Virtual world citizen and explorer.

  • strip2

    I have not had that much time to work on this thing. But now I pulled myself together and got it ready for some testing.

    I have been using it myself for almost a year so I know that it works, The question is can others work with it as well.

    Well we have to see. It is always difficult to get your baby´s out there.

  • frantasyfaircyber_001

    Visited Fantasy fair and really thrown of the very good builds. Everything is very well done and imaginative. If you take away the shops it could be the backdrop of any game story. Of course the graphics are not optimized so frame rate in my Oculus could be low sometimes but the beauty of it all makes me live with the bad  frame rate. Here you can see what 10 years of developing can do when you get a good platform for creating stuff and a audience that follow what happens.


    As I am back in the VR creation business after trying to retire this really made my day and looking good for the future.

  • Landed and unloading at Odense. Nice weather and another flight for Sky Aurora. I like these short hops from Copenhagen. The BE20 works great in Virtual reality and is easwy to startup not taking forever to go thru checklist.


    But i really need a way to get the checklist in to the Oculus. Havent found a way for that yet. So small planes it is.

  • After trying to get my grid to work. Most done but cant walk between regions. Teleport works.Strange.


    Anyway did some hypergrid jumping this late Friday. Really like i can go from my own grid to any hypergid i want. Saves time no need for these logins everywhere.


    Great Canadian grid been around for a while. I often meet some nice people but not today. Very empty only a few bots.I was hunting for some nice builds.Checked out Misery.

    Some kind of role-play sex thing but very nice built. There are many nice builds now in Opensim and i think there will be more as SL gets smaller.

    Dystopic and very big build. Could be nice to visit. Was a little bit afraid i should meet anyone. But that is a thing with us Starfleet explorers. We do what we have to.

  • Simulator flying have been somewhat low during the winter due to work and stuff. But now spring is here and i am visiting the virtual skies all the time. Focus these days are on the virtual pilot flying. Trying to get to Privat pilot at IVAO. Sorry to say i did not make the theoretical exam. Have to read more the next time. Been lazy.

    The big simulator have been sitting in the old stable all winter and it is to cold to build.

    But now it is getting warm and it is time to start to build again. Because the simulator have been down there have not been much flying big planes in Scandinavian VA.

    But i have found a new virtual airline.

    Short flights in Denmark with my Beechcraft 200. It is perfect for real virtual flight in the Oculus rift. I now start to get the difficulties in Oculus flying and the new update on Flyinside is really great. Feel like a pilot.

  • eurotruckmulti

    Today I did a test on Euro truck 2 Multiplayer. Lots of fun driving and many people online. But I can tell you people are not nice. Well a few guys when driving on the highways with a trailer did some friendly honking. Looks like there are two types of people online. The ones that are there for some serious transporting and a lot of a..holes that just grief. Well what else is new.


    I will go back. I liked it and I only have to understand how voice works and I can call people idiots. Want a finger animation too.

  • To be honest I have not been around Second life much the last year. My 2worlds2go virtual company have been doing other stuff and I have a art and design company in RL that takes up my time.


    I try to get inworld and check out some new place everyday but it is often only for fifteen minutes and then I have to do other stuff again. So today I decided to read and look at video and try to get updated on the world again.

    So I went inworld to play some games and see if things have changed. After a few hours and stuck in a maze I think Second life is really well and will be around for a long time. More stable and a lot of new functions to build new experiences. I have done some driving and it is soon at the same level as it was when I first came to SL. Strange nothing can be done about this.


    I have been testing a lot of new software the last months and I think I know why Second life will be around.

    1: Content. There are some many talented creators and the new places are really good. When you see them thru the Oculus Rift you are amazed. No place have so much content as Second life. You can buy almost anything your avatar needs. No other world comes even close. Does Linden lab really think people will start all over again.

    2: The tools are easy to use. Anybody can get in to creating. I was wrong about mesh. It looks great but make less people get in to virtual designs.

