. A remote is so much more effective.I use my Kinect to make Second life and game animations.

    No I do not think I will by a new Xbox. I want my freedom to use what ever software I want. Or to write any software I want and publish it. I have also started to look at the world of Linux media centers. When it comes to retire my Windows 7 I am ready to change and it wont be 8 or a Xbox.

    I WANT to decide what I use.

  • Some new pictures from the new area.




    I want some more ground clutter but I do not want to do the area to hard on the graphics card and I want everybody to be able to do there own improvements.

    It looks nice and have its own special style. Lighting is very important. If it was a game I could have done it differently. It is ok.

  • {youtube}NzC7HeuWTQE{/youtube}


  • Yes i do a lot of doodles on my ipad, this is one of them. Maybe there is a exhibition in here somewhere.

    - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad



  • My artlab is both cold and messy but soon i can go there and create some new stuff. Want to build a 3D printer.

    - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


  • e

    I have started a long explore of other grids than Second life and I found that have several very good gallerys. There is a sign where you can get a folder of landmarks on the login island and i have visited about half by now. The sims are up and running and the art is good. No mesh yet but as the creators have a lot of prims to work with, thats not a problem.
    From a art perspective a InWorldz account could be a good thing.

    I have finally come to a point in my digital projects where it comes to less work in the digital world. I have now some time to work on my traditional work and do digital experiments.

    Fun and exciting work ahead. I have been waiting a long time for this day.



  • Cat Boccaccio, there is a name to remember.

    Exhibits at DNA gallery.

    It is in the adult zone and i like that to. Much more stuff should be in the adult zone. Artists should not be limited by children visiting SL. They can run cars or what ever.


    From the exhibition note: "This exhibit is about women and the secrets they keep, the scars from emotional and physical abuse that are hidden from our eyes; and the way women continue, despite a truly violent onslaught, to be productive, creative, nurturing, strong, and important."


    It is very sophisticated pictures. With a touch of soul.

    Go and see.



    Visited and i like places that are not so predictable. Take your time and walk around. A nice visit

  • I have started work on a new menswear collection for Second life. I think that men should have the opportunity to have a nice stylish wardrobe.


    I think i will call it the Ipad collection because i do the sketches on my Ipad. Really need a better tool for making fashion in SL.


    I have too dream something up.




  • Right now i am testing a new tool for doing 3D pictures. DAZ Studio 4.5 . I am not that fond of the renderer but i have found several others on the net that i can use with some tweeking.



    The user interface is nice and you have thrre to select. One is very user friendly if you are just starting out with 3D images. You get some assets to start experimenting with and best of all it is free.


    Go over to and check it out.


  • At The University of Western Australia (UWA) you can find some very new art. When i walked around the exhibition i found that art in Second life is finding its own way. Moving away from just copying real life art to get its own expression. Many of the objects have a real virtual world feeling.

    Many object should probobly sort under sculpture but by adding animations and lights a new virtual art arise.
    I did not scout this out myself i found it on Apmels blog.
  • Hmm another bad art sale. Cheap art ripped of from somwhere on the net.

    No This i do not like.

  • LA Gallery

    And another nice exhib at LA Gallery

    Talullah Winterwolf makes some kind of graphic cut and paste art. And i really liked it.

    Talullah "My inspirations come from many sources, but the common thread is that all my creative works be it fashion, a photograph or a painting is that  tells a story in some form or other."

    If you have a moment go and see.

  • Two great artist in Magna Carta. It is nice to see drawings and paintings in Second life.

    LeMelonRouge a garaphic artist and designer.

    And Littleone Aries a self learned painter. She say "I have been a working studio artist for over 30 years now. Self-taught, painting has been as much a part of my life as breathing. I learned by doing."

    Nice art to in a more traditional way.





  • t is nice with a exhibition from one of my fav artists on the net.. I an a follower

    ariel writes

    "rather than write an artists statement has given the perspective of the girl in the images."


    As a bonus Fingers Scintilla co exhibits, I like artists that use the new digital media to make exciting new pictures SLURL Below.

  • One of the very active artists in Second life at Studio 33.

    Sledge Roffo at Gallery 33

    From Sldeges profile: "

    I make art and dream of perfection.

    Primagery is the art I make in Second Life. A process of creating prim groupings in a sculptural arrangement, texturing and augmenting them with various features and then shooting pictues of them with the SL camera without alot of postprocessing."


    I like it you can go and se it too.


