Virtual world citizen and explorer.

  • In 1992 i started a company called Cybernetic worlds. I had been playing and creating games on my Amiga and was dreaming about virtual worlds where people could interact and game together. The company never lifted as there was no internet and computer just started to be powerful enough to do 3D.
    I had to wait 14 years before i found some thing called Second life in 2006. Finally a fully workable virtual world where you could interact, create and party. The first years i was online all the time. I just loved it.

    That was 10 years ago. A lot have been happening since. Second life is still here, Opensim makes it possible to run your own grid, High fidelity, AltspaceVR and many others are developing new worlds. And of course my fav tech thing the Oculus rift and all the other headsets that make it possible to be truly immersed in VR.

    For me VR have taken my life in a new direction. After several years in the information and software development business i made it in to art school and a career in art. The possibility to combine my crazy interest in new technology and my work as an artist makes my everyday work in VR more and more exciting.

    Looking to the future. I think VR will continue to grow when new hardware and software makes it more compelling for just about everyone with a sense of wonder and imagination. Today I have my own grid  where it is possible to continue my research in to VR and art. I write scripts and software. Create more worlds and VR products and take a big part in the old but now growing community of virtual aviation. My artlab is a great place to experiment with building hardware and connect to computers and web. I still log in to Second life almost every day and enjoy the new shiny tech future I can see.
    As always
    The road is open
    The work continues.


  • Lightthoughts_001

    Going to LEA seeing all things I can see thru my Oculus is just so very very cool.

    I visit new and strange worlds every day now. I could never even imagined this a few years ago.

  • Website updated now all downloads should point in the right direction. Some old links removed. Nilsart gallery is no more in Second life. May be back later for direct downloads in world. We have to see.


    Working on a new site for Flight simulation stuff but have no name. Trying to find a good one.

    More problems to come i guess.




  • I have been grid hopping all over Second life. Wanted to know who whas online. Official it is 29000 about. I think it could be as low as 2000. Did not find much more than bots. Or maybe there are 63 like on the OSgrid at the same time.

    I was alone.

    Looks like a lot of people are paying for land but never visit. I know i did for a long time.

    Will SANSAR be out in time before everybody left. Nope Bots.

    I do not want to sound smart. I love Second life and sometimes i go to a party or meet some old friends. But it gets harder and harder to find anybody to talk to. How did it come to this? For G.D sake update the darn thing. Please anything. Just anything. Do not let my world die.

    Of course Second life is famous for sex. So I went over to the X-rated areas. No only Bots. The welcome area was full of people but dead quit. When you can not get a descent pick up line in a X-rated area I think this world is in trouble.

    And then finally some nice guy chatted with me. Well it is not all dead yet.


  • I needed to write something new to present my virtual company. Many things have happened since I started in 2007. With my work and in virtual. Not the same business anymore. And I have a more serious outlook on what is possible today. The only thing that’s the same is the fun.


    picture from gallery opening Tomais Ashdene.

    Presentation of today:

    2worlds2go creates content for web, games and virtual worlds. 2worlds2go today is a virtual and networked organization looking for cooperative partners in art and technology. We also do research in to new technology's that can be used to enhance the presence in virtual worlds. Today we develop for the Oculus rift and use Unity 5 and several other game developing tools to create the virtual web of tomorrow.

    We look in to virtual community's. There we found several flying networks and started to develop new hardware and software to interface with computer systems using the Arduino. The simulator is such a project with hope that the hardware research will create spin off effects in to art and the internet of things. Today several project are using Opensim and Second life as platforms for our research and design, making 2worlds2go a matrix structure working over servers and networks all over the world.

  • venice_001

    I have kept out of Opensim and Second life for a while. Just some occasional visits to pay for my gallery and shops.

    I have explored some other communities that have what I think virtual worlds lack. Simulated vehicles. I have found some old Flight simulator networks that are really thriving. Thousand of pilots and controllers do virtual flying everyday. Real training systems for pilots and controllers. With classes over internet with TeamSpeak. Yes it can be used for other things than games.

    I am amazed that old software like Flight simulator 2004 and FSX are still expanded with new products both commercial and free from the community. I found people driving sports cars together and now I am just waiting to meet other trucks in Euro truck simulator.

    People still play Counter strike and my World of warcraft server is full like never before.