    3: Standardization. You have a basic avatar that can be modified as you like. This makes it so much easier for content creators to do add-ons and clothes. Yes you can look like anything but people tend to look pretty much the same with a few personal alterations. If i buy a mesh avatar there will be others that look the same. We do not like that.

    4: It is a world. You can walk on the continents. There are city's and beaches but it have the feel of a complete world. Yes you can fly, I think that’s overrated by the way, and teleport but the world is a place you understand. The most successful games and worlds looks close to RL. In WOW there is magic and monsters but the world is much like ours. It have also been around for a long time. Look at Active worlds, Blue Mars and Cloud party. Nice ideas but not worlds I want to spend a lot of time in.

    5: People wants to have fun not be sys admins and run servers. This is why I think that Opensim and High fidelity got it wrong. I will pay to not run servers on my spare time I just want to go inworld and not care about the tech. There is money here.

    If Linden lab is going to have any success with the new world they have to do some pretty amazing stuff. High Fidelity is far away from creating a world that is a contender. Opensim needs a central company to bind all the grids together. Unfortunately hypergrid is not enough.

    No Second life is in good shape and that’s good news.

  • Highartlab

    Got the server up and made some stuff and uploaded it to the my 2worlds2go place. Works fine. What I really like is the possibility to use several servers for the content. That’s a great idea. Makes thing scalable.

    Also got sound to work after some searching on the forums and the Oculus works right out of the box.

    What High Fidelity is creating is a platform as I see it. And the other developers will come in and make it in to something new. It is far from as ready as Opensim and there are a lot of work to do. I think maybe there will be many spin off effects that will find its way in to Opensim and the new Second life. Because there are so many good ideas.

    But this is a developer platform not something ready for users so Second life and Opensim will live on for a long time yet.

  • I love to go by train. Not only simulated ones. I just had to try out the Caledon run. Caledon Kittiwickshire to Caledon Tamrannoch. It runs every hour and takes around 20 minutes.


    A blimp in Caledon.

    The servers really startup nice now so the train ride went very well and it is slow enough to let you see a lot of the beautiful Caledon landscape. The train does not go in a straight line. Nice that is possible. So it is very scenic.

    VictoriastationI liked the tunnels and the big station in Victoria city.

    I wish I had a Oculus Rift and some wind in my hair and it would have been perfect.

    Nice to see that you can do some fun stuff in SL. Next thing is to fix the physics engine the ride resembles a Commodore 64, no you could actually do better rides on that one.

    But I think maybe SL is on the right track. (Some train humor).

    Ride starts here:

  • Devgridup_001

    Finally I have had some time to get the devgrid up and running again. I have had a lot of art related work to do the last months and I have also been exploring new community's like the Flight simulator guys. I suppose they do thousands of flights every day and are a great example on how virtual life really can expand your mind and life.


    I do some flying for Scandinavian VA. (virtual airline).

    The Fly guys have made me believe in the future of virtual worlds now when Second life getting smaller and smaller. I have also been to There world and it is nothing like it used to be but more and more people find the way in to it.

    The big thing is of course Facebook buying Oculus. I am not so sure this is such a great idea. I feel like the developers on Oculus know something I do not. Maybe the thing is not usable. But I have to buy a Rift devkit sooner or later just to find out.

    I have been very busy but know I find that it have been a good thing to take a break from Opensim and SL. I have a lot of new ideas and as I am a virtual pilot I do not have to focus on finding scripts to my SL vehicles anymore.

    My gallery and devgrid needs me. Nice to be back.

  • pilotid_sas

    It is a lot of fun to fly on Vatsim as Virtual pilot. You get to do flights that you never would thought of. I take a look in the timetable and find new places to go. On the six flights I have made until now, three of them have been to totally new airports I never been to before. And the software records my landing statistics and I find that my passengers have a rough ride. Not dangerous, just a little bit unpleasant.

    I have to work on my approach. Landings are ok.

  • Experimental video

    It just started out with me wanting here to slowly look in to the camera and I wanted a face that was different and not to symmetric. Really a simple job but when you get hooked on something you really just keep on going.

