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Virtual world artist and blogger. Developer of software and stuff. Read more at My blog

When i am inworld i use my Oculus rift so if i do not answer the chat it is because i cant see my keyboard. Try voice.

Title Created Date Hits
Time to drive again. 28 November 2016 4541
Shopping at the hypergrid 18 November 2016 5426
The 1920s Berlin Project - Weimar Republic role play sim 17 November 2016 5385
Finally solved the Webkit problem on Linux 22 October 2016 5334
Bought a new cool outfit to visit London 20 October 2016 5330
Burn 2016. Looks smaller somehow. 18 October 2016 5317
New Update for Tower 14 October 2016 5213
I just love the graphics in this game. 04 October 2016 5596
Haul to Linkoping 30 September 2016 5591
A new server for the Developer grid and expanding virtual life. 16 April 2014 9644



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