    It is strange that big areas of Second life is so empty. I check my OSgrid island and maybe a few visits a month. Clearly virtual worlds have a great future. The art community in SL is strong and still some fascinating work is done. LEA being one of the places to visit. Clubs still come and go and I suppose there are a lot of people having cybersex. As there are no theme in virtual worlds and a lot of freedom I think it would be the perfect place to find new things to do. But unfortunately no.

    I found a lot of other virtual hobbies to create for and now days I am trying to figure out what to do in SL and Opensim when I have found so many other great places to be on the net.

    We need a new vision to develop further or a great new business idea.

  • 3dgoodlanding

    Landed at ESGG

    Today I made my third good landing in a row. Today at ESGG Goteborg/Sweden I followed RISMA 1S down and it worked like clockwork.



    The new hardware setup works but I have had a software crash and I suspect the soundcard. It is terrible when it is on finals and there FS9 often crash. I have bought a second copy of SFX so I can connect Wideview to it. Small investment it is not rally the latest software. As I am running a software company I do not want to use cracked software.



    I have also bought new gauges from INTEGRATED SIMAVIONICS GROUP so I can create a new Airbus panel and start training on jets. I have been flying Flight 1 ATR72-500 for a while now but I does not have the range as a jet. I am left out on a lot of fun flights. But it feels like I do not want to fly something less complicated then the ATR. I really enjoy having the SID and STARS in my FMC. And I think it should take a while to start the plane as in real.


    Another great day for simulated flying.

  • Yes i do a lot of doodles on my ipad, this is one of them. Maybe there is a exhibition in here somewhere.

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  • My artlab is both cold and messy but soon i can go there and create some new stuff. Want to build a 3D printer.

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  • e

    I have started a long explore of other grids than Second life and I found that have several very good gallerys. There is a sign where you can get a folder of landmarks on the login island and i have visited about half by now. The sims are up and running and the art is good. No mesh yet but as the creators have a lot of prims to work with, thats not a problem.
    From a art perspective a InWorldz account could be a good thing.

    I have finally come to a point in my digital projects where it comes to less work in the digital world. I have now some time to work on my traditional work and do digital experiments.

    Fun and exciting work ahead. I have been waiting a long time for this day.



  • If you want to have a read about gaming Lina Eklunds doctoral thesis is out on the net.

    “The Sociality of Gaming: A mixed methods approach to understanding digital gaming as a social leisure activity”

    The link to it. Select full text.

    realextI am going to make it a good read this weekend. It is nice to see that gaming is taken more serious. I am a serious gamer and I spend a lot of time in virtual worlds so of course someone should look in to what I am doing and so many others.

    Gaming is a activity millions of people take part in every day and it is also a industry.

    Time to take it serious.

  • Cat Boccaccio, there is a name to remember.

    Exhibits at DNA gallery.

    It is in the adult zone and i like that to. Much more stuff should be in the adult zone. Artists should not be limited by children visiting SL. They can run cars or what ever.


    From the exhibition note: "This exhibit is about women and the secrets they keep, the scars from emotional and physical abuse that are hidden from our eyes; and the way women continue, despite a truly violent onslaught, to be productive, creative, nurturing, strong, and important."


    It is very sophisticated pictures. With a touch of soul.

    Go and see.


  • Today we have Second life and Opensim and all of its branches but not much else. Many MMOs that now are free to play, and some graphic chat system.

    The future development of virtual worlds have no new products and the continuing dev of Second life as Linden lab is looking for new products looks more or less shaky. To me it looks like that the rise of virtual world was dependent on a few crazy enthusiast that never did the calculus to see if it was profitable to run them.

    All honor to the people who still work on Opensim and maybe that is the future of virtual worlds. But Opensim needs more money and developers. Someone have to pay for it. Maybe the people who run the Opensim grids.


    To make a world like Second life you need money and to continue to develop it takes people and many man hours. I think it have to be a commercial product. Now days everybody want to make billions but now we know the worlds interest in virtual worlds. It is not for everyone but it have a solid user base and you could probably make a good living on running a world even if you do not become a billionaire.

    In the future i think Second life will have to make a new bigger update or it will die. Opensim needs more developers or some new crazy people need to write something new and never seen before and not looking to risk capitalists for the money.

    I may sound negative but i have good hope that the virtual worlds that i love and work in will be a part of the web even in the future.


    Visited and i like places that are not so predictable. Take your time and walk around. A nice visit

  • 4islands_001

    Updated 3 Linux servers and created a new developer gird running Opensim 0.7.3. Wanted to use mesh and Firestorm and it looks good. I have four islands up and running. A good weekends work and I did a party on Saturday.