    I think that’s what creativity is. Continue to work until you find some kind of hook or something to work on. Now I have a lot of material. Develop it further or stop?

    Move on to something else or this could be the thing.

    It is funny how a very small thing can lead in new directions. It is what gets me up in the morning. Not knowing what's next.

  • lendonia_night

    The portal to ghost town and the road are finished. Need to do a prim count. I do not think I can get everything in to the sim as I want but I have my own kingdom.

    Lendonia is a tribute to my mother. It comes from here name Lena. God I am bright. LOL

    The big wall is finished and now I have to build the city behind it. Work,,,,

  • oldschool

    I found some old software on a CD that I wrote many years ago and I wanted to update I thought it maybe could be used with Wine. The software is written in Visual studio 6 and Visual basic pro v4 so there was a problem. I have tried to transfer it to .NET but it is a total rewrite and not really worth it.

    I decided to upgrade it as it is but I needed VS 6. It is not running well since Win 98 so I used VirtualBox to install a Win98SE on my workstation. And then I just installed VS 6 on that. It worked great when I remembered to bridge the VirtualBox network card. That was two hours I never get back. Then I could download the software from my ftp server and start the work. As you can see on the picture. I got in to the deep part of my bookshelf and digged out the old documentation. It is BOOKS. I remember working with them before and how I hated working with documentation on the computer. But what do you know? I have gotten used to web and computer docs. You can search and you got all the web to learn from. I like the books but it takes forever to find stuff.


    Visual studio worked great. I have done some work on VS 2012 but not enough to really learn it, maybe I never do. Working with VS 6 was a little bit like coming home.

    The first software I compiled today is the one making graphics. It is still good and I wanted it for my next exhibition in Second life. After changing some formats it worked ok but I had to do some rewrites. Tested it on Win 7 and XP so I now know I need a installer so all files goes in the setup. It is a great piece of software and it was fun to work with the old stuff again.

    I put it on when I am ready with it.

  • building

    I wanted to test the new build tools in Cloud party. And it worked ok. You can build a lot of stuff with these simple tools. Not really a working toolbox yet but it is nice to see that building will be a part of this world.

    I think building is one of the most important activity in many virtual worlds and it should be easy so everyone can join in and create.

    Mesh is very good for us that are used to work with 3D software but I think it is to complicated to learn for the average builder. Texturing 3D models is a science in it self and it takes some knowledge to optimize a mesh.

    I think that the Second life building tools are good and and you can do cooperative builds. If I could use them for creating mesh object I would be very happy. It is so much more fun to build stuff in world where people drop by and you see the landscape than sitting in front of some 3D software all alone.

    More building for the people.

  • LA Gallery

    And another nice exhib at LA Gallery

    Talullah Winterwolf makes some kind of graphic cut and paste art. And i really liked it.

    Talullah "My inspirations come from many sources, but the common thread is that all my creative works be it fashion, a photograph or a painting is that  tells a story in some form or other."

    If you have a moment go and see.

  • osgridlikesl_001

    I have started exploring the OSgrid and I find that it starts to look like SL. Really great builds, bad builds and ordinary areas. Some of the sims are not available but many in the core are and you can travel around and find more and more great builds.


    And there are many former Second life builds that show up on the OSgrid. It is cheaper and you have a full sim to build on. You can realize many more ideas.

    And the hypergrid idea is good, to visit several grids and that way get more people on all grids.

    What is needed now is a way to rent out space on Opensim grids making them more commercial and some actors that take copyright issues serious so you can trust them to put your stuff on their grid. Or a way for Opensim to get objects from other trusted servers where you can rent some space for the things you create so they never leave to get copied every where.

    I think it is important that you own your avatar and things you create.

    I see good things in the future for all the grids out there.

  • Two great artist in Magna Carta. It is nice to see drawings and paintings in Second life.

    LeMelonRouge a garaphic artist and designer.

    And Littleone Aries a self learned painter. She say "I have been a working studio artist for over 30 years now. Self-taught, painting has been as much a part of my life as breathing. I learned by doing."

    Nice art to in a more traditional way.