  • Me looking at artThis is one of the really big gallerys, The art is from many different  artist. Mostly pictures and very traditional. All in one place: It is good for a hour. Walking around and maybe meet some other art lovers.







    Big gallery in Second life

  • Digital art gallery

    When i explore Second life around i find galleryś with digital art everywhere. Photography made in SL. Sculptures made for SL. All kind of digital art. It is a explosion of this so before limited art form. And many pieces are very good , too.

    I wonder if the art world outside of SL have any idea of what is going on?

  • There is a lot of different gallerys in Second life. Very big ones with many paintings and some good art. And the small ones often run by the artist with a few pictures or sculptures.

    In the big ones you get a big dose of all the culture you could want.

    Crossworlds gallery


    Crossworlds gallery

    But I rally prefer walking around in a city block finding small gallerys and designers or maybe a strange store or two.

    Virtual Soho

    Virtual soho


  • Tricia Aferdita is a long time collector of art and have her own gallery. See her exhibition now in Avalon town.


    From a mail:

    Rowan Derryth
    "This is the first in a series of month-long exhibits curated by the residents of Avalon Arts Community, which is home to many artists and art collectors. Exhibits will open the Second Sunday of each month. Please join us today - and in the future!"

  • Exploring SL

    I am travelling Second life trying to find nice places. You often see me with my cameras walking around the area. There are so many pictures to make and so little time. I am a art space photographer you can see it on my tag,, so say hello.

  • 2worlds city and the airport are now ready for download. Finally. Please report bugs and other stuff to the gamemaster.

  • I have setup my Ipad and some offline writing for the website. Slowly trying to get things working. Using this summer to finishing off all the small things that is not working and I can see there is a few that still need fixing. The work continues.

  • Inflight engelholm

    FS inflight Engelholm in southern Sweden.


    Working on a new script. Have to rewrite the plane script again. Difficult when you have to make the plane slow and still have variable lift.


    Hope to use the state machine for ground air use. Using Flight simulator as reference to get some real plane feeling.

  • OSgrid build

    When i have the time i explore OSgrid builds and i think they are getting better. More islands are not only a round island in the middle.

    Great builds and developed sims. The future is here.


  • Right now

    Tele pics by Anna Lorentzson

    Exhibition starts 19/3 2011.

    Sometimes experimental photography just happen more or less by itself. I was playing around with a telescope trying to get a camera to work with it. When I found a old digital camera that had a small lens that could fit somehow in the telescope. The very small depth of field of the telescope combined with the ability to move the small lens around, made some strange photos.

    The dreamlike quality of the pictures fascinated me and as I was lugging the telescope around in the garden I found stranger and more abstract pictures. The telescope shows it´s pictures upside down and that made it easy to keep the feel of the photos.

    I could probably edit some photos in a paint software and get similar effects but if your a photographer you want it to be the real thing. Light thru lenses. So no editing in the computer I have only turned them around and trimmed them to find the best presentation. Many was good enough to show as they are.

    The camera is a HP 3.2 mpix the first digital camera I bought. Not really the high resolution you can work with today but now I am happy I did not throw it away. I think I will put it among my old analog camera collection sometimes I use them to shake up my creativity.

    I hope you enjoy my experiment and the exhibition.

    Anna Lorentzson

    More info:



  • Testing new skii script in Second life. Happy jumping skiiers. The script is really a problem because of LSL scripting and the connection to the physics engine and the lack of imput possebililtes.


    But i think this could be the best i can do so now it is some more testing and then it is on to design.

  • My winter studio

    It is soon time to move in to the house. As winter comes my studio gets colder and colder. I have a mini studio inside on wheels so i can follow the light when i paint. Sorry to say it is soon time to start using it.

    Winter lots of white. Did i buy more?

  • Cirkus painting

    I painted this while attending art school many years ago. Now it is hanging on a wall of a collector. I had to take the picture with my mobile. Explaining the quality. I painted for a while and had some really unappreciated exhibitions, well not all hated them.

    This was about sixteen years ago and then i went in to media and digital art. But now i want to start painting again. That is why i called this a painters progress. Maybe i do some, we have to see.

  • I was looking on a TV program about film editing and i realized that that is exactly what i am doing right now. I am editing a lot of old stuff to get it more interesting and workable for the web 2.0.

    Do not know

    I am editing, not really creating. Well i am working that is the good thing.

  • But there are still a lot of things to do. I am getting there, slowly.