    Needed to change mono to the latest edition for things to work. But update worked nice with the repository function in OpenSUSE.

    Tomorrow? Back to work.

  • Another island on the dev grid worlds2 city.
    It is soon to bee relesed as a freebee at the cube server.
    More on
  • One of the very active artists in Second life at Studio 33.

    Sledge Roffo at Gallery 33

    From Sldeges profile: "

    I make art and dream of perfection.

    Primagery is the art I make in Second Life. A process of creating prim groupings in a sculptural arrangement, texturing and augmenting them with various features and then shooting pictues of them with the SL camera without alot of postprocessing."


    I like it you can go and se it too.


  • I am on a tour to experience all the great art on the LEA islands. It is something else to walk around in someones gigantic ideas. Somethinhg that could not been done in real life. I want 3D glasses, I want to bee there not just see it on a screen. Develope that hardware! From cyberserenity Vella via

  • Happy Mood by SL explorer
    Happy Mood, a photo by SL explorer on Flickr.

    This is really what i like to see in a builder a new very happy mood. Personal and pushing SL and my graphics card. I have it on everything on. A nice outdoor build. I want a horse. From cyberserenity Vella via

  • Me looking at artThis is one of the really big gallerys, The art is from many different  artist. Mostly pictures and very traditional. All in one place: It is good for a hour. Walking around and maybe meet some other art lovers.







    Big gallery in Second life

  • OSgrid build

    When i have the time i explore OSgrid builds and i think they are getting better. More islands are not only a round island in the middle.

    Great builds and developed sims. The future is here.


  • nilsartweblogo

    Finally it´s up. The new Telepics exhibit. And the Nilsart gallery in Second life have started to show modern experimental art.

    Hope you go and see. The address is :

    Or if you do not live in SL you can read the catalog here:

    I am very proud of the gallery build. It really works as a gallery and I cant wait to see the next exhibition.

  • I found myself on the Avination grid. A shopping grid where you find some stores but most of all a payment solution for Opensim grids everywhere.


    VirWox is a Virtual world Exchange for grids and Second life. They say they have 25000 registered users. But the big thing is that you can use A Open Metaverse currency to buy stuff on other grids making business and rentals go off the Second life grid. Once more Linden lab missed out on a great business idea. The bad thing is that you cant transfer the stuff you buy to Second life. It is time to connect worlds everywhere. I am a explorer and want to use my things on all grids. Have to wait I suppose.

  • This blog have been a little slow lately but there is a reason of course. I have been working on the new game and Opensim servers. I have also made a lot of changes in Second life and introduced a new fashion label and i am doing a total remake of all the websites.

    I often just fall apart when its time to go to bed. No time to write.

    I have started to use Joomla and Virtuemart. And now i have three Wordpress blogs. It takes some time to learn how to edit and work with the software.

    On the Opensim grid i have started to use virtualized Opensuse servers both with Xen and Virtualbox. Its a work in progress.

    And on top of all this i have been moving and rebuilding my RL studio.

    Its all fun and i am learning a lot of new stuff.

    All i can say is the work continues.

    I be back.

  • newweb

    i am working on a new website. And its coming along nicely but slowly. There are much graphic work to do with this new style and layout. But i am getting there. This is a first look from the drawing board.

  • Cyberser

    I have been sick for a few days and i have been living in my sofa. Nothing serious, just a cold. But now my Rouge Cyberser starting to level up in World of Warcraft. It´s hard work but someone have to do it. Killing all those monsters. Maybe living in my sofa is not that bad. Maybe i stay another week.



    At a beach party last night I found all Swedes muse PetGirl Bergman. She is writing the biggest blog for Sweden in Second life. I just liked the picture. Don’t you?

    PetGirls blog: .

  • Linden lab have once more showed that they are a part of the corporate world. Now you just do not dare to write Second life in a story or anywhere because it could be intrusion of the trademark. Come on. I am afraid that if this goes on all of the creative people will leave SL for some other free and not so paranoid world.

    On the other hand i found a very nice French city that span several island. Buses and a subway to ride and a very pro built are to explore. Looks like the French Riviera. Its worth a visit. Slurl here:

  • .