  • t is nice with a exhibition from one of my fav artists on the net.. I an a follower

    ariel writes

    "rather than write an artists statement has given the perspective of the girl in the images."


    As a bonus Fingers Scintilla co exhibits, I like artists that use the new digital media to make exciting new pictures SLURL Below.

  • I have been the victim of griefers in Second life several times now. People that think its funny to put some big builds on my land and leaving the anchor point outside my reach.

    Linden lab support does nothing about it. After calling up on them several times, nothing happens. Only thanks to nice neighbors the problem have been solved.

    Then I thought by renting with Anshe Chung maybe I would get some better support. A griefer put a big building in one of my builds again and I called on support. And they acted fast. When I logged in the griefers building was gone and so was the total area. Empty.

    It is like nobody in Second life really cares anymore. The world created by its citizens is only phrase these days.

    I am moving my building efforts to the OSgrid and my own development grid. There are griefers on the OSgrid too but there I can take care of stuff because I am my own support.

    I think I am going to explore the new grids out there. The gallery will be in Second life. And maybe I get some nice 512 land by the sea where I can sit and remember all of my big builds in Second life from yesterday.

  • I have decided to delete my old wordpress blog and just continue on this one. I have had it for many years now and the content was basically the same. So this is the new cyberserenity blog. I have also moved all the other web sites around and I think it starts to look good now. It have been a major work. But I think it is worth it I sit by the computer anyway so..

  • newbluemars

    I did some exploring in Blue Mars to see if anything is happening in the virtual world. Some improvements but thing look the same. Blue Mars have a very strong feeling of being there. I took a run at the beach and it really feels like running on the beach. They have put a lot of work in to graphics, sound and the very nice flow of the engine.

    Fantastic atmosphere. But i find my self asking one question why should anybody use this wonderful game world.

    I hope the game engine gets on the market. If you take away the stupid movement system i think its possible to do great things with it. Like fuse it with the ageing Second life graphics. That would be something.

  • kirstenss19

    Trying out Kirsten's S19 viewer for Second life and it is more stable and have a better frame rate than viewer 2.0. Both on my Nvidia and ATI cards.

    Viewer 2.0 are more or less useless on many of the machines and have generally a very bad frame rate. So i am happy there are alternatives like Kirsten's. I also use Snowglobe, Hippo, Emerald and Imprudence to find the best one to use. When you are in world for many hours bad frame rate and crashes are really not acceptable.

    So lets hope Linden Lab makes it possible to use other initiatives even in the future.

  • icehotel

    Nice party yesterday at the Ice hotel in SL. PetGirl Bergman was running the extensive light show. And i experienced no lag at all to my great suprise. Even though the place was packed with avatars.

    So saturday night is all right for partying in Second life. Cool,

  • earth

    A new nice club to meet all the Swedes. In Second sweden, and its called [EARTH]. Friday night and its packed.

  • So its time for the SL book fair again at Book and publishing Island. SLURL: . This year i have a small stand and a few new books to give out. They are free and you can get them at the fair. Its kind of strange, but a book fair in the most digital of worlds. Of course maybe what you want after a working day in SL is to sit down on the sofa at your SL residence and just read a good book.

  • I have started running my own Opensim server so now i can build as much as i want. It is one Second life island and perhaps i make my own mini grid. A few islands a mini world of mine., all mine.
    Of course its a reverse engineering server so it do not have all functionality as the Linden lab grid have, but it works really good anyway. On the picture you can see my first island running on a OpenSuse 10.3 server. I do a test on a OpenSuse 10.2 amd64 server to, but it do not work as well as the 10.3.
    I also have a Multiverse server up and running but it do not work very well. I do some further work on it to see if i can speed it up. The good thing with Multiverse is that it comes with a lot of tools for creating new worlds.
  • 3dconnexion

    I just had to have it and its not that expensive when you think about it. I am using it almost all day.

    A new gadget. 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator. And i already love it. Its very intuitive to use in 3D, and in Second life i already got so used to it that i cant think of using anything else, it grows on you.

