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My work today is a fusion of my old work in media and twenty five years of working with computers and my work as a artist.‭  ‬I find that‭ ‬computers are one of the most creative tools you can use.‭ ‬As a digital artist i do work on the web,‭ ‬in several virtual worlds and as a indie game developer.‭

‬I have started over‭ ‬10‭ ‬company's and i guess i will be a entrepreneur in the future‭ ‬as well.‭ ‬I always find new interesting projects in art and technology.‭

‬I explore community's in virtual worlds and simulators.‭ ‬Creating graphics,‭ ‬scripting and software.‭ ‬Second life,‭ ‬Opensim and game‭ ‬technology give me a chance to work on the edge of both the social web and all the different soft and hardware needed to run the new worlds i like to create.‭ ‬I am lucky to live in a age with a technology that I understand and love.‭ ‬

My work as a artist have found new ways in the digital era and to my surprise older artworks and paintings have gone full cycle and show up at quality auctions making them a foundation for new work and a inspiration for me that people still like my work.



Art space Magazine

Is DixMix gallery best in Second Life

I think you should try it out. Really love the pictures and the gallery. Always use my Oculus it is frame rate friendly.

Pride Second life

Pride Second life is in full swing and it is a success so far. Sim is full so if you want to go be in time.

I just have to go this week and you too. Come and support. There is still a lot of life in Second life.

La Digue du Braek, Muppets Island

I think maybe this is one of the best industrial builds I have ever seen.

And the club almost made me cry that I cant got there in Real. Ohh I enjoyed it.


A cab for you This place

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The 1920s Berlin Project - Weimar Republic role play sim

This is a nice sim or many i do not know. There are really nicely built. I came here by train so i do not know where i am and i do not want to open the map to spoil the

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Another one for Cica Ghost. “Them”

As always I like the new installation by Cica Ghost. There are a lot of mesh stuff but good frame rate for my Oculus so it is well done.

Have no idea what it means but y

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Up and away


My interest in flying started when I as a child used to play around and in the airplanes at the old Malmoe airport, Bulltofta. And we were flying Cessnas a lot. I wanted to be a pilot but life took another path.

After many years out of the fly zone I have found my way back to simulated flying. I have been flying around the world since my first software on the Commodore 64. I have over 50 different types of flight software for all kinds of machines.

Sometimes i do some driving and boating in games and virtual worlds. And i create ships, airports, trucks and all kind of vehicles for simulation. You can download some of them on the site.



snowfall Cargo

UsD cargo project

I have been playing games for more than 25 years. And now sometimes i design my own. A airplane and cargo areas on several airports connected top a website for different flights.

A simple game using Microsoft flight simulator as a base.

UsD plane on Gardemoen

Snowfall Cargo

Virtual airline for fs2002.

If you want to fly different cargo trips around the world.

The project included a 747 in new colors, different animated cargo vehicles and signs.

snowfall Cargo area

Airport creation


I made this airport for fs2002 and a time when screens was 15 and low resolution. The graphics on the buildings are not up to todays standards but i use the airport myself. It works very well even today. I recently found the package files and even the development directory so if i have a few days over i can upgrade the buildings. No promises. I am going to put the download files on the website. Maybe someone have a use for a airport.

from the creator


These files are not abandone. 2worlds2go are now the keepers of the airports and the source,


Original package text

Gardemoen airport (Oslo)

ENGM for FS2002 and FS 2004

Gardemoen airport build from scratch after a airport drawing and a few pictures. Unfortunately i have never been to Gardemoen my self but i like flying from it to Swedish airports.

I have taken a away some detail and gates to make it run on slower machines and i have also made the gates somewhat bigger so they will work on machine with lesser screen resolution.

Cargo area

    The package
  •  New textures. Night and day, Winter objects.
  •  AFCAD file.
  •  Dynamic scenery.
  •  Animated cargo vehicles.
  •  FS scenery enhancer file.
  •  Signs.
  •  UsD Cargo support.
  •  Airport doc as a pdf file.

From east

There are a few extra night lights.

FS scenery enhancer.

The FS scenery enhancer file from Lago fills the airport with a lot of extra stuff. Especially around the cargo areas. Whiteout it the cargo vehicles are loading into the air.


You need a fast computer to run the airport with everything on. I have a 2.7 and it runs good. But you can select your own complexity setting. You have to experiment.

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