    So it have happened again. My brain is at stand still.
    Nothing to do so i just sit around doing nothing. No ideas at all.
    But i can do other stuff like web shopping. Now i have bought a new mascara, 3 new dresses and a pair of beautiful summer shoes.(see the pic). And i am going to watch a DVD even if the time is 11:30 AM. After that i think i go out on the terrace and read a book, any book. And i think i have tacos for dinner with several glasses of wine.
    When its like this there are no way to hurry it. Just have to wait.
  • This weekend i was meeting with some media consultant friends. I wanted them to take a look at the web site and they did not like it. And i have to agree. So now i have to re do the... thing. More work that i have no time for. But today i did some exploring in Second life and found a few new ideas. Its about focus and concentration. Just more work....
  • I am right now checking out the new happening at the Office. Live feed from LOL architects. Dancers and 30-40 crazy Swedes looking at the thing. This is like experimental. But not that much anymore. It is like any Friday night party in SL. Bright lights, music and some avatars dancing. The only difference is that people dont say a word, just look at the thing.

    Its all taken in. Like any happening i have been to in a gallery in real life.
  • Finally its Friday and this work week comes to a slow stop. I am working on a new company HQ in Second Life. But i ran out of prims so i wait to show the place until i am satisfied it looks alright.
    Instead a picture of me coding lsl, in world.

    Always sitting by a computer in real or SL. And i know that i have to start the work on updating the website. Ahhh i wait until next week. Now its party time. Thank god its Friday.
  • So i do not even have to leave home to go to a concert. I am at Eden in Second life listening to Al Hoffman doing improvisations on midi guitar. And its good. And a crowd. And for a good cause.

    And i have not even left home and it is a good thing because i have to go up and fight the worst operative ever, Windows Vista. Nothing works at all. It really sucks major.
  • So Monday morning and my Internet provider can not get in touch with half the web. Great. But after an hour i am online again. Then of course Vista stops working, as usual. Worst piece of software released in years, too early, again
    Monday, it is not my day.

  • Today i have started the work on my new restaurant concept for Second Life. Do avatars need to eat? Of course they do. And i am doing a bar downstairs in the building and fill it with my SL books. So its going to be a building, furniture, lamps and artworks all packed in a box and ready to set up. Thinking of making a directory on my web site of all 2worlds2go restaurants in SL. That could be something.
  • So i am at the gallery opening Lois Landon playing and the place look fantastic. Everybody are happy. And people loves my design so i am happy to. The only thing i miss is the glass of wine i usually get in a RL opening.

    But in Second life you can not get everything. But i suppose somebody soon makes a gadget so i can get my wine to.

    And the owners (Karen Schreiner)s artwork really work out with the design of the building. Its new and colourful standing out against my design.

    And its soon midnight in Sweden and all fun must end sometimes. So it does.

My work

My work is mostly experimental. I always want to know what happens if you put this thing on this one. Will there be some great art then?

I have worked forever trying to find what art is all about and new media and computers are one of my greatest friends. Hacking art and soceity to find the basic code behind it all. I use  my knowledge of building hardware and writing software to do experiments in digital art and research our lifes and death.


The creation process is the same if you paint or use digital media. My work spans a lot of areas. Sometimes maybe they are to many. After art school i started out as a painter but i quickly got in to computers and the Internet. I still like to work with digital media. Exploring virtual worlds and create art for the web and games. Today i got the Oculus rift that makes it possible to bee in a alternate reality. I think art willl never be the same.

Light test for painting

I do a lot of graphic design for digital media in gaming and virtual worlds. And i love the digital camera. I do not have to work in a smelly darkroom anymore if i do not want to. I do many purely digital pictures in software and as a photographer at the hypergrid. And i also have a gallery there where i can show of my work. It is all net, servers and streaming information.


The road is open.


The work continues.

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Cyberserenitys Blog

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  • Grid jump to Tranquility Welcome

    After finishing work on the servers and got them going again. Hypergrid up by the way. I had to do a jump.

    Today it is Tranquility Welcome. Never been to this grid before. Found stuff i wanted but don´t know what currency to use. That is annoying.

    But all in all a nice visit.

  • Once more partying in Second life.

    Long time since i where out partying in Second life. But i had really a good time and i where up way to late as the Dj just keept on playing. Second life is still fun. But i have to move again as more and more islands disapper. Well yesterday where all about fun.

  • Euro truck simulator 2, TruckersMP, VorpX, Oculus rift

    Finally I got some of my hardware to work and I have had a fun afternoon honking at trucks while driving slowly in my new car around Scandinavia. The landscape is just beautiful and the roads nice. I will have some coffee and then it is onward to the continent.

    This is so much fun.