    And of course i love a new gadget.

  • I found this box in Second life(trademark, trademark, trademark). And i just had to sit in it for a while. This is how i feel on many Sunday afternoons. Small and i just want to sit in a box and be a kitten.
    Tomorrow work starts again and right now i am building a Demo Island. Software and all. Ahh i better just go back to the box.

  • And once more its time for the Dreams community fair. This is whats it all about.
    For the third year in a row, we are inviting you to be a part of our effort to introduce the people of SL to some of the lesser known areas of Second Life, particularly in the areas of health support, education and the Arts.

    The Dream Travelers of Dreams are the activity base and support group for a community of stroke survivors in SL as well as people who are interested in Asperger Syndrome and Autism.

    Its at the Dream sim and here is your Slurl:

    And in the art barn you can find some of my watercolors for sale. Money goes to a worthy cause.

    Go and check it out!!

  • And once more its time for the Dreams community fair. This is whats it all about.
    For the third year in a row, we are inviting you to be a part of our effort to introduce the people of SL to some of the lesser known areas of Second Life, particularly in the areas of health support, education and the Arts.

    The Dream Travelers of Dreams are the activity base and support group for a community of stroke survivors in SL as well as people who are interested in Asperger Syndrome and Autism.

    Its at the Dream sim and here is your Slurl:

    And in the art barn you can find some of my watercolors for sale. Money goes to a worthy cause.

    Go and check it out!!

  • So finally i have decided to start a magazine. I love mags but i have not found any good ideas for it. So i just do it instead. And i have a name “art space MAGAZINE”. I know, but it is ok.

    I do not want to do this business, or whats on in SL magazine i want to do something different. A art mag thats just that. Art. Nothing more and nothing less. And lucky me i have a ton of material on my attic so i get the first number out and then we see.
    Oh yes finally a magazine.
  • Wow i just started working again after a few days at the hospital. It was nice to be away from my computer and its amazing that i can work just two days after a operation. I think a few days of thinking and taking it easy and i will be back with a few new ideas about the new developments we do at 2worlds. I am also thinking about starting a Swedish branch on
    one of the islands. So i am just taking it easy for a while.

My work

My work is mostly experimental. I always want to know what happens if you put this thing on this one. Will there be some great art then?

I have worked forever trying to find what art is all about and new media and computers are one of my greatest friends. Hacking art and soceity to find the basic code behind it all. I use  my knowledge of building hardware and writing software to do experiments in digital art and research our lifes and death.


The creation process is the same if you paint or use digital media. My work spans a lot of areas. Sometimes maybe they are to many. After art school i started out as a painter but i quickly got in to computers and the Internet. I still like to work with digital media. Exploring virtual worlds and create art for the web and games. Today i got the Oculus rift that makes it possible to bee in a alternate reality. I think art willl never be the same.

Light test for painting

I do a lot of graphic design for digital media in gaming and virtual worlds. And i love the digital camera. I do not have to work in a smelly darkroom anymore if i do not want to. I do many purely digital pictures in software and as a photographer at the hypergrid. And i also have a gallery there where i can show of my work. It is all net, servers and streaming information.


The road is open.


The work continues.

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Art space Magazine

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Cyberserenitys Blog

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  • Grid jump to Tranquility Welcome

    After finishing work on the servers and got them going again. Hypergrid up by the way. I had to do a jump.

    Today it is Tranquility Welcome. Never been to this grid before. Found stuff i wanted but don´t know what currency to use. That is annoying.

    But all in all a nice visit.

  • Once more partying in Second life.

    Long time since i where out partying in Second life. But i had really a good time and i where up way to late as the Dj just keept on playing. Second life is still fun. But i have to move again as more and more islands disapper. Well yesterday where all about fun.

  • Euro truck simulator 2, TruckersMP, VorpX, Oculus rift

    Finally I got some of my hardware to work and I have had a fun afternoon honking at trucks while driving slowly in my new car around Scandinavia. The landscape is just beautiful and the roads nice. I will have some coffee and then it is onward to the continent.

    This is so much fun.